Sally and Suzie #21 Final report

In the past two weeks Suzie and I had little contact, mostly text messages.  The other day she called because she was not doing well.  I was glad she called and was hoping we could make some progress, or that she would want to start working again.  But the only thing she would like is a quick deliverance prayer.  She has had deliverance in the past, and it didn’t work.  But every time I mention something about a process she does not want to hear it.  Every suggestion of starting somewhere does not come close to landing.

I am sad that it is like this, but don’t think I can do anything else at the moment.

Thank you very much for coaching me in this process and giving me great advice and tools.  I really appreciate that!  I have definitely learned a lot in the whole process and am sure there will be other Suzies coming.  Thank you!

* * *

Well, Sally, it is a tough place to be in.  I am sorry it turned out that way.  I am no stranger to this place in life.

Some observations.

-As bizarre as it sounds, much of the time the prayer minister is much more vested in the process than the person in pain.  It should not be that way, but it is.  And I have learned to look for the signs of low engagement and factor that into my equation.  When someone repeatedly, easily cancels appointments, or has no willingness to do work in between sessions with me, that is a marker.  It seems really harsh to walk away from someone who is in pain, but at the end of the day, they have enough wholeness to make choices.  Because there is a staggeringly large number of people with wounds, I sadly, but pragmatically, walk away from those who will not invest in their own journey, and I work instead with those who will.

-On another level, this is in part the product of the modern church.  For 30 years the message has been microwave Christianity.  You can get “there” quickly.  And some of the time it is true.  Some of my healing has come in a single massive lurch.  A lot of it came through deliberate, hard, relentless walking out of a process that had more twists in it than a pretzel made by an octopus with Parkinson’s.  So you are up against the “instant culture,” and this will always be a seduction to those who are worn down by the process.

-And, in spite of the fact that this comment will raise some hackles, I am simply going to say that Givers and Rulers tend to resist coaching on all levels more than other tribes.  I do almost no business consultations for those two gifts because they are really smart and figure things out themselves.  In medical situations, these two are going to overrule the doctor or change doctors relentlessly.  And in counseling, they start, then stop.  Can’t tell you quite why, since they have as much pain as anyone else, but this is a massive statistical pattern.

So what about you?

You know that you are not called to this as a primary vocation.  You were drawn into this one out of compassion.  You still know a number of people who are DID.  Some know it and some don’t.  You need to make a decision based on your design and this season of your life, as to whether you are going to get some more training on the topic, through working with another person, or step back and focus on other things.

Meanwhile, you need to detox.  Disappointment in other people is a messy proposition.  It can leave a deep, slow-festering infection you are not aware of, so you must get closure on this chapter in a clean way.  I suggest you NOT go over the human side of the situation looking at the pros and cons.

What I do is to look away from the people and focus on God.  How did He meet you in the process?  How are you different?  What were the intimacy moments along the way?  What did you learn about your own design?

A solid celebration service does a lot to sanctify a bruise.

Now, from your mentor, let me say Well Done!

The blog was somewhat sanitized.  I know you were in over your head, and you ate a bunch of adrenaline over some of the assignments.  In my world, courage is very special.  You did well with coaching Suzie.  You did superbly at being life giving while you were still very much in process in your own life.  Most of what you did, you had never done before.  That means that week after week, you were challenged.  But you rose and risked.

I am proud of you.

Copyright April 2015 by Arthur Burk

From the Lab


The Juggler

The relationship among spirit, soul and parts fascinates me.  Taking the simple picture – without parts produced by trauma – you have a gift of God in the spirit, but the soul has to develop cultural skills to be able to express what is in the spirit.

From early childhood I had ideas in my spirit.  All through high school, my written skills lagged behind the cultural norm horribly.  My soul was not developed enough to express what was in my spirit.  Through my twenties and thirties, writing slowly progressed.  By the time I was forty, I was probably at par for the culture in terms of soul skills.  Fortunately my writing skills continued to strengthen since then, so my soul is reasonably capable of expressing a lot of what is in my spirit these days.

Now, factor into that DID and the parts.  The stereotypical portrayal of parts is that they are carriers of pain.   This is generally true, but there is much more to them than that.  Each part of the soul came from the soul therefore carries something of intrinsic value from the soul.

Think of it this way.  Imagine your soul as a baked cake. You have in the cake flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, eggs, vanilla, etc. The ingredients are indistinguishable since they are all part of the whole now.

Removing some of the soul to form a part is not like cutting a slice out of the cake.  It is like disassembling the cake and extracting the vanilla.  In other words, the part not only has pain that needs to be addressed, it also has essence that needs to be restored to the soul so the soul can carry out the calling of the spirit.  This is not commonly pursued or celebrated in the inner healing movement.

