Fractals of Sound

There is a lengthy back story here.

Beginning around Monday the 23rd of March, there was a general “not good” feeling in the spiritual climate.  I ignored it and pushed through.

By Wednesday of that week, it was severe so I pinged a bit and found that it was pretty pervasive in North America, Europe and Africa.  We explored various global events, trying to make a connection but nothing was convincing.

By Wednesday it was clear that highly interrupted sleep was a common thread.  By Friday communication and relationships were sliding very fast.  This was certainly not universal, but was definitely pretty intense.

As I studied the dozens of reports from around the world, looking for clues and patterns, we came back to sound again and again.  It seemed as though defiled sound from the underworld was being intruded into our realms.  We tried a variety of basic things and didn’t put a scratch on the problem.

Then today, someone mentioned that they were feeling heavy — not in an emotional sense, but in a physical sense.  I prodded, looking for a different word and they were insistent.  Their body felt heavy.  Not tired from lack of sleep, but heavy to move.  Everything took lots of effort.

That led me to the concept of someone after a bad heart attack.  If they severely damage the muscle of the left ventricle, they cannot send oxygen rich blood to the extremities and it costs them huge effort to lift their legs to climb up three steps to the front porch.  It feels as though their body is heavy, but really it is lack of oxygen to drive the large muscles.

When I coupled that with the issue of sound, it reminded me of some junk I have seen elsewhere.  It feels as though there is a device in some people that receives sound from the dark side and then transmits that sound to the physical and spiritual hearts to diminish functionality.   When the nervous system that controls the heart contractions is significantly suppressed, the natural oxygen and the spiritual oxygen do not get distributed.

Well, as theories go, that is a bit far out there.  But we have some far out guinea pigs so I called up the one who first said she was heavy, explained my idea and asked what she thought.  Her response was typical:  didn’t care to discuss it, just try it.

I did.

It worked pretty dramatically for her.  Over the course of about 15 minutes the heaviness in her body faded away and she was able to function normally.  Her mood also went up considerably in that same time.

All this went down before lunch.  The idea of heaviness was so odd, I decided to float the question on Facebook, and by the time I came back from lunch we had 28 people who chimed in that they too had been dealing with heaviness.

Quite remarkable for the narrowness of the question.

Now in typical SLG fashion, there is yet another thread.  Before sound went goofy, God had backed me in a corner where nothing I knew worked for the person who was querying me.  Once I was suitably powerless, God took over and I heard myself praying that the fractals in this area of their body that had been lost through the generations and taken by the enemy recently should all be put back in proper alignment.

It made a big difference to that guinea pig.  I have used that on a few other people for a week, in different areas of their bodies and consistently seen measurable, verifiable (and for a few days at least since this is very new) sustained change in their body functions.

So I decided since that is the new toy du jour, I would experiment with it here.  It seemed to work pretty emphatically.

I have recorded a prayer dealing with cutting off the dark sound and restoring to our nervous system all of the fractals of sound that God has intended us to have.

You can listen to it here.

Since this is clearly very experimental, I would strongly appreciate feedback within a day or so of listening to this prayer.  And if it works for you, tell a friend who is experiencing the heaviness.

Copyright March 2015 by Arthur Burk

From the Lab


Sally and Suzie #19

The other day, when Suzie forgot about the appointment, she still texted later saying she is sorry.  I answered, that it is okay.  She did not ask if we could do something again.  Do I offer it again to her, or is it better to wait?

* * *

You did very well in releasing her from shame over the missed appointment.  But at this time, I would not offer again.  You have known her for years.  She knows what you do and what you have to offer.  I would just wait until she reaches out to you.  At this point, there is very little chance for her to put skin in the game.  But asking for prayer is one place where she can, so you should just wait.

Copyright March 2015 by Arthur Burk

From Mom’s where I am prepping her vegetable garden.

Sally and Suzie #18

Suzie texted me this morning saying that she realized it is just so hopeless and that at this point she doesn’t really want to keep on working on anything.  She does hope that soon this torture will be over.

I replied to her that I understand and hope this for her too.  And I will be there for her.  Then we texted a few more times back and forth.  I wanted to make sure that she really knows I am not offended and that nothing changed in our relationship.

Is there anything else I should do, except staying in touch, but waiting until I hear from her?

As I am writing this, I just got another text from her asking if we can talk tomorrow again.

I feel very much inadequate but am very grateful for your coaching in this.

