Immigration is often a door of entry for the demonic. Often an immigrant is not loved when he leaves or when he arrives.

Leaving there are two common problems. First is jealousy. In the mass immigration of the 1800s, there was a tendency for those who were left behind to consider the person leaving to have the immense unfair advantage.

The second is a parent or grandparent or spouse who did not want the person to leave and prayed passionately for them to return soon and be where they belong.

After that dismal departure, most immigrants arrived here to find a huge amount of hardship, rejection, racism and other emotions.

In general, when I am doing a broad based clean up, I will check for immigration sore spots and ask the Lord to establish justice in the present generation, so the thoughts, words and actions of the previous generation do not constitute a landing pad for the enemy.

Once I was dealing with a demon in the brain. He was calmly insolent, ignoring my authority. Turns out there was a demon outside him providing protection. No big surprise there.

I almost always ask whether the demon is located here or the Old Country. This one was in the Old Country. I got ready to verbally cut the ties connecting the two and the Lord said, “Don’t bother. The cord is too tough for you to cut.”

Now, I am used to taking the demons’ advice with a grain of salt, but when the Lord tells me my strategy is useless, that is worth listening to!

It turns out that the whole generational cord was the result of a grandma building a network of grief over the migration of a beloved grandson. When we asked God to judgment on the agreements among them, and to establish His will on the subject, the cable became tiny.

We dismantled the cable, neutralized the big demon in the Old Country and were then able to evict the demon in the parietal lobe of the person in this country.

Amazing how much power the enemy gets out of agreements.