E-mail from Miriam

This morning is very peaceful and having the first cup of coffee was even more of an experience of worship since what we discovered yesterday. I like to drink coffee, but there is nothing like the first cup. The other cups I am drinking normally, but the first one is different.

This was really such a huge gift you gave me. I would have not thought that this is my spirit.

All of what I ponder about yesterday and Mercy does something so deep in me.

* * *

OK folks. This was a fathering moment. There are two parts to fathering. 1) Discover someone’s design. 2) Get them to unpack it.

Through questioning I discovered that something which she had been doing for a long time was actually a spirit thing not a taste bud thing.

I legitimized it and called it a spiritual experience that might be a portal for intimacy with God.

She has not even started to unpack the treasure yet, but that little bit of legitimizing I did allowed her Mercy portion to come to the front easily and boldly and savor the connection with God, without having to be shy, or ashamed, or default to it being a taste bud thing.

Now, when she begins to unpack the different kinds of coffee and flavors of coffee to know what matches what days, there is a huge potential for complex intimacy with God.

It is like someone who has a fragrance anointing. Each morning the choice of perfume they wear is a spiritual encounter between them and God. They have no idea what the day will hold, but God does and He directs the choice of perfume in advance of her discovering the flavor of the day.

In the same way, once Miriam has scouted out a half a dozen (or dozen and a half) flavors of coffee that land well with her spirit, instead of it being a body chemistry choice as to whether she has this one or that one for her first cup, it will be her spirit hearing from the Holy Spirit what the flavor of the day is.

I have discovered and legitimized it for her. And I laid out a strategy for unpacking it. Now she needs to put some skin in the game and pursue enlarging her option.