* * *

This is utterly common.  Nothing to be concerned about.  You handled it perfectly by not arguing and just reassuring her of the relationship being solid, and her having the freedom to go forward or not.

And she responded that she wants to go forward.

We don’t know for sure, but I would guess that there was a hopeless part in the front earlier.  You will meet this hopeless one many, many times in the future, so just walk through the protocol you used today.  It is solid.  Eventually she switched and the High Competence part that wants to grow responded with the Go signal.

All good. You handled it splendidly.

Copyright March 2015 by Arthur Burk

From the Lab


Sally and Suzie #17

My phone call with Suzie didn’t go so well.  First I was pleased that she called and initiated.  That was nice.

We first talked a little bit of other things, then I validated her soul but asked it to step to the side.  I asked Giver if he could hear me and there was nothing.  So I asked her whole spirit if it could hear me and the answer was yes.  Also said that the spirit is actually doing well.

I asked if the spirit knows what happened to Giver.  If he went away by himself because it was too dangerous in the clinic, or if something was done to him.  The reply was that something was done to him.  When he tries to do something he gets chased away.

The whole time when we spoke it was quite noisy, but I didn’t say anything.

I thanked her spirit for connecting with me and spoke to Giver and said that nothing has changed in his essence, he is valuable . . .

When we finished, I mentioned that it was quite noisy.   Suzie said she was doing laundry.  That was not so nice, I think.

Then she said, “Do you think this is of any value?”

She said, “You don’t know what it is like; this didn’t happen to you.”

I said to her, “I do know and many things happened to me, but it is a process.  Sometimes it goes faster, sometimes a little slower, sometimes nothing happens.  It is a journey.”

Something that she mentions often is that she wants deliverance.  The demons are very mean to her and make her life really hard.  She did get a lot of deliverance already, from different people, but it never changed and came back mostly the same day.  I know she wants that too from me, and I explained again how important it is to get the spirit stronger.  I shared with her out of my own experiences.

But I also said to her, “Please be free if you don’t like to do that, we don’t have to do it.  And also if you say you don’t want anymore, this is fine, and it will not change anything in our relationship.”

She said she will think about it and will let me know.

It is sad, but all that you shared already in your couching me really helps, also in this situation now.

* * *

Part of working with survivors is dealing with their emotional instability and not letting it make you unstable.  You walked well today, not rebuking her for the rudeness of doing laundry, pushing back against the lie that you don’t understand but ending with an open hand, allowing her permission to leave.  I am very consistent in giving people permission to leave.  I never want them to feel trapped or obligated.  I am not the only source out there, and they must choose each time to connect with me.

In terms of deliverance, this is a valid point.  She has demons and they are mean.  The soft spot is that you have not done much deliverance, and you will have to grow in your self-confidence.  This means you will fail many times, and you have to be comfortable with that growth process.  And she will have to be comfortable with your failure.

For now, I would keep working with her spirit but would begin to discuss deliverance, assuring her you will go there eventually.  The question is where to start.  So be looking and listening for what is going on so you can pick off some specific critter and engage with intentionality.

Once you get a sense of where you want to go, let me know and we will develop a strategy.

It will be fun to see you putting a hurt on the enemy instead of being beat up by them like in the past.

Copyright March 2015 by Arthur Burk

From the Lab

Sally and Suzie #16

In the last several days I have been having difficulties connecting with Suzie.  It is not that she or I don’t want to, but almost every day something comes up to interfere with our plans, or happens just as I call.

Today we spoke about the labels they have put on her in the clinic, and I could reaffirm her that the debacle is not because of her, or that she is not willing but it is simply that they did not have the right tools.  I pointed out to her how she fought to get there.  They told her she is rebellious, stubborn and all of that.  I know she is NOT and wants to get free.

So I prayed through the things you mentioned, and it felt something happened.

Because of an interruption we could not connect with Giver.  We will try again tomorrow.

I feel like I am having trouble getting traction here.

* * *

OK, Sally, we have a couple of layers here.

First there is the natural.  Anytime you are working with SRA/DID it is going to be an uneven, uneasy journey.  Your primary responsibility is to pick a position and be consistent with it.  Your position can be anywhere on a line from owning almost all of the responsibility to owning almost none of it.

The former you usually only do when you are dealing with acute suicide ideation.  If you have decided it is your battle to own, then you will take the initiative several times a day to stay in touch with the person, and you will specifically pursue when they are silent.

