Sally and Suzie #12

I had an extraordinary, amazing, great phone call with Suzie today.

First we chatted generically, then I asked if Giver would be able to connect with me. He said yes.

I told him again how beautiful it is that he walks in his design to create a place for other people to be together. I asked him if he can tell me, as he was thinking back to times he gathered people before, what exactly his sweet spot is. It was clear that cooking is just a tool to get people together, but his sweet spot is to cause people to sit around a table and communicate with each other.

I blessed it.

Then I asked him if there is anything else is Suzie’s life that he is doing.

Suzie wraps up gifts in an extraordinary way. I am always amazed at what she does, the paper she uses and all of the pretties. She is very creative.

It was fun, because this morning I have been thinking and wondering who in her spirit does this. I didn’t mention anything but Giver said this is his treasure.

WOW! And from there life and ideas were just flowing.

We were putting up different ideas about how Giver could unpack this more. One idea is to do once a month or every couple of weeks, or whenever Giver feels like, getting some things together, from nature, flowers and making something beautiful. Either for Suzie herself or to give it to somebody. She could start thinking ahead to determine what she would like to use, for whom it will be and then enjoying doing it.

Suzie also likes to take pictures. This would be also something to use.

It all lightened her up so much. I got excited too. Also told her again how this is worship and God wants us to discover ourselves and how we show through this a facet of God. It opened up her eyes to something new.

I told her that as she wraps up those gifts it is also spiritual, she puts something in from God. God created the world so beautiful and He has placed things together in elegant arrangements. Part of what Giver likes so much about doing it is arranging dissimilar things in a beautiful collage.

It opened up a whole new world. I shared with her where I am in my journey and how I experience so many new things. How I get permission to become myself and to express myself and what it does to me.

Then Suzie shared that there are two more things she would like to do. One thing is to go to a dance class with her husband. That’s also something he wanted to do for a long time. Also learning guitar properly. So we took this into the future, a goal for after her time away. Something she can look forward to.

In a week’s time she will be gone for several weeks. Thank you for what you shared about how I can prepare her and Giver for this time. I wanted to do it today, but then we were so much into the other, that I felt I should keep it for tomorrow.

Our whole conversation was so much full of life and hope, and going into the future.

* * *

Several thoughts.

First of all, savor the big, good days, because you need to be able to go back there and draw life from them for you when nothing you do works for three weeks in a row and you are sure you are dumber than dumb and cannot do this.

Second, I want you to notice that you are not healing her, but you are. You have not worked on any junk. You have not dealt with parts, AHS, demons, curses, covenants, trauma bonds, land defilement, character issues, fear, etc. There are a thousand pieces of junk in her you have not touched.

All you have done so far is find only one portion of her spirit and speak the truth about her design to one that portion. And this is huge for her.

THIS is the power of legitimacy. You and I both know that she has a swamp full of alligators and you need to deal with the alligators and drain the swamp. But it is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier when she has two square feet of solid ground to stand on before dealing with the uglies and the growlers.

Third, you are doing good, solid work, as I taught you, but you are getting results that are disproportionate to your skill. This probably means you have a significant calling as a legitimizer. Some portion of your spirit is carrying this gift.

Finally, with the dancing, I would explore the issue of a motion anointing. You might ask whether she has a background in sports and whether she felt more free when she was doing sports. “Free” is the soul’s euphemism for the joy the spirit feels when it is being itself.

A lot of people dance. A few DANCE! If she starts taking lessons and blossoms amazingly, then this is most likely in her spirit.

Here you would need to paint a picture of the spirit/soul teamwork. Her soul will need to learn some moves in order to release the power of her spirit to connect with God and her husband’s spirit during the dancing.