Deliverance for a Child

Here is a report from a mom, “Sally” about her daughter “Little Sally.”

Notice several things.

1) This is being reported by someone I am working with. So my peep is working with Sally who is working with her daughter. I love generational work.

2) Sally got a whole lot more than she bargained for when she asked about the spirits inside her daughter.

3) Technically there were several things about the process that might have been done “better.”

4) At the end of the day, IT WORKED, and Little Sally is free.

This is why a urge people to just start. Try something. Begin. Experiment. God has been known to use some really sub-par processes to set His people free — especially the little children.

* * *

Sally asked her 6 yr old daughter, “Is there anyone else inside you besides just you?”

Her daughter swiftly replied, “Do you mean besides the Big Indian?”

She told her mother that the devil named him “He Who Eats Blood.” Little Sally told her mum that the Indian was big and very muscular. He had what looked like war paint on his face, chest and arms but it was actually the “blood of others” on him. He had many braids and only wore a torn and tattered loin cloth.

In one hand he carried an arrow, and in the other he carried a sword with which he threatened to kill the little girl’s heart if she ever told her mother about him. If she told God about him, he would only return with 110 other devils to fight God and kill her in the night while her parents were sleeping.

The little girl remembers vividly the night the Big Indian came into her room when she was 2 years old. She told both parents her story. Mum prayed with her, Dad sitting with them. Mum told her that she would not die that night like the Big Indian said, but there would be a battle that night, that God would protect her; that in the morning when she awoke, she would know that God is her King.

This little girl has threatened suicide a number of times and been very troubled. It is important to note that when the little girl was self-harming, she would always attack her right hand with bad scratching, wanting to cut off that hand with a knife, wrapping her blankie around the wrist tightly to make it squeeze off. It may also be important to note the girl is right-handed and is obviously gifted by God in the arts.

When mother woke Little Sally she said, “You are alive this morning. You did not die in the night.”

Little Sally sat upright and smiled and said, “Yes! God IS my King and He protected me!”

Then little Sally points to her right shoulder and says “He left some things over here on my shoulder. He was packing up and had to leave them behind because he was in too much of a hurry. I think he was going to come back and get them later… my shoulder is very hot”

We have been talking to Sally about devices left sometimes so she knew what to do. Those ‘structures’ or ‘packages’ were dismantled quickly. She didn’t differentiate whether it was an AHS or a demon, she just kicked it out!

Mum “wiped away” at the girl’s shoulder in a sweeping motion and the little girl asked to blow what was in the mum’s hand away (like dust).

Then little Sally said, “Oh, there are still two little devils on my shoulder hiding underneath all that stuff. That one is there to let the others in. He squeezes something in his hand (mum will ask her what exactly was in his hand) and that lets the other devils in. The other one is his friend. He doesn’t talk much.”

Sally prayed and once that was done. Little Sally said, “You didn’t have to pray that long, Mum (a minute or so only) because they left right away in a red swirly circles (motioned little a whirlwind)….my shoulder isn’t hot anymore.”

Then, “Oh, look, I can use my hand again!” That is the hand she told mom the Indian sometimes went very, very small and hid in the back of her hand. (He could be as big as a building or small enough to hide in the girl’s hand.)

That’s the hand she wanted to cut off one night with a butcher knife and the hand that she scratched until it bled the night before praying.

She is free now!!! Noticing a big difference in how Little Sally is being “seen” by her teachers at school.



“Sally” wrote last night that she is working through the sections of her brain and her spirit would not go near one section. Her spirit said it was all black and dangerous.

I wrote back that this was a bluff. Whatever is there doesn’t have the power to resist in a fair battle, so it has created a mantle of darkness to hide and intimidate and pretend it is worse than it is.

I suggested she ask God to remove the covering and expose the coward and then deal with it.


Immigration is often a door of entry for the demonic. Often an immigrant is not loved when he leaves or when he arrives.

Leaving there are two common problems. First is jealousy. In the mass immigration of the 1800s, there was a tendency for those who were left behind to consider the person leaving to have the immense unfair advantage.

The second is a parent or grandparent or spouse who did not want the person to leave and prayed passionately for them to return soon and be where they belong.

After that dismal departure, most immigrants arrived here to find a huge amount of hardship, rejection, racism and other emotions.

In general, when I am doing a broad based clean up, I will check for immigration sore spots and ask the Lord to establish justice in the present generation, so the thoughts, words and actions of the previous generation do not constitute a landing pad for the enemy.

Once I was dealing with a demon in the brain. He was calmly insolent, ignoring my authority. Turns out there was a demon outside him providing protection. No big surprise there.

