1. Speed Prayer: Hezekiah

We put out a query on Facebook this afternoon, asking whether I was the only one who had been hit with the Egyptian neurotoxin of slow paralysis in our projects.  Over 20 people recognized the same slow down of their various life processes.

My general sense is that on any of these issues, we can multiply the number of people who responded by about 100 so we have possibly a couple of thousand members of our SLG tribe affected.  That represents a terrible slow down of the building projects the King has called our tribe to execute.

I have spent a lot of time seeking the Lord this afternoon about the open door that allowed this in and about the way forward.

What I have heard is that this is not a matter of my having an open door. It is simply a brazen intrusion by the enemy because he hates the work we are doing.

God went on to say that He, God, was going to allow more and more of these “illegal” subtle attacks. If we are going to be effective builders, we need to learn to recognize the enemy’s strategies swiftly and learn to push back with violence, not from a court case authority, but with the force of spiritual power.

This makes sense.

I am so committed to not whining and to carrying the heavy end of the log that the enemy was able to sneak this slowly increasing burden onto me for five months before it became onerous enough that I noticed it. Not acceptable in the future.

And apparently we need to master the power approach to pushing back, so let’s do it as a tribe.  In addition to being builders, Noble Subjects have to be warriors who war together with speed and strength.

I am going to look for different passages in the Word that demonstrate God moving on our behalf with Kingdom speed, not with the world’s natural speed, and not with the devil’s parking brake speed and I will share these here regularly.  If you have not subscribed to this blog, you may wish to, since these will be coming rapid fire.  I will also announce them on our Facebook page and my Twitter account so our tribe can be nimble and coordinated in our response.

Today we will start with 2 Chron. 29. It is the heroic story of a man making a nation-sized course correction. He inherited a ghastly mess from his wretched father who had vandalized the Temple and shut its doors.  But he was up for the challenge.  On the first day of King Hezekiah’s reign, he moved toward reopening the Temple

When he put out an appeal for Levites to cleanse the temple, only 14 people responded. A pitiful beginning. However, because he was doing God’s work, with zeal and passion, God allowed a slow beginning to become impressive momentum.

After they celebrated their first Passover with meticulous attention to Mosaic Law and the relevant details, Hezekiah had to stand back in amazement over what had been accomplished.

“Hezekiah and all the people rejoiced at what God had brought about for his people, because it was done so quickly.”  2 Chron. 29:36 NIV

As you war, please make it a class action lawsuit.  War for yourself, but also for me, for all the company systems, and for the rest of those in the SLG tribe whose building projects have been subject to the Egyptian slow down poison.

Regardless of how impossible it seems to meet your deadlines based on where you are today, lift up Hezekiah’s triumph.  He went from the worst situation Judah had ever been in to celebrating the most extravagant Passover Israel had seen since the days of King Solomon.

“There was great joy in Jerusalem, for since the days of Solomon son of David king of Israel there had been nothing like this in Jerusalem.”  2 Chron. 30:26 NIV

Demand that the Egyptian spirit release you and your projects and cry out to God for the Holy Spirit to do a Hezekiah-sized miracle of changing people’s hearts, mobilizing them and aligning the resources to achieve the unbelievable for the Kingdom.

Now, notice that in Hezekiah’s triumph of God-speed, there was double joy.  First the joy if getting it done, and second the joy of the miracle.

I am asking for an intense celebration of the provisions of God.  I have had my first fruits victory today. Quite shocking.  I will share it in the comments as soon as I post this blog.  As each of you war for me and for the whole tribe, please post your joy stories in the comments and let’s celebrate the goodness of God quite wildly.

Ponder this:  “The priests and the Levites stood to bless the people, and God heard them, for their prayer reached heaven, his holy dwelling place.”  2 Chron. 30:27 NIV.  This implies that the more we rejoice over the victories we gain, the more God will hear our impassioned warfare.

God said He is putting us in a season of training to recognize and extinguish the enemy’s new strategies quickly. Let’s not only accomplish that, but let’s redefine SLG as a tribe that has each other’s back, and that celebrates each other’s victories.  Let the builders arise and lay hold of Hezekiah’s come from behind, God-speed triumph over God’s ancient enemy.