I usually position myself on the other extreme.  I take almost no initiative at all.  If someone cancels, I acknowledge it politely and leave the door open for them to initiate when they want a fresh connection.  I am willing to let them go silent for days or months, since I don’t have any sense of competition, and I am sure they will be back sooner or later.  If they get well by themselves and don’t need me anymore, that is fine too.   I simply don’t do ownership.

Now, let me repeat.  The important thing is not where you position yourself.  It is that you become consistent in your posture, so she knows that if she cancels, you will be available again tomorrow at 9:00, or you will call her to reschedule, or she has total responsibility to reschedule.  Don’t leave ambiguity.  The devil can really yank them around with “does-she-love-me-anymore-or-does-she-wish-I-would-go-away?”  By being consistent in your stance, you add a solid piece to the life of a survivor who is bouncing around their own world.

So that is the answer in the natural.  You may just adopt a waiting game, letting her get settled in at home, working out the details of reentry into domestic life.  Possibly some space would do her good.

On the other hand, someone who is walking with a survivor has the tool of intercession at all times.  With Suzie we have frequent schedule glitches.  That suggests some possible demonic agitation.   You could press in on the Canaanite curse, or 6th head.  You could pray for peace in the home over all.  You could sanctify the times you have set apart.  You could pray for her place in the community of the home to be reestablished and secured and honored.

Ponder what you know about her domestic situation and determine whether you want to pray wide, about a number of things, or press in on a single item with a vigorous prayer trigger.  For example, every time you get interrupted or cancelled, you could invest in intercession all of that hour that was set aside for ministry to her.

Pray for her husband, since he is the primary support person for her, that he would find the grace to keep on going day after day with all of the disappointments of life with a survivor.  Bless her Giver spirit from a distance with being able to step up and reestablish good community for the family around the dinner table.  Deal with jealousy in the family picture.  I know her kids must be hurting too.  Are any of them jealous of the fact that she is hurting enough to get a lot of attention while their pains are ignored?  Cover jealousy at home in every possible configuration.

Then when you have established a prayer focus, watch to see how soon things shift.  Right now there is major devouring of the schedule.   Will it clear up in two days?  If so, you had just opportunistic varmints.  If nothing moves for two weeks, then there is some deeply entrenched demonic power we need to look at more closely and develop a more painful strategy to dislodge.

Copyright March 2015 by Arthur Burk

From the Lab


Dealing with Abaddon

I don’t run into this one very often, but since I have bumped heads with him twice in a week, I thought I would float a short profile.  You might want to glance at Revelation 9 just to fill in the rest of the back story.

Our encounters with this spirit in 2015 are far less draconian than the apocalyptic account, but there are still occasional engagements.

Interestingly my most common bump with Abaddon is through the eye gate.  It can run a couple of ways.  When someone comes to talk to me and they simply can’t bring themselves to look me in the eye, it is sometimes Abaddon.  On the other hand, I will occasionally see Abaddon looking out at me from someone’s eyes with highly distilled hatred.

Setting aside those pretty minor markers, Abaddon is about destruction.  I look for people whose life is being destroyed beyond the normal impact of curses and covenants.  When there is a systematic, bizarre, breaking, distorting and disrupting of life, it might well be Abaddon.  Most significantly, as in Revelation 9, Abaddon robs a person of the will to fight.  The devouring is so random and crazy making that even when they do not officially become suicidal, the desire to just be done with the battle of life is clearly there.

So what to do?

Central to this one is the issue of authority.  Most deliverance people don’t have much success here because they are warriors and the authority needed is that of a builder.  Since Abaddon is about destruction, the people who have the ability to take him down are called to be rebuilders, have walked in it extensively and they find immense fulfillment in taking someone the devil has crushed and restoring them to hope, dignity and design.

When a rebuilder engages with the destroyer, it is usually a very simple battle of wills, for just a few minutes.  Eye to eye is best, although I have done it over the phone.

And my sales pitch to Abaddon is simple.  I am one of the sons of God, seated with Christ at the right hand of all Majesty.  I know who I am and what I have access to.  Jesus released the power of the resurrection to the Body of Christ and that power is designed to rebuild and restore the lives the enemy has damaged.

Therefore, based on what He did, and what I know I have available, I am pulling rank on Abaddon, and he needs to leave this person, since they were not destined by God to be a punching bag for the destroyer.

Usually he does not leave immediately, so I give him a history lesson of the splendid partnership between Jesus and me, regarding broken lives.  I celebrate the way Christ resourced me in specific details in different people’s lives.  It is not a bragging session about me, simply a quiet confidence that I have what it takes to overcome him because of my incredibly life giving partnership with Jesus Christ and because of my 100,000 small choices to rebuild broken lives.

