Sally and Suzie #6

Today I had some time again with Suzie’s Giver. First we talked some other things and when I asked Giver if he is here and would like to speak with me he immediately said yes.

I asked how he is doing and he said sort of of okay. And then he shared some of the news that happened, though I believe it was more Suzie’s soul talking.

When this happens I am not so sure what to do. Do I leave her soul talking and then try to come back to her spirit, or do I gently change subject? First I thought maybe I should first talk to her soul and asked to step back again, but it didn’t feel right after we have started already.

Does this depend on the situation, or is there a right way to do it?

I also asked Giver if he feels any difference since we started talking and he said yes, there is more hope and something he feels where we can build on.

So I blessed Giver with a next blessing. I thought to go through all the positive essence one after the next of what you shared on the RG CD. He received it well and agreed that he is like this.

In January Suzie will be somewhere for six weeks where we cannot have any contact. She is worried about that and said we need to keep working with her spirit. Hope we can make some good progress until then.

* * *

It is a pretty common problem to have spirit and soul both elbowing for air time. Let’s be blunt. Suzie has been very dishonored because of her tough journey. She has been labeled, marginalized, devalued, disqualified and discarded. That is a lot of junk to live through.

At the end of the day, you are the only person in the whole world who even remotely believes in her. You think she is redeemable. You believe she has a future. And foundationally, you believe her essence is good while a whole lot of other people consider her to be flawed at the very core of her design.

So the competition for your time will be very high. You are water in a desert, and the desert includes spirit and soul. Both are clamoring for attention.

There is not a simple way to handle this, but one way that has worked for me is to divide my time with the person into three categories. First is open soul time where you are visiting with her and there is no pressure on you or her. You are just buds like you have been for many years.

The second kind of time is where you are in dialog with her spirit over some dynamic, such as going through the seven portions to see who is home.

The third is when it is blessing time only, and then it is best when it is a monologue.

How I work that is to either set up a specific time when I am going to call every day, or if it is flexible time, we have a system where they quiet their soul ahead of time and are focused on just receiving the blessing.

I call, they are ready and focused, I call their spirit to the front, do the blessing without visiting, and then immediately hang up the phone at the end, without even a “Good-bye.” I want their spirit to just stay in the moment and soak in the truth before leaving to do the stuff of life that requires the soul.

We have talked through the process ahead of time and they anticipate that this is how it will be so there is not rudeness.

I encourage them (and I don’t care if it is spirit or soul or a partnership) to write an e-mail later in the day to share how the blessing landed, so I can keep tailoring my approach.

I don’t do this with everyone, but with some people who always have a punch list of soul stuff that they want to discuss, I have to create this rigidly compartmentalized process, otherwise each five minute blessing becomes a one hour counseling session and I just can’t do that.

The options you listed are quite valid too. I have used all of them.

At the end of the day, it is an art, not a sausage factory. You need to feel your way along. You have a very different gift than I do. Suzie is a unique person.

Be free to take the principles, weave them together in a unique way and do the best you can as you grow and learn, and fail and learn and succeed and learn.

The only thing on the table here, really, is how much you are willing to fail.

You have NO competition. No one will give Suzie the time you are giving her, much less the dignity and the ministry. You can fail 100 times and she will still let you keep learning at her expense because what you bring to her when you are on target is so priceless.

To the degree you play it safe, you will avoid bumps, bruises and growth. To the degree you show up to every session with the freedom to go wild, if your spirit or the Holy Spirit leads, to that degree you will fail often, grow immensely and become dangerous.

At the end of the day, safe, neat ministries grow in neat little steps. It is not wrong. But my style is much more on the side of gambling with the big steps. I lose often. I win sometimes. I grow whether I lose or win.

So I never really lose.

But, at the end of the day, you don’t need to be me. Be yourself and choose your own path and remember, it is an art form, not a sausage factory.