Copyright July 2015 by Arthur Burk

From my beloved retreat where I am sizzling this evening.




  1. Joyful says

    Greetings all.

    I’m playing catch-up as the email two days ago (yah, I just do email) was my first inkling we were honing in on something. So I just finished reading all the posts from start of this glorious battle. Wonderful victories!

    To confirm the timing, I can say, thinking back that somewhere in February I began to notice things weren’t “working” as I am used to experiencing them as we walk with God. I remember saying to one of my prayer partners, “this doesn’t feel like Kingdom right now.” And I remember asking the Lord to reveal what/where/how something was hindering the usually good flow I was accustomed to living in.

    Checking my Emails to see what was going on before/after mid-July I can see some projects were clicking along but without much wind in their sails.

    After mid-July, I can see that the ability to go straight to the research data I need is back again in flying colors and that is certainly speeding up many aspects of projects I’m working on. Overall, definitely higher levels of clarity on all fronts.

    Wow. Thanks everyone for pressing in. Glad I benefited along with everyone else without knowing the game was on. I’m joining late, but I’m joining with vigor!

    One big example: a much discussed project that hadn’t started to see the light of day was to collect/organize content/material for an urgent book collaboration. Suddenly late on July 13th I cranked out the outline and recruited additional collaborators.



  2. Vern says

    My mother’s estate has been tied up between two countries for over four years. I prayed periodically about it but on Tuesday I became really frustrated because the funeral directors still have not been paid. I called my brother who is the executor and he is in a three month holding pattern with the court system in one of these countries. I started praying about it again on Tuesday night and last night (Wednesday) I received an email from Noble Subjects about the Egyptian Curse so here I am.
    I have started praying the God-Speed prayers and waiting to see how God moves in this situation.

    By the way, I have been a follower since Plumbline days, purchasing several albums etc. but have never joined any discussions. After Arthur’s invitation for everyone to pull their weight I am stepping up.
    Looking forward to being life giving on this journey.


    • says

      Fortunately God has a branch office in both nations, so it should be no problem for Him to sort out the mess. Keep us posted, and thanks for stepping up and joining the battle.


  3. Wai Ching says

    Thanks so much for your insights. I came home from surgery on 11 Jul but could not sleep well every night. I read your blog on the Egyptian curse and did my own simple prayer. Thank and praise God I have been having deep sleep since then.


  4. says

    I see this in my life…both the press from the enemy and the push from the Spirit.
    I am humbled as this is like pouring jet fuel into what the Father has said I am to bring forth now!
    I believe He is speaking to many…now, now, Now, Now!
    What are we waiting for? Release, release, release our expressions of the triune God onto and into the face of the earth. God speed, indeed, into bodies, souls, spirits, divine purposes, relationships, households, electronics, etc.
    Yes and amen.


  5. says

    wow, who would have thought.

    when my desktop publisher kept crashing every ten-ish minutes last Thursday afternoon as I was pushing to get through the final section of a business plan I’ve been crafting since September 2014, I put it down to some seriously baffling fifth head issues (and perhaps also the ancient age of my laptop).

    but praise the King for light. and for the class-action which is going on. I just finished the plan, added the financials and sent it off so we can move forward with this assignment. plus I put a big push in on a smaller project that has been dragging its heals. I sent the final draft of that out earlier in the day.

    and now I am going to go home and celebrate with vengeance. it’s time to praise and pray.

    thanks Arthur! and thanks everyone: you peeps rock.

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  6. Lillian B says

    It has been slow moving over the last 4 or 5 months. In almost every area: health, finances, work… the list goes on.
    I thought it was the Midianite curse that I had not fully dealt with; renounced and it did not work. I started thinking I had not prayed with enough faith. I am in on the class action and so look forward to celebrating.