I have never had Abaddon hang around for more than five minutes of history.  The celebration of the power of the resurrection flowing through Jesus Christ to His brothers in the Kingdom is painful to the destroyer.

We also have not had any significant history of re-infection.

Copyright March 2015 by Arthur Burk

From the Lab



An Experiment with Aberrant Emotions

In every journey there are a few weird episodes where God heals something in a really random way.  We give those a nod and a praise offering but don’t try to build a principle out of it.

However, when we get a pattern, we sit up and take notice, no matter how odd it is.

This is one of those.  I can’t connect the dots logically, so I am highly inclined to discount the idea, but there does seem to be a functional connection for three people recently, so I thought I would float it to the broader tribe of guinea pigs out there to see if there is anything to it.

The first component is the spiritual compass in our brain that orients our spirit.  There is a YouTube clip on this topic in this play list.  We don’t really understand the issue of spiritual orientation to the east, instead of the north, but this does seem to be a significant dynamic in achieving freedom for a lot of people.

Now, add to that a portion of the spirit or a part from the soul that is carrying a deep emotion that they can’t resolve.

Traditionally we would dig into our tool kit of strategies to bring the truth to bear on the lie that drives the emotion.  I did that in these three cases and found the emotions to be quite unexpectedly obdurate.  When I asked God what to do, He quite unexpectedly told me to correct the spatial orientation of the ones who were hurting.

I prayed accordingly, asking them to be released from the posture and orientation they had been placed in, and to come into alignment with Jesus Christ, the true spiritual compass.  That usually took place in the space of a few minutes.

The next day, the emotions had more or less vanished, and we could proceed with the work that needed to be done.

Go figure!

It doesn’t make sense to me, but that is nothing new.  Lots of new paradigms have challenged my soul quite thoroughly.

Here is the game plan.  If you have a portion of the spirit or a part in your soul that is hurting deeply, call that pain-trapped entity to the front and ask them to listen to the prayer regarding the compass of Jesus Christ.  See if anything moves in terms of their orientation and in terms of their emotions.

Please let me know whether this works or not.  Spatial orientation in the spiritual realm and intransigent emotions do not naturally correlate in my brain, so we are going to need some compelling patterns out there to convince me that this is actually a useful tool, not just a visitation from God on those three people.

Looking forward to your reports.

Copyright March 2015 by Arthur Burk

From the Lab


Sally and Suzie #15

Suzie will be back this week from her time away. She has been in a Christian mental health clinic and had high hopes of receiving some healing. Unfortunately, the truth is that she comes back worse than when she left. It was not only that they couldn’t help her, but they blamed her for not doing enough and made her feel lots of condemnation. But I know she tries so hard.

Suzie feels very hopeless now. She is sufficiently destabilized that she can’t work anymore, so she is stuck with the label of being disabled which doesn’t help her sense of shame either.

Something interesting happened while she was away, though. Her complete depression changed into anger and rebellion. She has so little hope that she says, “Now I just do what I feel like doing, because nothing helps anyway, so at least I can have a little bit of fun.”

I am feeling quite overwhelmed with the situation, because there are so many things to do. I need to work with her spirit, her soul, do deliverance . . .  It looks like a big mountain. But I feel for her and want to help her.

I appreciate a lot your coaching!!!


* * *

OK, Sally. This response of mine is going to sound a bit harsh, but here it is anyway.

In 2006 when I did about 40 seminars for the inner healing community, I came to realize that this is largely a very wounded population. While wounded healers have always been around, it seems as though the percentage of healers who have not progressed far enough in their own journey is really high right now.

As a result of that, too many people have their legitimacy wrapped up in being successful, and if they can’t help the client, they have to blame the client for the problem since they cannot allow themselves to face lack of success.

So in the religious sector, the hurting person “doesn’t have enough faith.” In the clinical sector, the client “doesn’t want to change and isn’t working hard enough.”

Sally, this is just screamingly cruel. Oh, I know there ARE situations where a person truly doesn’t want to do the hard work, but the speed with which most healing professionals will turn to blame and delegitimize the client is simply wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, and it makes me very angry.

So you have a lot of work to do here, but your first step is to address the condemnation. Start by pointing out how much effort she put into going to this clinic. You know the story well. It was a big, big deal. She fought through the legal and financial and other barriers to get there because it was such a highly regarded Christian institution, and there was nothing like this in her country.

