Sally and Suzie #20

This morning I was reading your blog about the Canaanite Iron Bowl.  This is exactly how it is with Suzie and me.  We are buds for a long time.  She knows I am here and I would like to help her, but she doesn’t ask for ministry any more.

She has experienced what we worked on before, how it started to change in her life, how she was doing better, but since she was in that clinic, it’s not how it used to be.  We are distant even though we communicate now and then.  If she would call and ask for a blessing, I would immediately do it.  She has the time to just call, but something is keeping her away.

I will pray into that now, the way you described in the blog.  It is encouraging to have a strategy.  Thank you!  Is there anything else you could advise me?

* * *

I think it would be good for your own faith to do two things.  Call the demonic around Suzie to attention and rehearse for them your journey from denial of reality, to walking through some ugly realities.  Then remind them how for a year or two you lived in the future in some deliberate escapism – always looking at the next bright spot in your life a few months out.  And compare that with today when you awoke fully alive, rejoicing in today and the anticipation of meeting God today.

Telling them and telling yourself that story will strengthen your faith and anchor the fact that you have authority over this issue.

Then rehearse for them the times that you too have felt that distance that I described in the blog and how you felt you had lost all the ground gained.  Then, when it broke, you suddenly had it all back.

Tell the varmints that you so thoroughly understand their game, and even though Suzie feels really pinned down by them now, YOU know she has not lost all the progress you made with Giver before she left for the clinic.

THEN when you have covered those two points, hammer down on the command for them to put her back in space and time where she belongs – spirit, soul and body in alignment with divine time.

Copyright April 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Jerri Langlais says

    I pray for Suzie and Sally every morning and usually I’m up at 3. Me and God here in my cabin. My prayer is that God will draw Suzie unto Himself, and I truly believe that she will be changed, and with the strategies that God gives Arthur, darkness will not prevail.