Deliverance for a Child

Here is a report from a mom, “Sally” about her daughter “Little Sally.”

Notice several things.

1) This is being reported by someone I am working with. So my peep is working with Sally who is working with her daughter. I love generational work.

2) Sally got a whole lot more than she bargained for when she asked about the spirits inside her daughter.

3) Technically there were several things about the process that might have been done “better.”

4) At the end of the day, IT WORKED, and Little Sally is free.

This is why a urge people to just start. Try something. Begin. Experiment. God has been known to use some really sub-par processes to set His people free — especially the little children.

* * *

Sally asked her 6 yr old daughter, “Is there anyone else inside you besides just you?”

Her daughter swiftly replied, “Do you mean besides the Big Indian?”

She told her mother that the devil named him “He Who Eats Blood.” Little Sally told her mum that the Indian was big and very muscular. He had what looked like war paint on his face, chest and arms but it was actually the “blood of others” on him. He had many braids and only wore a torn and tattered loin cloth.

In one hand he carried an arrow, and in the other he carried a sword with which he threatened to kill the little girl’s heart if she ever told her mother about him. If she told God about him, he would only return with 110 other devils to fight God and kill her in the night while her parents were sleeping.

The little girl remembers vividly the night the Big Indian came into her room when she was 2 years old. She told both parents her story. Mum prayed with her, Dad sitting with them. Mum told her that she would not die that night like the Big Indian said, but there would be a battle that night, that God would protect her; that in the morning when she awoke, she would know that God is her King.

This little girl has threatened suicide a number of times and been very troubled. It is important to note that when the little girl was self-harming, she would always attack her right hand with bad scratching, wanting to cut off that hand with a knife, wrapping her blankie around the wrist tightly to make it squeeze off. It may also be important to note the girl is right-handed and is obviously gifted by God in the arts.

When mother woke Little Sally she said, “You are alive this morning. You did not die in the night.”

Little Sally sat upright and smiled and said, “Yes! God IS my King and He protected me!”

Then little Sally points to her right shoulder and says “He left some things over here on my shoulder. He was packing up and had to leave them behind because he was in too much of a hurry. I think he was going to come back and get them later… my shoulder is very hot”

We have been talking to Sally about devices left sometimes so she knew what to do. Those ‘structures’ or ‘packages’ were dismantled quickly. She didn’t differentiate whether it was an AHS or a demon, she just kicked it out!

Mum “wiped away” at the girl’s shoulder in a sweeping motion and the little girl asked to blow what was in the mum’s hand away (like dust).

Then little Sally said, “Oh, there are still two little devils on my shoulder hiding underneath all that stuff. That one is there to let the others in. He squeezes something in his hand (mum will ask her what exactly was in his hand) and that lets the other devils in. The other one is his friend. He doesn’t talk much.”

Sally prayed and once that was done. Little Sally said, “You didn’t have to pray that long, Mum (a minute or so only) because they left right away in a red swirly circles (motioned little a whirlwind)….my shoulder isn’t hot anymore.”

Then, “Oh, look, I can use my hand again!” That is the hand she told mom the Indian sometimes went very, very small and hid in the back of her hand. (He could be as big as a building or small enough to hide in the girl’s hand.)

That’s the hand she wanted to cut off one night with a butcher knife and the hand that she scratched until it bled the night before praying.

She is free now!!! Noticing a big difference in how Little Sally is being “seen” by her teachers at school.