  7. Melissa says

    Thank you for this. Saw this yesterday morning, after reflecting on past 6-7 months of frustration. Have felt blocked or headed off in every direction with a high level of frustration. Have tried changing strategies multiple times, but have been caught in cycle of running around extinguishing fires rather than strategic moves due to inability of higher management to prioritize and their disagreement with every solution I bring to table or suggested prioritisation. Has meant lots of wheel spinning and no visible progress. With my problem solver mentality, have been feeling increasingly defeated and powerless. The harder I worked, the worse it seemed to get. When added to my current pregnancy, it just has been sapping the life out of me despite my determination to protect this pregnancy and nurture my baby in the midst. (Have had 3 prior miscarriages due to unknown causes). Have been questioning why I am in this job and this place in time (currently working in India in a government job). Yesterday, prayed through hezekiah prayer and saw some things break in the workplace. My subordinate was able to get emergency travel approved in 2.5 hours, something that normally takes 1-2 weeks to accomplish, we accessed data we needed in a couple of hours that we have been searching for for several months. I had a large chunk of free time to complete half a project I have been trying to find time for for over 6 weeks! Can’t wait to see what else breaks through today!


    • says

      Celebrating with you Melissa. Getting permission and getting the data are both hard measurable victories. Keep us post on how far the turnaround goes. Cheering you on.


      • Melissa says

        Thanks for the encouragement, I really needed it. I managed to finish a project that week that had been pending for 6-8 weeks and leave on Friday feeling I had accomplished all I needed to for the week (first time I had felt that in over a year). Things have been accelerating on several fronts, but in ways that pile the workload on my desk, so seeking for ways to be more productive myself. Meanwhile, have been developing high blood pressure with the pregnancy, so they are talking about evacuating me to US sooner than expected. Praying that the baby will come in the right timing. Wondering if the blood pressure issues are a way to get me out from under the pressure at the office for a time.

        I found prayer # 8 to be very interesting, but trying to make sure that as a Mercy, I am not just tuning into that concept because I want to avoid the pain that has been escalating at my job over the past year. I want to make sure that I discern what the pain is for. Is it to push me to become more efficient and effective, or to make it so painful in current situation that I actually consider other options? Will be continuing to follow and pray.


  8. don hank says

    1-same exact browser problem
    2-many other computer problems
    3-extreme amounts of physical pain but in new ways (I don’t normally suffer those and they were snuck into the disease’s I am overcoming).
    4- God said this is my 40th year cycle of blessings that will heal me and launch my ministry.
    But it has been very slow. (Not existing yet).

    Was reading the blogs walking through WHOLE FOODS today And praying. Song in back ground they played; Just walk on by. I said amen egyptian curse just do that! Next song; I am a speed walker!!!!! I pray Speed Walking blessings to us all!!!!!!!!


  9. says

    I have had health issues going on – diabetes for my 5 year old son and cancer for me. It has been a hard 5 months and in the day to day I now realize I have also not noticed these areas of being conned! My phone has had wireless connection problems making life in general very frustrating as I work with it every day. I was told my sim had a fault. Today It began working fast again!


    • says

      Helen, that is amazing. Cell phone suddenly begins to behave. That is two abrupt fixes to electronics that we didn’t realize were being tweaked by the demonic. Celebrating your first fruits. Now let’s go after the rest of the mess.


      • says

        I just came across this article today and wanted to report.

        Yesterday, I spent an hour trying to print something wirelessly from my iPad for my wife. It didn’t happen. I read about the Egyptian Curse and then read this post, prayed and decided to test it out. I opened up the document again and this time it printed – still slowly and not completely, but it didn’t stall out for 15 minutes and then shut down like it did yesterday.



  10. Lee-Ann says

    I was pondering about the last 6-8 months and the Egyptian Curse. Finances have been HARD pressed and slowed down totally. Mom broke her ankle last week. Felt like no progress at all, a dessert place. Got a Tax refund this is only the beginning! I am rejoicing and celebrating! Thank you Arthur!


  11. Beth says

    I was hit so hard (too many ways to list) that I cannot get any traction right now. Will try to listen to the Warfare album again when I am able. May have attracted extra due to breaking curse off place of historic evil last week. Really, really low but looking forward to celebrating!


  12. says

    Interesting that it was the first few months of last year that also involved an Egyptian theme.

