Dealing with Blood Issues

I was doing some deliverance work with a survivor and making no progress with the demon.  Suddenly a part came to the front and cried that “they” had injected blood into her neck.

I have heard rumors of this from time to time but had never considered any strategy other than to supersede it with the blood of Christ.

This time, the Holy Spirit directed me to the Ten Plagues and the fact that God turned the water into blood.  I took the hint, referred to the passage in my prayer to the Righteous Judge and asked Him to turn the blood of that evil covenant into water which has no covenantal value.

Based on the speed with which the demon left after that, I would surmise that God did so, and it had no further hook into the survivor.

Love the Holy Spirit’s endless treasure trove of legal maneuvers and power principles.

Copyright June 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Jerri Langlais says

    Wow, I love the deep wisdom of God that He shares with you. I am blessed today 🙂