Sally and Suzie #8

Working with Suzie’s spirit has been a bit of a struggle in the last few days. Her soul/parts are very upfront and it’s difficult to get through the spirit.

So I do what you shared of speaking to the parts and I acknowledge that they are here. Then I try to connect with Giver. Sometimes it feels there is a short connection but very quickly a part comes upfront again.

After I read your post about Miriam I thought I will ask Suzie’s Giver what he is doing within a day. Though this as well didn’t land. I said that it was okay and said to Suzie she could try and listen inside during the day in the different things she is doing if she senses anything that this is Giver. We will talk about it tomorrow. Though I also assured Suzie and Giver that it is also okay if they don’t find anything.

I need to keep myself reminding that is a process and journey. When I look at the whole I feel very overwhelmed but Suzie is important to me and I so wish to help her.

Though something very positive happened. A friend of hers listened to your CD’s “Nurturing Your Spirit”. He is very excited about it and has started to bless the spirit of his daughter. Twice he did it while she was sleeping and once with looking into her eyes.

There was an immediate change. His daughter went and cleaned her room, which didn’t much happen before and she is doing a specific sport where it also went so much better.

Of course now he also would like to be ministered to so Suzie blessed his spirit. (After that she asked me if I could do it, but I don’t feel the freedom to do it). She said for a little while she felt good after that until the parts came up front again. But for her brother it was very good.

So I also encouraged her to bless his spirit and if she has questions she can ask. She does know she is also my first one and that it is new to me.

Do you think this is too early for her? I know it took me so long until I had the courage to begin. But then she also had the courage yesterday and just did it.

All of this just makes me smile and I think it is so great that she is blessing her brothers spirit and he is blessing the spirit of his daughter.

* * *

I have said many times that my biggest asset is my pig headed stubbornness. I can stay with a messy project for a long time until there is breakthrough. This will be necessary for you as well, as you deal with a pretty complex, messy situation.

Your number one job is to show up. And keep showing up. And then keep on, keeping on showing up. The burden is on God to leverage your presence for something larger than life.

Now, having put the burden on you to just lean in, there is also room for strategy. If you have a couple of people willing to participate in anonymous prayer, having them pray for timing and alignment for each time you connect with her should give you a bit cleaner slots of time.

You are right to keep expectations low for Giver and for the system as a whole so that self-blame does not set in.

In terms of blessing her friend who is blessing his daughter, I think it is fine. God is running this program faster than you are comfortable with, but that is the risk of partnering with God.

Now in terms of her parts, it is time to have a discussion with her about switching from the peripheral parts back to High Competence. Obviously it happens during the course of life many times. You need to study the patterns and see if you can find any key that is portable, so that she can choose to trigger High Competence to come back to the front for the call, since High Competence will obediently step to the side for your connection with the spirit, whereas the little parts are just insistent that they need some attention NOW and you are the best attention giver in their world right now.

For example, some people snap into High Competence when the phone rings. You might need to initiate the calls instead of her. It could be that when the time is coming for her to call you, a whole committee of parts rushes to the front to get some air time.

It might be that a physical thing such as coffee or putting on her outside shoes or folding laundry pulls High Competence to the front.

Often High Competence only does work, not standby. You might have to do your ministry to Giver while Suzie is in the midst of cooking dinner.

Or it might be that she is front and center right after Suzie takes a shower in the morning, and you might have to connect with her then. Maybe Suzie is a water baby.

So explore those variables and see if you can improve your connection rate, but at the end of the day, tenacity counts for at least as much, if not more, than skill.