An Experiment with Aberrant Emotions

In every journey there are a few weird episodes where God heals something in a really random way.  We give those a nod and a praise offering but don’t try to build a principle out of it.

However, when we get a pattern, we sit up and take notice, no matter how odd it is.

This is one of those.  I can’t connect the dots logically, so I am highly inclined to discount the idea, but there does seem to be a functional connection for three people recently, so I thought I would float it to the broader tribe of guinea pigs out there to see if there is anything to it.

The first component is the spiritual compass in our brain that orients our spirit.  There is a YouTube clip on this topic in this play list.  We don’t really understand the issue of spiritual orientation to the east, instead of the north, but this does seem to be a significant dynamic in achieving freedom for a lot of people.

Now, add to that a portion of the spirit or a part from the soul that is carrying a deep emotion that they can’t resolve.

Traditionally we would dig into our tool kit of strategies to bring the truth to bear on the lie that drives the emotion.  I did that in these three cases and found the emotions to be quite unexpectedly obdurate.  When I asked God what to do, He quite unexpectedly told me to correct the spatial orientation of the ones who were hurting.

I prayed accordingly, asking them to be released from the posture and orientation they had been placed in, and to come into alignment with Jesus Christ, the true spiritual compass.  That usually took place in the space of a few minutes.

The next day, the emotions had more or less vanished, and we could proceed with the work that needed to be done.

Go figure!

It doesn’t make sense to me, but that is nothing new.  Lots of new paradigms have challenged my soul quite thoroughly.

Here is the game plan.  If you have a portion of the spirit or a part in your soul that is hurting deeply, call that pain-trapped entity to the front and ask them to listen to the prayer regarding the compass of Jesus Christ.  See if anything moves in terms of their orientation and in terms of their emotions.

Please let me know whether this works or not.  Spatial orientation in the spiritual realm and intransigent emotions do not naturally correlate in my brain, so we are going to need some compelling patterns out there to convince me that this is actually a useful tool, not just a visitation from God on those three people.

Looking forward to your reports.

Copyright March 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Meg Rolph says

    When the Lord led me to deal with feminist fears in my heart, He revealed that my emotions were so strong they were keeping me from accepting His truth (even though He had already revealed His truth). He gave me the ultimatum to align or give my emotions to Christ (despite the intense fear and anger that I felt) or else I would never be able to see and believe the goodness of God in the particular truths He was willing to share with me. I had to choose to come into alignment with God’s compass. When I did, my eyes were open to see the heart of God and the truth. The strong emotions that I lived with daily for 10 years evaporated.

    And so, if I am understanding what you wrote about, I agree that if truth does not lead to freedom initially, then aligning with God’s compass (despite the person’s emotions) DOES bring about change and acceptance of truth.

    I have counseled other women in this way, regarding similar issues, with decent success.

    Bless your pursuits,



  2. says

    Well there were exactly zero comments posted here, which suggests that this is NOT a red hot idea. A couple people e-mailed me with positive reports, too personal to post here. So we will file this away in “Possible, but probably not” file.