Solidly establish the reality of how badly she wanted to get help.

Then address the fact that it is the mental health practitioner who has the primary responsibility to find the key to unlock her prison. Admit that the people she went to could not do it, but that does not mean she is a bad person. It means they just didn’t have the key in the period of time allotted.

Then drill down on the issue of tenacity and resilience. Tell your story. Sally, your journey to healing was one of the most clumsy, messy, stupid, painful, ridiculous ones I have heard of in a long time. So many well intentioned people did so much rubbish to you. Often you were wounded by the so called healers.

How many hours of deliverance prayer did you have that didn’t work because the people just didn’t have what it took? Think of the barrel of prophetic words that were supposed to heal you and didn’t.

And ponder all the work on your spirit that was utterly bogus, no matter how confidently proclamations were made that all is fine with your spirit now.

But at the end of the day, you have progressed far enough in your journey to be life giving to her, because you were resilient and tenacious. After each debacle, you crawled in a hole, pulled the hole in after you, flooded it with tears, wondered what was wrong with you that God did not answer your prayers and then a week or two later you risked to let some other person minister to you.

Like I said, your journey makes me shudder it was so stupid, but look at you now! Along the way some things went right.

Now, you need to confront this issue of the prison that Suzie is in. Tell her point blank that you don’t have the keys. Also tell her that you DO have some tools that might work. Promise her you will never shame her for her lack of growth and offer to walk along side her for the long term.

If she is willing to let you fail 10,000 times or so, it is quite likely that you can get her far down the road toward healing. You can bring the same persistence you used in your life to bear on her life, and the successes in the midst of the failures will take her far.

Now, let’s talk about her anger and rebellion. This is a good, good thing! But I know the clinic and the devil are whacking at her for being a rebel – a good Christian cuss word.

The psychological community says you can’t spit and swallow at the same time. Swallowing refers to stuffing the pain of feeling blocked and spitting refers to outward actions of anger. Anger and depression are roughly the same animal. Both are an emotion you feel when you are blocked or trapped. Depression surrenders to the pain and anger lashes out against it.

Personally, I find anger much more viable to work with than depression, so I am glad she is mad enough to act out. In reality, the things she did are fairly minor, but for a good Christian girl, they represented a pretty solid break with the non-reality of playing the game while she was bleeding inside.

Go to your story again. There was one point in your life where you had a chance to change communities of faith. You had a very co-dependent relationship with your spiritual leader. Those around you were sure you would not be able to leave. It was a very harsh, wounding leaving, but you could only do it because something rose up within you and allowed you to fight back against all the condemnation and guilt manipulation. In the end, you got angry enough to “rebel” your way out of that community into a new one.

So celebrate her anger, and tell her you will help her channel it against the right enemies.

Now, where to start?

First, legitimize, legitimize, legitimize. Talk for hours if needed to push back against all of the shame and to give her dignity. She IS in a prison. This IS a tough spot. But SHE is still a treasure designed by God, and she is worth your time to invest in a tall list of failures in order to set free the beautiful person who is inside that prison.

Second, do some warfare prayer. Go to God about the judgments made against her, the labels placed on her and the agreements people entered into about and against her.

Ask God to open the books and bring before His court every word or thought, written or spoken about her, and ask Him to judge all of those words. And if there is anything that is not true and right and just, ask Him to destroy the power of those words.

Specifically address the words “never, won’t, can’t, always” and such.

Be sure and ask God to destroy the power of agreement. I am sure that the leadership of the clinic had some discussions about her and came to some agreements about her woundedness and her “unwillingness” to get healing. Specifically ask God to destroy the power of all agreements against her that He does not agree with.

Then you make a proclamation. You have known her for a long time. Speak to God about the beauty you see in her, explain why you think she is “worth” your investment and invite God to come into agreement with your assessment of her being a treasure, if He finds your words to be true.

When that is done and the dust has settled, speak to Giver. All you really want to do is to validate that Giver still exists and still has a future. This clinic obviously does not know about the human spirit, but point out to Giver that their ignorance of this concept does not change the reality. Nothing they said or did on the soul level has changed Giver. Giver is still there, still alive, still able to talk to you and still able to receive blessings from you.

Be prepared with one of the blessings from the Giver blessings on our website, so after you have chatted with Giver and validated the survival of the human spirit, give a big, old, multilayered, high octane blessing to start this next season.

Get back to me after you have that conversation, and we will decide where to go next.