Sally and Suzie #14

This morning was my last phone call with Suzie before she will be gone for a while.

The Teacher portion of her spirit did an amazing job over the last few days. It had looked like a huge mountain for Suzie to get everything done in time before leaving but she made it and has some breathing time left as well.

First I checked in again with Giver and asked him how he is doing. He is doing okay and he wanted me to bless him again in his design and how God made him, which I did.

When I asked Teacher if there is anything he would still like to have, he wanted me to pray for time for him. He needs some time for himself to organize and leave things in as good shape as possible.

I prayed and blessed those two portions of her spirit as well the others.

I blessed Suzie’s Original Self, not knowing if she could hear me.

I also spoke to Suzie’s parts sharing some comforting words.

It felt very special to bless Suzie’s whole being and to mention that everyone is important — each portion of her spirit, as well her soul and every part of her soul.

When we finished, Suzie said she has never experienced something like this before.

I suggested to her to be still and soak a bit in it before doing something else.

* * *

You are doing a good job of maintaining Giver while moving on to Teacher. It will get complicated in the future when you have seven portions of the spirit and the Original Self and a bunch of parts all needing attention in a single phone call.

Notice that Giver does not know what he wants. He found the design things you had given him to be valuable, so he just asked for the same again. He is feeling turbulence about the coming event, so he asked for the only kind of “comfort foot” he knew which was the familiar validation of a few parts of his design.

Here is where mothering and fathering come into play. A mother addresses the spirit in the context of felt need. A father addresses the spirit in the context of design and building for the future. On the day before a challenging parting, it was quite appropriate for you to be mothering and to unload a truck full of comfort and validation.

However, long term, when she comes back, after you debrief and get settled back into a rhythm, you need to have a plan for taking Giver to the next level through fathering. In the past, you looked for what he did, found some things and legitimized him. Now we need to start equipping Giver to move from slavery to sonship.

A slave is obedient. He does what he is told to do with precision and timeliness. A son does not need instructions much of the time. He assesses the landscape, sees resources and opportunities and plays a Scrabble game, putting his assets in the best available place in an imperfect world. We need to move Giver toward initiative beyond the things he has been doing for years.

One option would be to direct Giver to the 12 blessings in the Articles section. The first six are about the specific things that God gives the Giver and the second six are about the things the Giver is supposed to give to the world.

In the spirit of sonship, it would be good for Giver to go there on his own, read, digest, ponder and then come back to you with questions or comments. You could work through each one of those individually helping Giver transition from my world to Suzie’s world.

In the process of this, you will, of course, open up the huge issue of receiving from God instead of you. You are currently her god – no one has been as life giving in as many vital ways as you. So you need to move soon to nurturing a connection between her and God, not in the context of religion, but in the context of daily life – receiving from God, building for God and getting a pat on the back from God, not just from you.

Alternatively, you have a friend who has done a written workup on the Slavery to Sonship videos. You could direct her to work through some of that material and discuss applications to her own life.

You basically have six weeks to really load up on your prep, so that when she comes back and you sync with her, you will have a large number of cards in your hand and have lots of choices as to how you play them.

Teacher has scored nicely with the first felt need. You have credibility with him, but it is a narrow picture. This needs to be widened soon. In anyone, I treasure the Teacher portion of their spirit because it carries the priestly mantle for reconciliation and she surely has some portions of her spirit that are alienated from God or the rest of her spirit or mankind in general.

Sooner or later you will really need Teacher to understand his role and be able to walk in it, because the Giver gift is poor in that regard. An immature Giver will deny alienation. A mature Giver will usually want to put people in a room and get them to talk it out themselves, without Giver’s moderating. So you need Teacher.

After finding out a few more things that he does in daily life, branch off to the concept of reconciliation. When you have articulated it nicely for him, share that this is everyone’s responsibility, but by design, it is his specialty.

When that is comfortable language, then introduce the concept of the office of priest. Eventually, when the time is right, you will ask Christ the High Priest, to put him in that office in the manner He deems appropriate.

You don’t know whether that will be soon, or only when the spirit is ready to enter the Seat of Dominion. That is strictly Jesus’ business and you don’t determine when it is, or how He does it. It is simply your job to prepare Teacher for that role and office at some time in the future.

In the meantime, Teacher could read up on the multitude of reconciliation stories there are in Scripture and immerse himself in that concept.

I am impressed with your wisdom in reaching out to the whole of her humanity. You did well to simply speak in the direction of Original Self without expecting a response at this time. We normally do that a number of times before seeking engagement.

While you have prep time, why not prepare a series of blessings for Original Self? Think back to your own journey. What would you have liked to have your counselor speak into Original Self during the excruciating uncertainty of transition from Outer Darkness, through the valley of the shadow of death, into the early stages of the journey through time?

If you were to continue to work with her spirit, but regularly send a blessing that did not require response in the direction of Original Self, it might prepare her for your eventual request for engagement.

Now, you have no idea how Suzie will return. Being completely disconnected from her support system at home is a daunting prospect. And you know she is going to be rattled, shaken and stirred where she is going. She might come back in surprisingly good shape or she might feel she has lost all the ground she ever gained and that life is not worth living.

Either way, your answer is the same. The spirit God made does not vanish. It might go silent and might retreat from the trauma, but the spirit is there, and it is her core asset, and no one can take that away from her. So you go forward.

Meanwhile, kudos to you. A couple of months ago you doubted your ability to weakly apply a few of the principles you have learned from our material. Now there is so much authority in your voice, that you bring astounding comfort to her whole being.

AND your spirit is so sure of what to do that you run ahead every time you see an opening and engage more parts of her humanity.

Well done.

May your tribe increase.