I almost always ask whether the demon is located here or the Old Country. This one was in the Old Country. I got ready to verbally cut the ties connecting the two and the Lord said, “Don’t bother. The cord is too tough for you to cut.”

Now, I am used to taking the demons’ advice with a grain of salt, but when the Lord tells me my strategy is useless, that is worth listening to!

It turns out that the whole generational cord was the result of a grandma building a network of grief over the migration of a beloved grandson. When we asked God to judgment on the agreements among them, and to establish His will on the subject, the cable became tiny.

We dismantled the cable, neutralized the big demon in the Old Country and were then able to evict the demon in the parietal lobe of the person in this country.

Amazing how much power the enemy gets out of agreements.


Sleeper Cells and Poker

Most of us have cooties and devices that are deeply imbedded in us but are broadly inoperative. As we move forward in cleansing, our life often gets worse at first, not better, as the enemy seeks to minimize his losses by activating a sleeper cell. Stuff that has been normal all of our lives suddenly goes sideways.

This is designed partly to impede our progress, but mostly to discourage us from trying for full freedom.

This was the issue with the Israelites and the Canaanites. The Israelites won some super duper spectacular battles with the big army. Then Joshua decommissioned the army and resigned his leadership role so he could retire (a decision that could be debated for a long time, as to whether this was the will of God or whether he copped out on the job he was sent to do).

The individual tribes were then responsible to deal with the local insurgencies. This meant they had to learn a different kind of war. They were designed by God to be able to learn this, but they really didn’t want to. They wanted to be farmers and there was good land waiting to be claimed and farmed.

In short, it was a mothering and fathering issue. God mothered them during the big campaigns by doing some heavy lifting on their behalf, resourcing them from the outside. Think about it. God stopped the sun and moon and used his celestial sling shot to pick off more Canaanites than the Hebrews killed. Easy to win when God is doing the hard work.

But when it came to the insurgencies, God wanted them to unpack the treasures that were within them. And they resented the fact that God resourced them with much less than they wanted.

They were accustomed to God going nuclear on their behalf and they really like a nuclear God. When He shut down the armory and only issue small arms and Bowie knives, they were offended and opted out of the warfare, choosing to live at peace with the enemy (until the enemy regrouped and slammed them).

This is what the enemy does with the sleeper cells. You make progress. He activates grunge within you and starts the psychological warfare, trying to get you to chill out and not go after the weird stuff you can’t deal with, using the tools you have now.

If you fall for it, you will have lots of company — people who will legitimize your decision.

However, if you step up and fight hard, and lose a lot of battles, you will eventually win the war and have a level of freedom you did not know was possible.

Think of it as playing poker. The enemy has a limited number of cards in his hand. And no matter how powerful that card is (or the sleeper cell) playing that card (or exposing the sleeper cell) takes it out of his hand and he cannot use that one on you again.

If you keep on trudging, you will grow big as God unpacks you instead of resourcing you from outside, AND you will win the war, even though you lose some battles along the way.



I had an interesting experience with Jared recently. He is on a journey and the journey has been marked by a lot of destructive drives.

He didn’t act out too much, other than self-destruction, but he certainly had the desire to destroy beauty or equipment or his future hundreds of times in his messiest years.

He journeyed long with varied results, but they were results nonetheless. Looking at any five year period, he was well beyond the previous period.

Eventually we crossed paths and I added some perspective to his journey which has been going quite well lately. Specifically, he had been building, growing, adding to his social capital and generally thriving aside from some loose ends still needing to be neatened up.

Some stuff happened and he found himself shoved back about ten years in the time line. Specifically the strong desire to be destructive was overwhelming. He managed, as usual, to refrain from smashing anything in his home, but it was a battle.

He was shaken to the core that so much growth could vanish so suddenly and he reached out to me.

I was skeptical that his growth was lost but went to work.

Option 1: This was a part that had escaped detection in all the integration he had done.

Possible. Didn’t seem probable though, because heretofore, all the parts were seven and under and this one was having some very adult desires. Shoved it to the back of the stove.

Option 2: AHS.

Theoretically possible, but I have never seen one act out beyond the body that way. They have been known to wreck havoc in the body, but not so much in the environment. However, our experience with AHS is young, so anything is possible. Shoved it to the back of the stove.

Option 3: Time line manipulation

This seemed the easiest explanation. Somehow the devil had moved him from this place of high healing to a place ten years ago where the healing was still a bit sketchy. I don’t know if this could happen, much less how, but on the surface, it was an explanation that fit the symptoms.

I poked around there a lot, looking for other substantiating clues. I asked his spirit for data and got nothing since, mysteriously, his spirit could see and sense nothing, suddenly.

