Fractals of Sound

There is a lengthy back story here.

Beginning around Monday the 23rd of March, there was a general “not good” feeling in the spiritual climate.  I ignored it and pushed through.

By Wednesday of that week, it was severe so I pinged a bit and found that it was pretty pervasive in North America, Europe and Africa.  We explored various global events, trying to make a connection but nothing was convincing.

By Wednesday it was clear that highly interrupted sleep was a common thread.  By Friday communication and relationships were sliding very fast.  This was certainly not universal, but was definitely pretty intense.

As I studied the dozens of reports from around the world, looking for clues and patterns, we came back to sound again and again.  It seemed as though defiled sound from the underworld was being intruded into our realms.  We tried a variety of basic things and didn’t put a scratch on the problem.

Then today, someone mentioned that they were feeling heavy — not in an emotional sense, but in a physical sense.  I prodded, looking for a different word and they were insistent.  Their body felt heavy.  Not tired from lack of sleep, but heavy to move.  Everything took lots of effort.

That led me to the concept of someone after a bad heart attack.  If they severely damage the muscle of the left ventricle, they cannot send oxygen rich blood to the extremities and it costs them huge effort to lift their legs to climb up three steps to the front porch.  It feels as though their body is heavy, but really it is lack of oxygen to drive the large muscles.

When I coupled that with the issue of sound, it reminded me of some junk I have seen elsewhere.  It feels as though there is a device in some people that receives sound from the dark side and then transmits that sound to the physical and spiritual hearts to diminish functionality.   When the nervous system that controls the heart contractions is significantly suppressed, the natural oxygen and the spiritual oxygen do not get distributed.

Well, as theories go, that is a bit far out there.  But we have some far out guinea pigs so I called up the one who first said she was heavy, explained my idea and asked what she thought.  Her response was typical:  didn’t care to discuss it, just try it.

I did.

It worked pretty dramatically for her.  Over the course of about 15 minutes the heaviness in her body faded away and she was able to function normally.  Her mood also went up considerably in that same time.

All this went down before lunch.  The idea of heaviness was so odd, I decided to float the question on Facebook, and by the time I came back from lunch we had 28 people who chimed in that they too had been dealing with heaviness.

Quite remarkable for the narrowness of the question.

Now in typical SLG fashion, there is yet another thread.  Before sound went goofy, God had backed me in a corner where nothing I knew worked for the person who was querying me.  Once I was suitably powerless, God took over and I heard myself praying that the fractals in this area of their body that had been lost through the generations and taken by the enemy recently should all be put back in proper alignment.

It made a big difference to that guinea pig.  I have used that on a few other people for a week, in different areas of their bodies and consistently seen measurable, verifiable (and for a few days at least since this is very new) sustained change in their body functions.

So I decided since that is the new toy du jour, I would experiment with it here.  It seemed to work pretty emphatically.

I have recorded a prayer dealing with cutting off the dark sound and restoring to our nervous system all of the fractals of sound that God has intended us to have.

You can listen to it here.

Since this is clearly very experimental, I would strongly appreciate feedback within a day or so of listening to this prayer.  And if it works for you, tell a friend who is experiencing the heaviness.

Copyright March 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. jane62 says

    I did not want to comment until now because i wanted to see if the change was sustained. I prayed the prayer on the 1st. It was difficult, I was interrupted repeatedly and wondered if this was push back from the enemy. I did not feel any different until the following morning when I felt quite a bit better; and then today I am back to myself and on top of the world. I now feel completely focused, relaxed and OK. The physical pain is gone along with the brain fog and exhaustion.

    I had only been feeling particularly dead bad the last week or so, but March has been full of more extreme ups and downs than normal. My strategy had been praise, worship and dance (incidentally – garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness) and perhaps this lifted of the worst, only to have it return.

    I also chose (I think God orchestrated) the cleaning of a sound portal, removal of a ‘watchdog’ elephant, and the breaking of a sound/ley line link to Hawaii. (short version of a long story). All this caused considerable push back which I did not expect and I put my heaviness, unfocused brain fog, lack of energy and ‘can’t get ANYTHING done’ down to this battle. That is, until I saw your fb message, and thought that perhaps it wasn’t just me.

    I’m more sure than I was that this fits with the general problem, and that the prayers did help so I’m posting this now. I may also be wrong of course…


  2. Joyful says

    Listened to it. Told a friend about it. She felt too bogged down to listen to it. So she prayed that God would “apply Arthur’s prayer to her heart”. I could sense the new sound in my heart “broadcasting” as she prayed. … And the weight began to lift for her. … Amazing.


  3. YoursTrulyMin says

    As I listened I could feel my heart come forward listening. I had a heart oblation in ’99 and my heart continues to to come up as needing help to function when tested by my naturopath. I am very tired but not restless. I feel peaceful. I will monitor my body and report back in a few days. I’m praying this will heal my heart completely.


  4. J. Manos says

    Any possibility of putting it on utube? The only device I have to listen to Fractals of sound is my phone and it downloaded but won’t open. I have felt soo heavy that when I stand up it feels as if something is pressing down on me and it takes everything in me to stand upright and step forward. I really need to hear it.