    I think this may apply to my family – we saw a sudden increase in enemy activity in February that left us without room to breathe. We’ve been fighting it in some form or another ever since. It’s left us with little energy for simple things like budgeting, menu planning and relationships – basically squeezing us in places on multiple fronts to where we’ve reacted wrongly and things could be devoured. Definitely no fluidity to our days. But what a learning curve.

    Joining in the class-action.


    • says

      Yes, Peter. For me it came in during the middle of February. We have been pinned down for five months. Fighting back hard, now. May you see God’s speed in your situation quickly. Looking for your glory story here soon.


      • Tamika says

        This is all very interesting to me. My husband and I are expecting our 3rd child. We found out in February. Sickness came rather quickly in the form of nausea with headaches added in after 1st trimester when symptoms usually leave for me. This is the first child where I have had information about spiritual nurturing in the womb and had all of these wonderful plans to prepare baby. Being sick has rendered me ineffective in more areas than spiritual nurturing (at least what I had a desire to do).

        I stay home with my children and we homeschool. It feels like there has been little forward movement since February outside of the life growing inside of me. I can certainly see that! The information I stumbled upon today stirs me deeply. A sweet cousin of mine sent a text early this morning asking about how my body was feeling. I told her some symptoms were still present, but I had started asking Father to shine his light on what needs to be seen. I tune in to the Facebook page and see this discussion. Of course I was going to press into the prayer. I’m determined to see victory.

        Oh, not to mention my husband was given a new assignment at the start of the year. What was handed to him was a complete mess, so I cannot wait to share what I’ve come across today concerning Father’s quick handiwork with Hezekiah.

        I wait in excitement to see what unfolds! I’m so thankful for this community.

        Birthing from Missouri.


  13. says

    Greetings! Initially, I couldn’t think of any ways in which my family or myself were slowed down in the last few months, but I still prayed against this attack yesterday. It’s funny as I sit here and think about the last 24 hours… my husband and I started and finished a project last night that hasn’t been touched for the last 6 months, and I paid a debt in full this morning that has sat for the last 2 months. God is good! And just think, the day is still young! 🙂

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    • says

      Celebrating with you Autumn. I love your punch line: and the day is still young.

      Praying for all the others who have six month old projects that are gathering dust that could be brought out and completed with God-speed! Go be dangerous, Stephen family.

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  14. Jerri Langlais says

    Interesting that this is the exact place I am in my reading of the Word!!! My experience was an intense feeling of loneliness yesterday, quite horrible. Praising God today and expecting Joy to remain.


  15. Susan says

    On Monday, in seeking God for a miracle in our circumstances – He had me re-listen to some of the Spiritual Warfare Album -specifically ‘Breaking Curses on Time’ and ‘The Three Foundational Heresies’. I have listened to these before but they were all new this time – I took notes on the heresies – several pages on the Egyptian especially – and then came your post on Tuesday about the Egyptian Neurotoxin! I went to bed pondering and praying about it and this morning it all exploded into my spirit after reading this post. He has shown me a number of areas where this spirit has been at work slowing things to less than a snail’s pace – and so much more that it would take pages to share. Even the Torah Portion reading this morning was Numbers 33. Verse 3 says “…on the day after the Passover the Israelites went out of Egypt with a high hand and triumphantly in the sight of the Egyptians…”. I am celebrating coming out from under this Egyptian spirit and anticipating all of the restitution that is on the way. Prayers and blessings for you and all of the SLG tribe.


  16. Christine says

    All I can say is, “Wow!!”

    Yesterday was a turnaround point for both myself and my husband. More energy. More vitality. More ability to stay focused on the important things. Huge difference in work accomplished. It was a big enough change that it left me puzzling away last night as to what might have made the difference. Now I’m thinking that your class action lawsuit broke through for us. Thank you.

    I’m fighting on my own two feet now, and definitely extending it to you and the SLG team and tribe!

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    • says

      Christine, that is awesome. This is what I would love to see over and over again that our class action lawsuits have a vast impact on people who don’t know the nature of the attack. I am so excited about your report.

