Sixth Head of Leviathan

Jerry abruptly developed a strange inner conflict the other day.  He could not tolerate the thought of going to the gym.

He had been an athlete in his youth and dabbled at staying in shape as an adult.  He had wandered through the neighborhood gym a few times and had good experiences, both in the natural and in the spiritual.  Suddenly the thought of going there produced an emotion of absolute, rock solid refusal to even consider it.

Odd to say the least.

I had no clue what to do, which is quite common, so I stalled and said we would watch it for a few days.  We did and nothing softened at all while Jerry was getting aggravated with my stonewalling and stalling.

So to keep from looking like I was stalling, even though I was, I subjected the poor guy to my usual 20 questions and in the process discovered that he was losing momentum in several areas of his life.

I postulated that this might be in some way related to the Sixth Head of Leviathan which has to do with motion and flow and getting traction in life.  Clearly the gym was overt motion, but his life in general was not flowing as it normally did.

We found no landing pad for the Sixth Head that was at all convincing, but for lack of a better idea, I decided to take a swipe at this critter to see if anything changed.

I spoke directly to it (assuming something was there) and got no response.  I have found Leviathan to be rather challenging to deal with because it rarely speaks back, and rarely manifests, so I am totally dependent on my discernment to know whether I have done a decent job or not.  I depend on discernment when I have to, but am not one of those who believes he has x-ray vision about everything spiritual.

Nothing moved in the natural or within my range of discernment.  That could mean there was nothing there, and if you think casting out a demon is hard, let me tell you, casting out a critter that isn’t there is a lot harder!  Ask me how I know.

The other option is that it was there, but was laying low, trying not to flinch in hopes of making me believe it wasn’t there.  And since I wasn’t very convinced to begin with, it would certainly be a worthwhile scam to try to run.

At that juncture, when I was somewhat less than motivated to pursue a strategy that I was only mildly convinced was worth anything, the Holy Spirit stepped up and suggested I “consider” using Habakkuk 3 on the critter.

First of all, I love Habakkuk 3.  It is one of the best motion passages in Scripture.  Second, the Holy Spirit’s suggestions don’t need to be prayed over.  Third, this was proof positive from God that we were dealing with a motion related critter, whether sixth head or otherwise, and it WAS in there.

Now my juices were flowing.  We have a cornered varmint.  God is coaching me on strategy.  I am supposed to use one of my favorite weapons.  Know what?  I was beginning to feel like I would win this one.

I grabbed my Bible off the shelf, commanded the critter to listen up and began to read while I watched Jerry’s face on Skype to see if there were any flickers of movement that would give me a clue that Leviathan was being inconvenienced by this Scripture.

Forget the flickers.  There was an eruption by the second verse.  And the manifestations continued while I read slowly, firmly and at times repetitively through the passage.  Leviathan repeatedly had Jerry put his hands over his ears to block my voice, and I had to tell Jerry to put his hands down in his lap.

The manifestations were getting more and more violent, and I was about out of verses.  I knew the thing to do was just to roll back to the beginning and fire a second round.  However, one verse before the end of the passage about God’s intense motion, the critter fled as indicated by Jerry stopping the contortions.

For Jerry it was just plain horrible.  For me, it was a learning experience.

I have a hunch God has enrolled me in the school of Leviathan, and I will be encountering this critter for some time to come (until I get a handle on this).

The motion passage for the sixth head was simple.  I relish the sections of Scripture that speak of God in motion, and I had enough material to do a Senate filibuster if necessary.  BUT, I realized that if I know what is good for me, I had better develop a portfolio of passages for the other six heads as well.

Just in case this was the beginning of a training, not the end of it!

I checked back with Jerry a couple of days later.  He still has no desire to go to THAT gym, but motion over all is flowing again.  So, we wonder if something there got him infected.  Don’t know.  All I know is something really messy and wonderful happened with Habakkuk 3, and I won’t forget that one at all.

Copyright June 2015 by Arthur Burk

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After a five-week, six nation marathon that intruded in my writing schedule horribly.



  1. don hank says

    I think a “backup” of the exact same incident is Deut 331:-5. ( I was reading it as I took a break to read the post)! Especially in the message


  2. Jerri Langlais says

    I just heard a fabulous teaching on Leviathan from Katie Souza, not dealing with this ourselves so to speak, repenting being paramount, and God handling it for us.