Sally and Suzie #17

My phone call with Suzie didn’t go so well.  First I was pleased that she called and initiated.  That was nice.

We first talked a little bit of other things, then I validated her soul but asked it to step to the side.  I asked Giver if he could hear me and there was nothing.  So I asked her whole spirit if it could hear me and the answer was yes.  Also said that the spirit is actually doing well.

I asked if the spirit knows what happened to Giver.  If he went away by himself because it was too dangerous in the clinic, or if something was done to him.  The reply was that something was done to him.  When he tries to do something he gets chased away.

The whole time when we spoke it was quite noisy, but I didn’t say anything.

I thanked her spirit for connecting with me and spoke to Giver and said that nothing has changed in his essence, he is valuable . . .

When we finished, I mentioned that it was quite noisy.   Suzie said she was doing laundry.  That was not so nice, I think.

Then she said, “Do you think this is of any value?”

She said, “You don’t know what it is like; this didn’t happen to you.”

I said to her, “I do know and many things happened to me, but it is a process.  Sometimes it goes faster, sometimes a little slower, sometimes nothing happens.  It is a journey.”

Something that she mentions often is that she wants deliverance.  The demons are very mean to her and make her life really hard.  She did get a lot of deliverance already, from different people, but it never changed and came back mostly the same day.  I know she wants that too from me, and I explained again how important it is to get the spirit stronger.  I shared with her out of my own experiences.

But I also said to her, “Please be free if you don’t like to do that, we don’t have to do it.  And also if you say you don’t want anymore, this is fine, and it will not change anything in our relationship.”

She said she will think about it and will let me know.

It is sad, but all that you shared already in your couching me really helps, also in this situation now.

* * *

Part of working with survivors is dealing with their emotional instability and not letting it make you unstable.  You walked well today, not rebuking her for the rudeness of doing laundry, pushing back against the lie that you don’t understand but ending with an open hand, allowing her permission to leave.  I am very consistent in giving people permission to leave.  I never want them to feel trapped or obligated.  I am not the only source out there, and they must choose each time to connect with me.

In terms of deliverance, this is a valid point.  She has demons and they are mean.  The soft spot is that you have not done much deliverance, and you will have to grow in your self-confidence.  This means you will fail many times, and you have to be comfortable with that growth process.  And she will have to be comfortable with your failure.

For now, I would keep working with her spirit but would begin to discuss deliverance, assuring her you will go there eventually.  The question is where to start.  So be looking and listening for what is going on so you can pick off some specific critter and engage with intentionality.

Once you get a sense of where you want to go, let me know and we will develop a strategy.

It will be fun to see you putting a hurt on the enemy instead of being beat up by them like in the past.

Copyright March 2015 by Arthur Burk

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    I don’t want it to seem like it’s the only part I read, but to me, the laundry doing was actually positive. Just the fact that she was doing laundry was already awesome, but also, it is actually easier for someone with DID to do two things, than to try to concentrate on one. Keeping her hands busy, would help her concentrate on Sally. Just saying… 🙂