Some parts seem to add nothing special to the soul after the part is integrated into the Original Self.  It is just that the pain has gone away.  That would be like integrating a tablespoon of flour back into the cake that has five cups of flour.  You don’t see any immediate change in the soul.  On the other hand, adding back in the baking powder or an egg certainly would produce a measurable change.

Here is a story like that from some months ago.  It seemed very ordinary – I thought at first it was just another tablespoon of flour.  Sally was crying for no known reason.  Got in touch with the part.  Moved it back to the river of time/life.  Waited for it to calm down.  Took it to the Original Self.  Prepared for integration.

Normally, after the sobbing stops, there are three common questions or comments I get from a part.  “Are you going to stay with me?  Will they come get me?  I am very tired.”

This time, what appeared to be just another generic pain-filled part asked, “Will you play ball with me?”  I can’t remember now how I answered at the time, but it did register that this was a different kind of part – no flour here.  I had no frame of reference for a part that wanted to play ball, but we completed the integration, and I went on to whatever else was in front of me that day.

Fast forward some months.  Sally has been working on receiving permissions.  Part of SRA is that there is a savage stripping away of all permissions for the person to decide anything or to want anything or to respond to any feelings they have inside.  They are only, always to observe and respond to the initiative of the perps.

So the survivor who is walking out of that has to learn to receive permission to listen inside and follow the clues inside in order to discover who they are.

Sally has been struggling with permission but has been taking ground back.  The other day she suddenly wanted a ball.  Her sense of duty leaped to the front waving the unfinished To Do List, but to her immense credit, she swatted it away like you do a mosquito, jumped in the car, went to the store and bought a bright colored ball, about half way between the size of a tennis ball and a volleyball.

She came home, bounced it around a bit, found some pleasure, but listening inside found she needed another ball.  MISTER To Do List showed up with exasperation, but she heroically elbowed her way past him and went back to the store and bought TWO more balls.  Same size.  Different colors.

When she came back home, she suddenly had the thought to try juggling the three.  She did so with ease, and it brought great gratification to her.  The To Do List portion of her soul was hugely unimpressed.

Next time we talked, I helped her unpack it.

-We think this is the part that wanted to play ball with me.  Far from being lost in the “cake” of Original Self, this part was quite defined but able to act out its treasure now that she had a greater playing field.

-Juggling is not the core issue.  Synchronized motion is what makes her whole being come alive.  We explored that concept in different applications:  Blue Angels, marching bands, synchronized swimming, synchronized skiing.  She responded deeply to all of it.

-So step one is for her to immerse herself in videos of those things and begin to distill what the sweet spot of synchronized motion is for her.  It might be juggling, or it might be some other nuance.  It is interesting that the bright colors of the balls came up several times.  We don’t have a paradigm for synchronized colored motion, but if that is what her essence is about, we will enlarge our paradigm to let her be fully her.

-The “so what” is where I get excited.  She scanned her spirit but could not see any portion of her spirit that was owning the juggling.  Did this mean it was just a soul activity?  Possibly not.  We know that one portion of her spirit has a national level call regarding the government of God.   I proposed that her juggling might be related to that.

Here is my logic.  Ezekiel’s ordination service was remarkable.  He was in a foreign country, as a forced exile due to the war.  Before God came to personally ordain him, God’s own honor guard came to prepare the spiritual environment.  And they did it primarily through synchronized motion.

The first clip from that amazing scene was simply a whirlwind.  This is motion that does not synchronize to anything, anywhere.

Other than that, there is a staggering display of sundry moving parts, impeccably synchronized with each other, moving at the speed of light.  When they had traversed the space sufficiently with their synchronized motion, the throne was placed; God came and ordained Ezekiel to establish the government of God in specific ways.

So we are theorizing that possibly synchronized motion is part of preparing the way for the government of God.  It is interesting that many governments use synchronized motion in the form of parades with precision marching to celebrate an event from the past.

For now, I instructed her soul to study group synchronized motion and juggling on YouTube to see how much she could define her specific niche.  I specifically want her to listen inside as she juggles to find out what her soul WANTS to do in terms of juggling, since it is a very large field.

I don’t want her to wait until she is in the thick of things with establishing the government of God, to then discover she needs the tool of juggling.  She will develop it now, so as to have it available whenever her spirit needs to express something through her soul.

