Sally and Suzie #13

Even though I was having a rough day, I had a good phone call with Suzie.

The other day I did what you mentioned about the time when Suzie will be away and told Giver those three truths. It landed very well and encouraged Giver.

I also asked some more questions about motion. Suzie definitely has a motion anointing. She likes all different kinds of sports and she feels more free when she is in motion. The same is true regarding connecting with God. This was again beautiful for her to see. She is already doing it so getting language for it was special.

I know we have more to discover about her motion anointing, but we have a beginning.

One thing I also see in Suzie is that she is a multiplicator. We haven’t talked about her ministering to others, but today when we talked she told me that she also asked a friend of her what she actually likes to do.

The first answer was she doesn’t know, but then Suzie gave her some straw men which has helped her. It was so buried so deeply that she hardly could remember, but when it came up she could see it. It is great to see how she passes on to others of what she is learning.

Today we had quite a surprise. I started again with Giver, asking him how he is doing. I also asked about his preparation for the time away.

He said he is sort of okay but also stressed because there are still so many things to do. Suzie has told me earlier, and I knew from her past, that she makes To Do lists.

So I felt to ask Giver if he knows who is the organizer in Suzie’s spirit. The answer came pretty fast – Teacher. I knew Teacher was not around, but thought I will just ask if Teacher is able to hear me.

To my surprise I got a yes. I thanked Teacher for responding and told him some things. Then I asked if it is him/her (we don’t know yet) who is organizing and I got a yes. So I blessed Teacher and said how beautiful it is and that this is part of God’s design. God has created the earth and brought order into chaos.

This was so life giving to Teacher that when I asked how he/she is doing I got a “good” as a reply. I thanked Teacher for responding.

Suzie was also quiet encouraged and a few more things in her life made sense and how much pleasure it brings to her when she has a list and when she can sign of one after the next. How important it is for her to be organized and have things in order.

I am excited that we got now also in contact with Teacher.

* * *

Very exciting. You have done well. Congratulations on being able to adapt swiftly to an unexpected situation and take advantage of an open door.

You had nothing to lose by asking for Teacher. If Teacher did not answer, you were no worse off than before. But because Teacher did answer, you got as major lurch forward.

Nice job.