      It is really sad to see the effectiveness of this critter. You and Glenn are hard working people. And because you are so used to working hard, the enemy could slip some extra hardship in there unnoticed.

      Can you imagine what our tribe will be like in a few months when these class action lawsuits have done a deep cleansing and we are free to soar on the wind of the virtue we bring to the table, instead of having it devoured by the enemy. I am so ready for that!

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    • says

      Thrilled for you Christine!!! Wooo woo!! I appreciate your words as it feels like what we experienced here…clarity, life is OURS to live, dominion possible with effort and bearing fruit, strength appropriate for the work being done, clarity, etc. Woot woot!


  17. says

    It is easy to see the big blockages like Pharaoh messing with the Hebrews. Apparently the enemy has been getting a lot of mileage out of small devouring in our life that we shrug off as just part of daily life. I celebrate each individual joy you have over a fluid day. It would be lovely for that to become our trademark.

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  18. says

    This is very exciting and I am happy to join in war and celebration!

    Here is my first fruit glory story. This morning I am feeling very energized and several things flowing so nicely together. Also something that I, kind of, postponed, even though not consciously, I could do this morning without any obstacles. It was just flowing easily.

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  19. says

    So fun!!! There are glitchy things here, things waiting for me to get to…Kingdom things….getting budgets situated, finding raw milk source for repairing our teeth, ferments to tend, cleaning to do…all stuff needing to be done for current work and prepping for other stuff. It was like this afternoon suddenly pieces were all coming together! Hubby finding pertinent articles needed for fighting tooth decay in the natural while I stumbled upon the baby blessings about Jehovah Nissi hiding in the Teacher The day playlist; angry part got attention, empathy and validation for first time ever (huge lurch!), kids worked in their strengths and we are really a team God has knit together….I could keep going. So exciting. Thanking God for the chance to hone new skills!!. Thanks for leading and hip hip hooray for all the SLG tribe is building!!!!!!

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  20. says

    I’ll type this and you can choose whether or not to post as always, but I have experienced this lately. Progressing at a snail’s pace or not at all. You brought attention to it. “It” turned out to be something that had totally left my mind since Feb. and after you brought it to my attention, I pounced and suddenly things are happening.

    Was that my lack of thoughtfulness?

    Was I stuck by a mesmerizing spirit or could it have been this all along?

    There are numerous other areas where I could pinpoint this Egyptian bug. Now that it’s exposed, I plan to pounce more to see what happens.

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  21. says

    Here is my first fruits glory story.

    As you can imagine, my laptop gets worked like a Hebrew slave. It is older and not as nimble as it used to be, but still can do a decent job of keeping up with my fingers.

    There is one area where it is slow and that is the browser. Recently web pages have been loading slower and slower — sometimes as much as eight seconds per page. Aggravating.

    I ran a virus check and it came back clean. I went into utilities and cleaned out some old stuff from the browser. I changed browsers. Nothing helped.

    I know websites are increasingly aggressive and intrusive so I figured I had gotten some junk that would need to be cleaned up by a professional. But, we don’t have a decent tech who comes out to the office any more, and I hate to leave it with an off site place for three days. So, I lived with the slow browser for weeks, justifying it as a natural phenomenon.

    This afternoon after I posted the blog on Egyptian neurotoxins, my browser speed picked up by 90% and has stayed fast all afternoon and evening. It is still not blazing fast like a new computer would be, but it is absolutely clear that the Egyptian spirit deceived me into thinking it was natural, and it devoured a lot of my time by slow walking every single web page.

    It never occurred to me to war for that, but God heard my prayers and drove the Egyptian out of my browsers, and I am now obsessively scanning every area of my life, trying to see where else I might have been conned.

    Regardless, I am impressed with God’s choice of first fruits victory for me and am happy to celebrate before the whole world.

    One down.

    Bring on the rest of all of the restitution that is due. Israel did not go out of Egypt free and broke. They went out free and rich. Let’s fight for the whole tribe and dial this army of Noble Subjects up to God-speed. Class action lawsuits and whole team celebrations.

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