The Canaanite Iron Bowl

A year or two ago, I was quite stuck on a land project.  My partner and I hammered on it with every tool we had and made no appreciable progress over several months.

At one point, the Holy Spirit told me to come against “the Canaanite Iron Bowl.”  I had never heard the term.  I knew the Canaanites and iron were quite related but had never heard of the iron bowl.  I saw it in the spiritual realm, upside down, covering something, so the words we were saying would not access that place.

I commanded it to be removed.  Not a whole lot happened as a result of that encounter.

I filed the phrase away, not knowing what it meant.  Over the last year, I have tried it on half a dozen diverse situations, sometimes getting some modest movement but never anything dramatic.

And, I still did not understand what it meant.

Meanwhile, on a parallel track, I had a couple of survivors who were manifesting the same dynamic in different packages.

Sally #1 would sporadically report that she felt very distant from me.  It was a big enough problem to cause her intense concern, sometimes even to the point of anguish.  Even when we were talking on the phone, she would say that she heard the words, but felt hugely disconnected and distant from me.

A side clue was that at those times, it was as though all of the progress we had made in the past seemed to melt away.  The solid core she had developed turned to mush.

I never had any particular strategy for fixing that.  It was messy.  Sometimes we rode it out and in a day or two she was “back.”  Other times I loosely commanded darkness to stop it and let her have her life back.

Sally #2 had a different dynamic — one much more intense.  Over the course of a couple of years of working with her systems we had a problem with vanishing components.  I would build a relationship with some portion of her spirit or a part of her soul.  They would show up on demand for a period of time, but then I would ask one too many questions, and they would just walk off the stage and never be found again.


A day or two ago, it happened again.  I was working with one portion of the spirit who had some severe limitations of perspective.  With that portion’s permission, I prayed simply asking God to do whatever was appropriate to restore this portion to the level of perspective God wanted.

Suddenly he was gone from the field of vision of the host.  I decided to call it a wrap for the day.  Today, I asked for that portion to come to the front, and she reported that he was kind of able to hear me but was far, far away.

I don’t know why it all came together today, other than because of one of you wonderful people who are using revelation for me as your prayer target.   But it came together big time.

Here are the components.

-Canaanite.  Exhorter.

-Principle for the Exhorter.  Reality.

-Part gone or far away.  They are not really gone.  It is simply distorted reality.  Moved on the time line so their progress is negated, and they are back in the unhealed past.

-This person’s perp.  We know him to have been Exhorter.  His entire life was defined by distorted perspective.

-I have high authority in the Principle of Reality.  I used to walk in extreme non-reality as a wounded child and young adult, but I have worked HARD to live in the moment, see the good, the bad and the ugly, and feel what I feel, even if I don’t like what I feel.

So my conclusion is that “The Canaanite Iron Bowl” is God’s code word for a demonic tool that removes a part, a portion or a thing from time and space where we are and relocates them in a time or dimension or a construct that “seems” far away.  The upside down bowl keeps them from hearing what I am saying often and from having perspective about where they are.

With that explosion of cognition, I decided there was no reason to tip toe around or ask God to do it for me.  I simply spoke aggressively to the realms of darkness and unceremoniously demanded that they bring that portion of her spirit back into time and space and re-position them exactly where God had them yesterday when the intrusion took place.

The host reported some immediate movement.  It took about 90 second for that portion to be all the way back, freely able to connect with me.  He seemed no worse for the wear for having been kidnapped and the good news is that the things I was praying yesterday when they tried to snatch him away from my words and authority, produced change overnight.

He reported several good things that had changed, directly related to my prayer.

Now there are two issues on the table.

First, is this a common problem?

Do others of you who are working with dissociative people have clients with either problem?   In retrospect, I know I have seen it many, many times in all sorts of different configurations.  Shifting of time and reality and the perception of reality is quite common with the tiny handful of people I work with.

I need to know if this is a widespread problem.

Second, is it a principle that is universally portable, or is it an earned authority that not everyone has?