Copyright April 2015 by Arthur Burk

From the Lab


Sally and Suzie #20

This morning I was reading your blog about the Canaanite Iron Bowl.  This is exactly how it is with Suzie and me.  We are buds for a long time.  She knows I am here and I would like to help her, but she doesn’t ask for ministry any more.

She has experienced what we worked on before, how it started to change in her life, how she was doing better, but since she was in that clinic, it’s not how it used to be.  We are distant even though we communicate now and then.  If she would call and ask for a blessing, I would immediately do it.  She has the time to just call, but something is keeping her away.

I will pray into that now, the way you described in the blog.  It is encouraging to have a strategy.  Thank you!  Is there anything else you could advise me?

* * *

I think it would be good for your own faith to do two things.  Call the demonic around Suzie to attention and rehearse for them your journey from denial of reality, to walking through some ugly realities.  Then remind them how for a year or two you lived in the future in some deliberate escapism – always looking at the next bright spot in your life a few months out.  And compare that with today when you awoke fully alive, rejoicing in today and the anticipation of meeting God today.

Telling them and telling yourself that story will strengthen your faith and anchor the fact that you have authority over this issue.

Then rehearse for them the times that you too have felt that distance that I described in the blog and how you felt you had lost all the ground gained.  Then, when it broke, you suddenly had it all back.

Tell the varmints that you so thoroughly understand their game, and even though Suzie feels really pinned down by them now, YOU know she has not lost all the progress you made with Giver before she left for the clinic.

THEN when you have covered those two points, hammer down on the command for them to put her back in space and time where she belongs – spirit, soul and body in alignment with divine time.

Copyright April 2015 by Arthur Burk

From the Lab

The Canaanite Iron Bowl

A year or two ago, I was quite stuck on a land project.  My partner and I hammered on it with every tool we had and made no appreciable progress over several months.

At one point, the Holy Spirit told me to come against “the Canaanite Iron Bowl.”  I had never heard the term.  I knew the Canaanites and iron were quite related but had never heard of the iron bowl.  I saw it in the spiritual realm, upside down, covering something, so the words we were saying would not access that place.

I commanded it to be removed.  Not a whole lot happened as a result of that encounter.

I filed the phrase away, not knowing what it meant.  Over the last year, I have tried it on half a dozen diverse situations, sometimes getting some modest movement but never anything dramatic.

And, I still did not understand what it meant.

Meanwhile, on a parallel track, I had a couple of survivors who were manifesting the same dynamic in different packages.

Sally #1 would sporadically report that she felt very distant from me.  It was a big enough problem to cause her intense concern, sometimes even to the point of anguish.  Even when we were talking on the phone, she would say that she heard the words, but felt hugely disconnected and distant from me.

A side clue was that at those times, it was as though all of the progress we had made in the past seemed to melt away.  The solid core she had developed turned to mush.

I never had any particular strategy for fixing that.  It was messy.  Sometimes we rode it out and in a day or two she was “back.”  Other times I loosely commanded darkness to stop it and let her have her life back.

Sally #2 had a different dynamic — one much more intense.  Over the course of a couple of years of working with her systems we had a problem with vanishing components.  I would build a relationship with some portion of her spirit or a part of her soul.  They would show up on demand for a period of time, but then I would ask one too many questions, and they would just walk off the stage and never be found again.


A day or two ago, it happened again.  I was working with one portion of the spirit who had some severe limitations of perspective.  With that portion’s permission, I prayed simply asking God to do whatever was appropriate to restore this portion to the level of perspective God wanted.

Suddenly he was gone from the field of vision of the host.  I decided to call it a wrap for the day.  Today, I asked for that portion to come to the front, and she reported that he was kind of able to hear me but was far, far away.

I don’t know why it all came together today, other than because of one of you wonderful people who are using revelation for me as your prayer target.   But it came together big time.

Here are the components.

-Canaanite.  Exhorter.

-Principle for the Exhorter.  Reality.

-Part gone or far away.  They are not really gone.  It is simply distorted reality.  Moved on the time line so their progress is negated, and they are back in the unhealed past.

-This person’s perp.  We know him to have been Exhorter.  His entire life was defined by distorted perspective.

-I have high authority in the Principle of Reality.  I used to walk in extreme non-reality as a wounded child and young adult, but I have worked HARD to live in the moment, see the good, the bad and the ugly, and feel what I feel, even if I don’t like what I feel.

So my conclusion is that “The Canaanite Iron Bowl” is God’s code word for a demonic tool that removes a part, a portion or a thing from time and space where we are and relocates them in a time or dimension or a construct that “seems” far away.  The upside down bowl keeps them from hearing what I am saying often and from having perspective about where they are.