In desperation I asked his Original Self. Didn’t expect much of an answer, since the emotions were yanking him every which way even while I was talking to him. However, to my surprise, Original Self was able to respond. He did not answer my specific question, just shared that there was something right in front of him, blocking him.

So I shoved time manipulation to the back of the stove with the others and explored “the thing.”

Option 4: The blocking mechanism

I queried Original Self whether this was a device or a sentient being. He could not answer. It seemed he was in more distress since giving me the info above, which suggests a sentient creature was being less than kind to him.

Spirit was out of commission. Soul was out of commission. Jared was in rough shape in general. My discernment was not giving me anything. And this was a situation I have never faced before.

So, I stalled, waiting for something.

Suddenly the Holy Spirit reminded me of a bad boy from the book of Revelation called Abaddon. I popped open my handy dandy Bible study software, looked up the verse and looked up the meaning of that name: Destroyer!

Suddenly we had a frame that allowed all the data to fit together.

A demon had been there all along. It had manifested regularly in the past, masquerading as an angry part. It went underground as Jared began to get traction in his growth, but was there through all the healing — a sleeper cell to use modern terrorism language.

In the last month, Jared had gone on the offensive outside of his own life in a couple of significant ways, AND he had this week taken a stupendous step forward in legitimizing his original personality and life style.

So, orders came from below to activate the sleeper cell AKA the demon Abaddon/Destroyer and to unleash the feelings of ten years ago along with the message that all of his growth was gone and there was no point in trying to rebuild his life because it would all go poof again in the future.

I grudgingly admitted it was a really fine scam. Worked marvelously on Jared. I am a little bit harder sell. Knowing what good work Jared had done in the last ten years, I had a hunch all was not lost.

Well, I had a name and but didn’t remember having had any encounters with this critter before. I decided all you can do is open the gate and let the bull out.

I called him by name and before the name was out of my mouth, Jared manifested hugely which was a fairly dependable indication I was on the right track.

I played two cards. First I invoked Jesus and reminded Abaddon that I knew he would bow the knee to Jesus the Christ eventually and would acknowledge His lordship. I rubbed it in a bit.

Then I played my own life as a card, pointing out that I used to be a loose cannon but that lately I have done a whole lot of rebuilding, repairing, transforming and generally cleaning up after him. I have some serious earned authority in the area of the opposite of destruction and I wasn’t afraid to use it.

Took about five solid minutes of a monologue punctuated by some fairly inarticulate, inelegant sounds from Jared to persuade Abaddon to go back to his homeboys in the Abyss, but eventually he did.

It took about ten minutes for Jared to recover his composure and his voice because the manifestation had come from so close to his core and shaken his whole being. But within an hour, all of his joy and boldness and vision were back better than ever because the sleeper cell was no longer there.

I share this with you because I now realize that I have met Abaddon many times before. We have very mistakenly treated him as a very angry part. There IS almost always an angry part, but I now think that in the future, I could probably feel the difference between an angry child part, and an angry demon called Destroyer.

I feel just a tiny bit bad for Abaddon. Jared is one quick study and he has blood in his eye now for sleeper cells that begin with the letter A! He is licensed to hunt and just might expose a few over the years.


Margaret #3

Well, Margaret, you have pushed some buttons in me — big time — with your competitive Prophet fierceness issue. This has been a horrific battle for me and I am not sure I am in any place to coach you.

Historically my fierce competitiveness was expressed in childhood games. My brothers and I played lots of board and card games and the only way we knew how to play was to go for the kill. We just thought it was normal.

When we boys got married and the young couples got together for Thanksgiving, we would get out the games and go at it. Our wives were horrified at how their good, godly husbands turned into savage creatures over the game boards.

After about the second year, the girls learned to flee the house after the meal so as not to watch us become evil.

Eventually I learned we were all carriers of some impressive predator spirits and we needed to go through deliverance and clean up our lives.

And that began a rough season for me. Everything I was taught was that good Christians were gentle, mellow, kind, gracious and non-competitive. And I experienced a consistent reaction to my vision and competitive spirit.

When I was a pastor, I tried so hard. I would see something that could be done, divide the idea by ten, take the square root, present a corner of a scrap of the idea to my board and they would end up in the fetal position behind the sofa in a catatonic trance over the audacious extremism I was wanting to embrace.

So I received nonstop condemnation for my intensity and especially my competition. It was ALL ungodly and harmful to community.

In that season, I sailed at times and it was a solace for me. I was competitive. Fiercely competitive. Sail boats are not supposed to be able to sail closer to the wind than 45 degrees.

I would drop the jib, raise a jenny, cleat down the boom, go close hauled, get the lee rail wet and get close to 37 degrees before getting knocked back a bit. And it was such a release for me because there were endless combinations of details I could tweak in my pursuit of more and the wind and the waves never got their feelings hurt because I wanted to pinch up a little tighter.

