Egyptian Heresy Neurotoxin

God has been drawing my attention to the Egyptian heresy for quite some time.  Even though it is an old teaching, it became clear that it is an incomplete teaching.

In a nutshell, what we knew long ago was that it was “inside out, upside down and backwards.”  So we learned to follow the trail of illogical events to the root of Egyptian stuff.  For example, a man gave me a litany of medical problems his wife had, concluding with the fact that her cholesterol was over 600 and she had been a vegan for 30 years.

It was upside down, so I guessed Egyptian and opted to look at Freemasonry first.  One question confirmed that her father had been a 33rd degree Mason and they had done nothing about it.

That was our model up until recently.

Then we began looking more closely at the child-birth component.  Our belief is that the Hebrew midwives told the truth when they said the Hebrew women had fast, simple labor while the Egyptian women had long, complicated labor.

We began to push back on that and have had huge success praying with moms-to-be that God would break the Egyptian curse off their body because they are in covenant with Jesus Christ and He was called out of Egypt with no residue of Egypt’s defilement on Him.  In fact, He was crucified and raised from the dead in Jerusalem which was spiritually called Egypt (Rev. 11:8) as a sign of His total victory over all Egyptian “stuff.”

Another phrase God used was in Joshua 5:9.  “This day have I rolled away the reproach of Egypt from off you.”  This was in the context of the circumcision of the nation of Israel, and we too can claim the cleansing of a spiritual circumcision.  Colossians 2:1-15.

As a result of those prayers we have seen many women have quick, easy labor.  The record was a first time mom who started labor and had the child in two hours.  Other women have sought admission to the hospital because they knew they were due but were pushed away by the staff because the mom was not in enough distress.  A more technical inspection revealed that these calm moms were in fact about to give birth.  A couple of the babies almost arrived in the back seat of the car because the parents had a baseline from older siblings’ birth, but this child didn’t follow the old “norm.”

Today God brought a lot of different data together and said that the Egyptian curse acts as a neurotoxin, slowing down the natural processes of the body, and making them quite painful.

It sounded good, but I needed some more pictures to make it more round and less of a square data point.

We then went to the work of the Holy Spirit, since the Egyptian heresy is the perversion of the work of the Spirit. And sure enough, the Holy Spirit came and radically jump-started the church.  They went from 120 people to about 3,000 in a single day.  Everywhere that there has been an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in history, it has resulted in fast forwarding an individual’s spiritual growth (in sundry areas) or the Kingdom of God has advanced abruptly.

God then directed my attention to the first thing we learned about the Egyptian heresy, even before we had language for it and that was in the context of Freemasonry and asthma.  A lot of asthma is a genuine, biological malfunction of the lungs.  Some of t is the result of Freemasonry.

It is a pseudo asthma.  It feels like asthma, but what actually happens is that the demonic paralyzes the diaphragm so that it cannot push the dirty air out of the lungs, etc.

We have proven over and over with babies who were so acute with asthma that they were literally on their way to the ER that I could pray from 20 miles away, without the child even hearing my words, and the demonic would hear, obey, release the baby who was blue, and he or she would be breathing normally in 30 seconds.

Again Egyptian-caused paralysis.

So . . . I think there is enough data on the table to release this paradigm to the public for beta testing.  It is obviously very primitive yet, and I will add some questions shortly, but this is one where a mistake has no negative consequences.  If you pray against a curse that isn’t there, no harm is done.

Basically, if there is any area of your life where you feel there has been a serious slow down and things are not flowing the way they should, ask God if this is the Egyptian curse of “slow walking” what you have a legal right to have.  And if so, ask Him to apply the victory of Christ at “Egypt” to your life, to remove the neurotoxin of the reproach of Egypt, and to restore the full vitality of all areas of your life, especially the birthing of the new thing.

Some questions for the medical people.

If you were dealing with a paralyzing neurotoxin like a scorpion bite or some similar poison, would oxygen (the symbol of the Holy Spirit) fit in anywhere on the molecular level?  I know the Black Mamba will eventually paralyze your whole body to the point of death, but in a less Draconian context does a neurotoxin drive out oxygen, or conversely, does an infusion of oxygen accelerate the neutralization of the neurotoxin?