With that explosion of cognition, I decided there was no reason to tip toe around or ask God to do it for me.  I simply spoke aggressively to the realms of darkness and unceremoniously demanded that they bring that portion of her spirit back into time and space and re-position them exactly where God had them yesterday when the intrusion took place.

The host reported some immediate movement.  It took about 90 second for that portion to be all the way back, freely able to connect with me.  He seemed no worse for the wear for having been kidnapped and the good news is that the things I was praying yesterday when they tried to snatch him away from my words and authority, produced change overnight.

He reported several good things that had changed, directly related to my prayer.

Now there are two issues on the table.

First, is this a common problem?

Do others of you who are working with dissociative people have clients with either problem?   In retrospect, I know I have seen it many, many times in all sorts of different configurations.  Shifting of time and reality and the perception of reality is quite common with the tiny handful of people I work with.

I need to know if this is a widespread problem.

Second, is it a principle that is universally portable, or is it an earned authority that not everyone has?

I know I have earned authority here.  As a kid I was at -92.  I was involuntarily dissociative due to childhood woundedness.  But more to the point, I was WILLINGLY dissociative most of the time.  I could daydream with the pros.  I self-medicated with endless reading and relentless playing with my buddies.

I was quite clear that neither reality nor living in the present were anything I had any use for.

As a young adult, I self-medicated in more sophisticated ways with excess work, lots of religion, constant reading and intensely following sports.

But, I came to see what I was doing and over a lot of years, went to the root of the pain to resolve it, learned to identify when I was dodging reality, and worked hard to learn to not only live in the present, but to thrive in the present.

So when the picture became clear this morning, something clicked into place inside of me, and I KNEW I had vast authority against this scam and didn’t need to pussyfoot around.  Going forward, I am quite sure I can simply command that the non-reality be stopped and the part or portion be restored to a place of close communication with me.

What I don’t know is if this will be easy to do across the board.

I would love a report as to whether it works for you consistently or not.

Copyright April 2015 by Arthur Burk

From home


When Disappointment Wrestles with Achievement

Good Friday morning.

I had a plan for today.

It is a three day weekend for SLG.  I have come off three hard weeks.

The plan was to sleep in.  A long time.

Then I was going to drive to the nearest telephone pole and handcuff my diligent, task-oriented self to it and leave it there for the day.

Next would come a trip to the grocery store for a loaf of potato bread, then a stint in the kitchen fixing a most loved breakfast.

AND THEN I would go to my prayer room, roll out the red carpet and invite my quirky right brained spirit to come out of exile and engage with God and life in its own way, all day, interspersed with gentle naps and dabs of comfort food.

Didn’t happen.

One of my peeps had a minor urgent moment first thing.  I decided to engage by phone while still in bed.  Turned out to be a bigger deal than I expected.  And in the process of that, the Holy Spirit gave me the answer to an absolutely maddening demonic strategy that has been playing havoc with certain people for a long time.

While working with this peep, my mind was racing through the different applications of this principle to people I know who have been stuck for a while.  I will write a blog about the Canaanite Iron Bowl sometime.

Eventually we wrapped up.  I pondered rolling over and going back to sleep.  No deal.  Mister Taskmaster had already relegated sleep to the doghouse for the indefinite future.

So I got up and began my day with decidedly less sparkle than I had anticipated.  Not sure I will be able to get to that place of open ended freedom to be, not having to do.

Emotionally there is considerable conflict.  Part of me is exhilarated over having a clean, clear, absolute answer to the problem that has blocked several people, so many times.  I am dangerous and am so going to put a hurt on a certain number of critters over the coming weeks.

But at the same time, I am keenly disappointed that my spirit’s play day got torpedoed.  I don’t often have an entire day to gift to my spirit for engagement in the spirit realm without duty.

Disappointment and exhilaration.  They can live in the same house at the same time.  But it is weird.

I used to feel guilty over feeling disappointment when God had done something big and glorious.  There is no question that the Canaanite Iron Bowl insight is a HUGE gift, and it will benefit many others.  It was a gift from God.  A treasure.  A tool that will wear well over years.  I am delighted to be able to nuke that strategy of the enemy.

But . . .


These days, I have learned to be more at peace with my emotions.  They are what they are.  A very few are markers for woundedness that need to be addressed.  A very few are dangerous and need to be dampened before they flame out of control.

Mostly I live in a complicated world, and there is room for a spirit emotion and a soul emotion to bounce against each other in the same room, on the same day.

Copyright April 2015 by Arthur Burk

NOT from my prayer room.  Grr. . .