But that was the only place where my competitiveness was welcome. Well, that and playing Pente with Desiree once a year or so.

Since then, I have come to the conclusion that God made me competitive and God likes competitive people and the community doesn’t.

Elijah was pretty intense and focused and harsh and God called him the greatest Old Testament prophet. Enoch was more intense and savage than Elijah and God liked him so much He took him out of here.

John the Baptist was no lovey dovey kind of guy, but Jesus had some mighty fine things to say about him, even though he offended the culture and got his head removed.

I have tried at various times to pull together like minded, intensely competitive people to do something for the King and it has always been a bust.

So I have ended up walking a double life. In public, I am somewhat of a moderately well behaved person — although I still leave a trail of wounded people behind me.

In my personal pursuit of disciplines, in private, I am a bit crazy.

In my willingness to minister to the wounded people of this work utterly sacrificially, I am more than a bit crazy.

And my greatest competitiveness is invested in pursuing the answers that no one else has about certain things in Scripture. But that is done in private.

I look at the current Crossfit craze. On the one hand, it is more about unresolved legitimacy issues than it is about physical fitness, but there are those people who find great fulfillment taking their socially unacceptable competitiveness and intensity and working it out in physical conditioning.

I wish there were a group of people that — intense, committed and competitive — willing to do something for their spirit and the Kingdom that requires that kind of buy in. So far, I have not found them.

So for you, I don’t have a good track to run on.

Begin by coming to terms with the fact that no matter how many people are freaked out by your potential competitiveness and intensity, God isn’t. He made you that way and likes it.


Then look for the areas in your life where you can compete against yourself. Set a record and then try to break it.

And ask God to eventually give you a playing field where all of the passion that is in you for extreme commitment and intense buy-in will one day be released.

That is the best I have for you at present.

Top of Form


Margaret #2

Margaret wrote back later in the day saying, “To think that there is the possibility and hope that this fierceness and fire of Prophet is able to come back and maybe come back better or holier . . . this gives me so much hope!”

That is the power of languaging something. I have not yet developed a strategy for her to redeem the years when the fire was put out, but just the legitimizing of the childhood competitiveness and fire which the other two organizations put out, has stirred some embers and is creating great hope.

Legitimizing something that is only a dream, and not rooted in essence is simple hype and does not take you far. But when the life of God in someone is recognized and validated — that packs a punch.

Margaret #1

I worked with Margaret today exploring the Prophet portion of her spirit. She has a partner who has worked with her spirit quite a bit, sufficiently so that the whole spirit is in the Seat of Dominion.

The presenting problem was pretty vague. Prophet was “not right.”

I poked around a bit. Didn’t find a wound or any device siphoning off life. Prophet is male and he reported that he was between 50 and 60% full of life but didn’t have much to do.

After floundering for a while with my sundry questions, I finally got the Elbow of God in my ribs and I asked her if visibility in public was important to her. That got a deep response.

We peeled back the layers and ended up with the fact that Prophet is called to business and needs to be known in the marketplace as a business leader. There is not need to be visible on stage, just to be respected for business acumen by other entrepreneurs.

Margaret comes from a family of employees, not entrepreneurs, so no one envisioned her as a businesswoman in her childhood. Her times in school were largely turbulent so there was no envisioning success for her there.

In her young adulthood she was in a very dismissive environment for a long season, then joined a religious organization where she was involved in the business side of things.

She was regularly slammed for all of her business moxie, partly because it was all intuitive — she had no formal training in business, therefore how could she know anything. But more than that, she was refusing to cover up things that were done inappropriately in the Name of the Lord.

She saw that much on the operational side of the ministry was poorly done. Her suggestions of how to upgrade it were labeled as rebellion against her spiritual authorities.

In that religious context, in addition to condemning her business gifting, all the envisioning that was done for her by the spiritual eldership was about some form of lay ministry, never business.

One other thing that surfaced during this discussion was her fierce competitiveness as a child. Prophet claimed that as his own, and grieved over the fact that it had been beaten out of him over the years. He wanted it back, but didn’t know how to get it.

I prayed and did a lot of cutting off agreements and validating Prophet’s design as a fiercely competitive businessman, walking in the highest standards of best practices.

This helped a lot, but didn’t really get to the core issue with Prophet. So I asked Prophet to listen to the album “Blessing Intensity” in the short run and said I would have to chew on this for a while and see if God gave me a new idea.

I agreed that something was still wrong and missing, but didn’t know where to go next. I spend half my life stuck, so it was no big deal. Keep this on the front burner, give it some time to simmer and get back to it some day.