I had an interesting experience with Jared recently. He is on a journey and the journey has been marked by a lot of destructive drives.

He didn’t act out too much, other than self-destruction, but he certainly had the desire to destroy beauty or equipment or his future hundreds of times in his messiest years.

He journeyed long with varied results, but they were results nonetheless. Looking at any five year period, he was well beyond the previous period.

Eventually we crossed paths and I added some perspective to his journey which has been going quite well lately. Specifically, he had been building, growing, adding to his social capital and generally thriving aside from some loose ends still needing to be neatened up.

Some stuff happened and he found himself shoved back about ten years in the time line. Specifically the strong desire to be destructive was overwhelming. He managed, as usual, to refrain from smashing anything in his home, but it was a battle.

He was shaken to the core that so much growth could vanish so suddenly and he reached out to me.

I was skeptical that his growth was lost but went to work.

Option 1: This was a part that had escaped detection in all the integration he had done.

Possible. Didn’t seem probable though, because heretofore, all the parts were seven and under and this one was having some very adult desires. Shoved it to the back of the stove.

Option 2: AHS.

Theoretically possible, but I have never seen one act out beyond the body that way. They have been known to wreck havoc in the body, but not so much in the environment. However, our experience with AHS is young, so anything is possible. Shoved it to the back of the stove.

Option 3: Time line manipulation

This seemed the easiest explanation. Somehow the devil had moved him from this place of high healing to a place ten years ago where the healing was still a bit sketchy. I don’t know if this could happen, much less how, but on the surface, it was an explanation that fit the symptoms.

I poked around there a lot, looking for other substantiating clues. I asked his spirit for data and got nothing since, mysteriously, his spirit could see and sense nothing, suddenly.

In desperation I asked his Original Self. Didn’t expect much of an answer, since the emotions were yanking him every which way even while I was talking to him. However, to my surprise, Original Self was able to respond. He did not answer my specific question, just shared that there was something right in front of him, blocking him.

So I shoved time manipulation to the back of the stove with the others and explored “the thing.”

Option 4: The blocking mechanism

I queried Original Self whether this was a device or a sentient being. He could not answer. It seemed he was in more distress since giving me the info above, which suggests a sentient creature was being less than kind to him.

Spirit was out of commission. Soul was out of commission. Jared was in rough shape in general. My discernment was not giving me anything. And this was a situation I have never faced before.

So, I stalled, waiting for something.

Suddenly the Holy Spirit reminded me of a bad boy from the book of Revelation called Abaddon. I popped open my handy dandy Bible study software, looked up the verse and looked up the meaning of that name: Destroyer!

Suddenly we had a frame that allowed all the data to fit together.

A demon had been there all along. It had manifested regularly in the past, masquerading as an angry part. It went underground as Jared began to get traction in his growth, but was there through all the healing — a sleeper cell to use modern terrorism language.

In the last month, Jared had gone on the offensive outside of his own life in a couple of significant ways, AND he had this week taken a stupendous step forward in legitimizing his original personality and life style.

So, orders came from below to activate the sleeper cell AKA the demon Abaddon/Destroyer and to unleash the feelings of ten years ago along with the message that all of his growth was gone and there was no point in trying to rebuild his life because it would all go poof again in the future.

I grudgingly admitted it was a really fine scam. Worked marvelously on Jared. I am a little bit harder sell. Knowing what good work Jared had done in the last ten years, I had a hunch all was not lost.

Well, I had a name and but didn’t remember having had any encounters with this critter before. I decided all you can do is open the gate and let the bull out.

I called him by name and before the name was out of my mouth, Jared manifested hugely which was a fairly dependable indication I was on the right track.

I played two cards. First I invoked Jesus and reminded Abaddon that I knew he would bow the knee to Jesus the Christ eventually and would acknowledge His lordship. I rubbed it in a bit.

Then I played my own life as a card, pointing out that I used to be a loose cannon but that lately I have done a whole lot of rebuilding, repairing, transforming and generally cleaning up after him. I have some serious earned authority in the area of the opposite of destruction and I wasn’t afraid to use it.

Took about five solid minutes of a monologue punctuated by some fairly inarticulate, inelegant sounds from Jared to persuade Abaddon to go back to his homeboys in the Abyss, but eventually he did.

It took about ten minutes for Jared to recover his composure and his voice because the manifestation had come from so close to his core and shaken his whole being. But within an hour, all of his joy and boldness and vision were back better than ever because the sleeper cell was no longer there.

I share this with you because I now realize that I have met Abaddon many times before. We have very mistakenly treated him as a very angry part. There IS almost always an angry part, but I now think that in the future, I could probably feel the difference between an angry child part, and an angry demon called Destroyer.

I feel just a tiny bit bad for Abaddon. Jared is one quick study and he has blood in his eye now for sleeper cells that begin with the letter A! He is licensed to hunt and just might expose a few over the years.