Dealing with Abaddon

I don’t run into this one very often, but since I have bumped heads with him twice in a week, I thought I would float a short profile.  You might want to glance at Revelation 9 just to fill in the rest of the back story.

Our encounters with this spirit in 2015 are far less draconian than the apocalyptic account, but there are still occasional engagements.

Interestingly my most common bump with Abaddon is through the eye gate.  It can run a couple of ways.  When someone comes to talk to me and they simply can’t bring themselves to look me in the eye, it is sometimes Abaddon.  On the other hand, I will occasionally see Abaddon looking out at me from someone’s eyes with highly distilled hatred.

Setting aside those pretty minor markers, Abaddon is about destruction.  I look for people whose life is being destroyed beyond the normal impact of curses and covenants.  When there is a systematic, bizarre, breaking, distorting and disrupting of life, it might well be Abaddon.  Most significantly, as in Revelation 9, Abaddon robs a person of the will to fight.  The devouring is so random and crazy making that even when they do not officially become suicidal, the desire to just be done with the battle of life is clearly there.

So what to do?

Central to this one is the issue of authority.  Most deliverance people don’t have much success here because they are warriors and the authority needed is that of a builder.  Since Abaddon is about destruction, the people who have the ability to take him down are called to be rebuilders, have walked in it extensively and they find immense fulfillment in taking someone the devil has crushed and restoring them to hope, dignity and design.

When a rebuilder engages with the destroyer, it is usually a very simple battle of wills, for just a few minutes.  Eye to eye is best, although I have done it over the phone.

And my sales pitch to Abaddon is simple.  I am one of the sons of God, seated with Christ at the right hand of all Majesty.  I know who I am and what I have access to.  Jesus released the power of the resurrection to the Body of Christ and that power is designed to rebuild and restore the lives the enemy has damaged.

Therefore, based on what He did, and what I know I have available, I am pulling rank on Abaddon, and he needs to leave this person, since they were not destined by God to be a punching bag for the destroyer.

Usually he does not leave immediately, so I give him a history lesson of the splendid partnership between Jesus and me, regarding broken lives.  I celebrate the way Christ resourced me in specific details in different people’s lives.  It is not a bragging session about me, simply a quiet confidence that I have what it takes to overcome him because of my incredibly life giving partnership with Jesus Christ and because of my 100,000 small choices to rebuild broken lives.

I have never had Abaddon hang around for more than five minutes of history.  The celebration of the power of the resurrection flowing through Jesus Christ to His brothers in the Kingdom is painful to the destroyer.

We also have not had any significant history of re-infection.

Copyright March 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Renate says

    Thank you so much for posting this and what you wrote lately about power versus authority! After dealing with this three days ago, I feel a definite change for the better. I have more hope and courage to keep going, less pain after physical exertion and better brain function. It seems that the principles of health, that I have been investing in, are showing more results now. I have more energy and joy as this heaviness has lifted. Thank you, Arthur! Yahweh bless you with lots of revelation, authority and power!


  2. says

    Intrigued…in my devotion time, I seldom can even think of looking directly into the eyes of Jesus. I can see/feel Him looking at me; I feel His love but looking up is next to impossible. I’m camping on this piece for a bit. THANK YOU. I do minister in ‘rebuilding’ and have a ‘Prophet’ pastor who is a master at it. I’m too blessed to feel like life is a disaster, but I know exactly where this could have entered in–and I’ve seen it in both my parents. Cool, cool insight! Thanks again.

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  3. says

    Wow – this is exciting. I love trumping the enemy. I think this may be at work in two lovely souls I am working with. Will certainly test the waters. Thanks so much for your brilliant coaching.


  4. Beth says

    This fits a situation I’m engaging…have applied your principles and look forward to the results.


    • Beth says

      The emotion I was fighting (in myself) has responded and not returned since. I feel I have more tenacity to engage the issues in the people for whom I am responsible now, without the hopelessness that says “what’s the use?”. I also prayed into this for one of them. After an initial spike in distractions, I’m getting traction for him.


  5. Juanita says

    Many thanks. I was searching for more info on abaddon. I think this is also the reason I’m struggeling to find a husband. Finally I see light at the end of a very long tunnel.