    • says

      Probably not. This is just a trial run. We are experimenting with a number of spin offs from this idea and will eventually have something more robust for the market. This was just an experiment.


      • J. Manos says

        Okay thank you. So I will have faith like the centurion that I don’t need to hear it for it to be used by The Lord to touch whatever in me that is being negatively affected by the attack..


  5. Trish Smith says

    Thank you very much for the prayer which landed for me. I felt an immediate sense of relief and am now breathing properly again. For about a week I had been experiencing air hunger. I listened to your prayer yesterday afternoon and then went to sleep with it playing on a loop. As I fell asleep I felt my muscles letting go and relaxing in places where they have not let go in a long time. I had a longer deeper sleep last night and feel like there are still structures being dismantled in and around me as the “Fractals of Sound” reverberate. I believe the fruit of this will be realized as more unfolds in the coming week.


  6. says

    The language I have had for the past couple of weeks isn’t quite the same as “heaviness”, but I have felt like I am behind on everything, can’t catch up, and don’t have the normal get up and go to do it anyway. I have been catching up, but it is taking a lot out of me. Sleep has felt like it isn’t accomplishing anything. I haven’t slept well, or when I do, I still wake up feeling like I didn’t sleep. I did the prayer last night before going to bed. Had a good night’s sleep. Woke up this morning feeling more like my normal self. Feels like progress is starting to build, and I feel more invigorated to tackle things. Thank you, Arthur, for being on the front lines and for experimenting with these ideas. I think there is a huge and important trail of revelation here. Praying for more to come!

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    • Jerri Langlais says

      Megan: Yesterday after hearing the prayer, weeping for a bit, then sleeping so well, I was thanking God that He is making known wisdom and providing freedom I could not even conceive of without Arthur’s walk with Him. We are so blessed, and I can’t wait to hear these CDs. I have been fasting and was wondering why I was feeling so heavy when usually when I fast I feel so fantastic 🙂

      Thank you for your help yesterday, too 🙂


    • Trish Smith says

      I can relate to your post Megan. My get up and go had got up and left and I was finding it challenging to be motivated.


    • Lillian says

      Thanks Megan, for putting it in words for me. It’s been so difficult doing the things I’ve enjoyed in the past, including prayer. I’m glad to have a name to what I’ve been feeling. Will listen later today & give feedback
      Lillian (Uganda)


  7. Kristine Graybill says

    Thank-you Arthur and Sapphire Team for once again blazing a new trail. Sound and worship have been on my radar for a while and yesterday heard ” thy kingdom come , my will be done on earth as it is in heaven” a couple of times and when I HEARD that in the prayer , my spirit cheered YES!!! My spirit, soul, and body responded to the prayer for sound, light , and fragrance of heaven to be released.


  8. Mary-Anne Simpson says

    What an utterly wonderful change!

    I went through the prayer twice and about 15 minutes later left for my Pilates class,

    On Monday I could barely do anything and had no mind/body awareness, I couldn’t get a new but really simple exercise right. Fortunately my instructor serves God and always has her ears on, she said she could see that something was wrong with me!

    Today was a completely different story I had a hard 75 minute workout and was able to do a couple of new and complex exercises with ease.
    I have felt like I actually woke up this morning and have a brain since the prayer.

    I was cautious about doing any online banking yesterday as I didn’t trust my brain.

    I was also aware that I had picked up an issue related to fragrance and sound, but didn’t know what, so I tried to get rid of a whole bunch of ahs that weren’t there!

    I love to cook, but haven’t had any enthusiasm for it, and that relates to fragrance,

    I also like the sound of silence, but I couldn’t get rid of the songs going round in my head, and they weren’t worship songs!

    As I don’t listen to music, I cannot tell you how strange this was for me ….So I you-tubed them to play, in the vain hope that they would play themselves out, they didn’t ..

    Since hearing the prayer, my brain has become an oasis of calm silence, it is wonderful, and I have been grocery shopping with fierce intentionality, I have a list of things I want to prepare…

    As always thank-you!! I loved that you made a declaration about it being your calling to bring new concepts to the body of Christ, it was beautiful and added power and authority, that I know has been hard earned!


  9. Emma Beatrice Roberts says

    Felt immediately lighter after listening to it. I’ve had a vrus for about 3 weeks and been feeling heavy/depressed. Still have some physical symptoms today, but feeling happier and more relaxed. I’m in the UK (south Wales).


    • Emma Beatrice Roberts says

      Just to add that I tend to be very sounds oriented, sensitive to music, sounds around me, people’s tone of voice and words etc.


      • Jerri Langlais says

        I had a wonderful night’s sleep after hearing the prayer. I am up at the morning watch each morning praying, and this morning I slept in till 5! Still had time to pray and read the Word, but am feeling quite rested today.



  10. Rachel G. says

    Arthur I’ve had PVCs and heart pain almost the whole month of March (never happened before) combined with a heavy spirit. I appreciate your sensitivity to new ideas and thanks for sharing this. I know it’s not coincidence to find this prayer today. The parts of restoring the light and color and fragrance really stirred my spirit.


  11. Jerri Langlais says

    At first I began to cry, and as you prayed, my heart began to feel more relaxed, and my breaths were deep and restorative. Halleluyah!