Margaret #1

I worked with Margaret today exploring the Prophet portion of her spirit. She has a partner who has worked with her spirit quite a bit, sufficiently so that the whole spirit is in the Seat of Dominion.

The presenting problem was pretty vague. Prophet was “not right.”

I poked around a bit. Didn’t find a wound or any device siphoning off life. Prophet is male and he reported that he was between 50 and 60% full of life but didn’t have much to do.

After floundering for a while with my sundry questions, I finally got the Elbow of God in my ribs and I asked her if visibility in public was important to her. That got a deep response.

We peeled back the layers and ended up with the fact that Prophet is called to business and needs to be known in the marketplace as a business leader. There is not need to be visible on stage, just to be respected for business acumen by other entrepreneurs.

Margaret comes from a family of employees, not entrepreneurs, so no one envisioned her as a businesswoman in her childhood. Her times in school were largely turbulent so there was no envisioning success for her there.

In her young adulthood she was in a very dismissive environment for a long season, then joined a religious organization where she was involved in the business side of things.

She was regularly slammed for all of her business moxie, partly because it was all intuitive — she had no formal training in business, therefore how could she know anything. But more than that, she was refusing to cover up things that were done inappropriately in the Name of the Lord.

She saw that much on the operational side of the ministry was poorly done. Her suggestions of how to upgrade it were labeled as rebellion against her spiritual authorities.

In that religious context, in addition to condemning her business gifting, all the envisioning that was done for her by the spiritual eldership was about some form of lay ministry, never business.

One other thing that surfaced during this discussion was her fierce competitiveness as a child. Prophet claimed that as his own, and grieved over the fact that it had been beaten out of him over the years. He wanted it back, but didn’t know how to get it.

I prayed and did a lot of cutting off agreements and validating Prophet’s design as a fiercely competitive businessman, walking in the highest standards of best practices.

This helped a lot, but didn’t really get to the core issue with Prophet. So I asked Prophet to listen to the album “Blessing Intensity” in the short run and said I would have to chew on this for a while and see if God gave me a new idea.

I agreed that something was still wrong and missing, but didn’t know where to go next. I spend half my life stuck, so it was no big deal. Keep this on the front burner, give it some time to simmer and get back to it some day.