Sally and Suzie # 11

Had a good phone call with Suzie.

Her Giver was quite responsive even though it didn’t look like it in the beginning. I acknowledged that Suzie had a lot of pain in the last few days and simply said I would like to bless Giver today and legitimize him.

I shared with him about what God created in the Garden of Eden: a comfortable place where God could be with Adam and Eve and how Giver walks in his design by doing that in the home. It is part of God’s nature.

I also shared the story of the time God and two angels came to Abraham and that the first thing he did was to feed them.

I could sense that it landed deeply.

Afterwards I asked Giver how it landed with him and he said it makes him happy to see that it is in Scripture. Even the tone of Suzie’s voice changed. It became more alive.

Then I asked Suzie if she could think back to three or four recent events to see if we could figure out Giver’s special sweet spot. She will do that between now and tomorrow when we speak again, if it is possible.

We finished the phone call so much better than we began. It is so beautiful how truth lights up a spirit and how it brings hope. I know how it feels through my own journey. This is always so very special.

* * *
Yes, truth does. The devil trashes some things we do, but other things (serving food to a gathering) he just makes commonplace.

You have rescued a core part of her spirit’s design from the common and made it sacred. You are erasing the line between the secular and the sacred. Go to the head of the class! Well done.

And you have also done well to walk a straight line with your own life and not let her pain pull you into enabling responses. You missed a few days of ministry, but in the end, she stepped up and met you on your terms, instead of your giving in to her schedule.

Every time you establish another point of responsible behavior, it goes far. That alone is healing, although it does not shout like the connections with the spirit.

Now, we need to think ahead. If I remember correctly, she is going to be gone for a season and will have no connections with you. You need to begin to talk about that with Suzie and Giver now.

The key message is that people do not need to understand something for it to be true and real. She will not be able to explain what you have been doing. And the people she will be around will have very strong opinions about everything in the world — opinions that are different from hers.

Giver needs to have an anchor point that he can retreat to with confidence. Here are some keys.

1) He exists. He existed all during the years when no one engaged him. He was delighted to be found and talked to, but you did not make him exist. You just made him known. You made his life more pleasant, but he always existed. So during this season when he will be unknown to the outside world, he will still exist. No one can take away the reality of his existence.

2) He was resourced by God. The many gifts he has, of which we have only discovered one, were given to him by God. That means no one can really take them away from him. Even if someone were to scorn the spiritual impact of his hospitality, it does not change the reality. All of the flat earth scientists in the world did not make the world flat — it was still round in spite of the agreement among the best minds in the world that it was flat!

3) He is legitimate. God made him. God gifted him with resources. He has a right to be and a right to walk out those gifts.

So drive home those three facts. He exists. He is not destitute. He is legitimate.

The fact that she will be around people who have no use for him, merely means they are not very smart. Their not caring does not change who he is.

If you have time, see if you can language another treasure or two of Giver’s before she leaves, but stay focused on prepping him for the away time. When Suzie comes back, plan on checking in, getting caught up, synchronizing with Giver, then let’s investigate other portions of her spirit.