I know I have earned authority here.  As a kid I was at -92.  I was involuntarily dissociative due to childhood woundedness.  But more to the point, I was WILLINGLY dissociative most of the time.  I could daydream with the pros.  I self-medicated with endless reading and relentless playing with my buddies.

I was quite clear that neither reality nor living in the present were anything I had any use for.

As a young adult, I self-medicated in more sophisticated ways with excess work, lots of religion, constant reading and intensely following sports.

But, I came to see what I was doing and over a lot of years, went to the root of the pain to resolve it, learned to identify when I was dodging reality, and worked hard to learn to not only live in the present, but to thrive in the present.

So when the picture became clear this morning, something clicked into place inside of me, and I KNEW I had vast authority against this scam and didn’t need to pussyfoot around.  Going forward, I am quite sure I can simply command that the non-reality be stopped and the part or portion be restored to a place of close communication with me.

What I don’t know is if this will be easy to do across the board.

I would love a report as to whether it works for you consistently or not.

Copyright April 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Lize says

    Thank you! You just put into words what I have felt like the last 15 years of my life!
    Need to get back to reality! Where do I start!


  2. Joyful says

    I’ve been seeing something like this pattern in many of my friends/family in this past month of March. I had been wondering if it was something a larger group of people were moving through on their way into a new space with God.

    The pattern as I saw it was that someone would all of a sudden drop into hopelessness when something they had already dealt with came up looking as real as it ever had been.

    For one person close to me I simply had them stand facing me as I “showed” them that even if it looked like they were stuck back in a past time of suffering, we were not in that time any more, that time had moved forward (making a forward spiral motion with my hand to demonstrate how I think the universe moves through time). The person apparently felt their shift back into present time. It looked a little like getting picked up by a ski lift chair because they sort of wobbled to find their footing after.

    As I read your post my felt sense was that your boldness had somehow “jolted” the issue beyond that single case and many others were likely freed simultaneously. That your prayer came like the powerful engine of a boat designed to be the first break the arctic ice so many can pass through these waters. Bless you in your boldness. Bless you on every side!

    I will keep an eye out for any other opportunities to apply this principle.


  3. Maryna says

    I relate to a lot of what you shared in the blog. I had been working on land and intensly felt the pain of the city. My spirit was in agony. I contacted a friend to walk me through this as my spirit warfared intensly to the point where the Lord showed me what He was doing while I had my pity party. We experienced technical problems with sound and this morning for no reason at all, my laptop refused to operate and the desktop could not find the server.
    My giver portion experienced most of the emotions as the city’s systems were flushed and detoxed and giver ended up on the Holy Spirit’s operating table and is still recuperating.
    I will have to redo some of the work and address the enemy as this Canaanite Iron Bowl seems to be a
    major factor in all of this.
    Kind regards


  4. Sonia says

    In awe of you!! In awe of how the King anticipated this happening one day as you gathered authority. Thank you for this! Going to revisit some things, may have something to report. 🙂


    • says

      Hmm . . . my perception was that Alzheimer’s was primarily a biological problem, not a spiritual one, but you could always try.


  5. Jerri Langlais says

    Wow, talk about hitting the nail on the head! I have spent most of my life in what I have described as a ‘pretend world’ Dissociative, not knowing it, finding out in my 60’s, and going into a real tailspin. God is bringing me into reality in my morning watch with him, but I am sure I am in the right place here, hearing this and my spirit is doing cartwheels!! Answers from Heaven, that I am not even aware I am asking for 🙂 God is really blessing me here.

    My self-medicating was marijuana for 14 years, but never really ‘waking up’ I came to the Lord in my 30’s, and when I look back, I wonder where I was. But He has been faithful to keep me, even in the midst of life-long suicidal ideation.

    And the most horrible depression that I lived in has lifted. And feeling feelings. That has been an issue since He’s been healing me, but with His help I am allowing myself to feel and surrender them to Him.

    I am SO in the right place here 🙂

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  6. says

    This is an amazing revelation – life changing! Wow!!!

    You have so many different earned authorities through all the decisions you made/make and life style you live. I honor you! You are truly a role model.

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