Second, what other chemical approach would you normally use to deal with a neurotoxin?  I wonder if we could find a spiritual parallel.

Third, are there any other common neurotoxins that paralyze you, other than the poisons found in nature, both in plants and bugs/animals?

Copyright July 2015 by Arthur Burk
From my retreat, while waiting for the power company to replace the pole and lines that got destroyed by falling branches from yesterday’s big storm!


  1. Holly says

    Hi Arthur,

    So its been a while since I checked my mail, but was strongly prompted to check and here I see this article. I have always struggled with weight problems but in the last few weeks I have been led by God’s grace to do some things which has resulted In major changes. My energy level is high and I walk miles daily for exercise. There are principles and laws which govern health which many are unaware of because of the bondages of Egypt. Thanks for posting this Arthur. Always a BLESSING!!


  2. louise says

    hi Arthur.
    thank you for this page. GRATITUDE is in capitals for you and Jesus!! I did pray this last night for each of us (hubby, me, and my 3 daughters) since my husband seemed to fit so nicely. this morning, he called me to hurry up because he wanted to do communion before leaving for work. you must know that this is the first time in like 13 years that he has EVER initiated communion or anything!!!! he even prayed over the bread……unheard of before. the daughter that was up with us also even prayed. WOW. you have no idea what a gigantic thing this is in my life. I have been nagging God about someone besides me always initiating these spiritual matters. what a deep blessing this page was to me!

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  3. Denisha says

    I just now saw this blog. Didn’t know it existed. A friend sent me this posting on the Egyptian curse. As you know from my email a bit ago Terry was arrested in India (bullet left over from a previous hunting trip hidden in the crevasse of his bag) back in March. He is still over there. We have been in a battle like we have never experienced and have felt like we were to keep fighting and not compromise. So we have used every tool we know. Have learned some new ones as well. But nothing has moved. When I read this blog on this curse I got so excited. We have been asking the Lord for revelation. This feels like it might be it!! Talk about slow moving. It has been ridiculously slow. Every single step. Painfully slow. We have been stumped b/c we have done all the work we know to do and even though there is progress it is very very slow (hence it is now the end of July-going on 5 months). So we will see. I will be reading and catching up with all these blogs and doing the work/prayers as I go. I will let you know what happens. Perfect timing to know if this is the answer b/c of the 5 months established not budging slow process thus far. If it shifts, then we know it is this. Excited and thankful!!

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  4. Rodrigo says

    Neurotoxin desintoxication is inhibited by electromagnetic fields. Cortisol called the stress hormone may be produced by fluctuating electromagnetic fields causing cells to block themselves so that nothing comes in and nothing comes out of them. Electromagnetic fields can slow down metabolic processes.

    There is a parallel in Egypt to electromagnetic fields. They worshiped the sun as in the goddess Wadjet, – serpent like who has a sun disk on her head. The sun produces natural electromagnetic fields like radio frequencies, wifi and electricity. Our technology runs on all these electromagnetic fields.

    It would seem to me that electromagnetic frequencies have a greater negative impact on those who have the Egyptian curse. Not everyone who is exposed to electromagnetic fields develop autism, Alzheimer, Parkinson and breathing allergies, etc… This spirit like man made pollutant definitely slows down things.

    As a professional in this area I personally have seen in many cases how people’s health improves dramatically when they begin turning off their electronic devices at night. They get up faster and recover better from last night’s sleep. This includes shutting down the electrical grid and avoiding a metallic mattress that function as antennas for electromagnetic fields. Desintoxication will follow much faster.

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    • Audrey says

      Rodrigo, this definitely makes sense for me. I was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s, and even before that, I been sleeping and working at the computer using a grounding pad (that grounds me to the earth). Even though my family thinks it is woo-woo, I feel less wired and more stable this way. (Apparently sensitivity to EMF is typical of Asperger’s.) This seems to say that really pressing into these prayers could make a big difference in healing for me, as well as getting my body to actually start detoxing. Thanks for your comment.

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  5. Natalie Stevens says

    Not sure if its relevant but the Hebrew for Egypt is Mitsrayim which means “narrow place”. For me it speaks of no freedom and restriction

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  6. Patricia Lawson. says

    I only saw this for the first time on 22nd of July and it really witnessed with me, so I prayed the prayer. The immediate result was delivery of a mattress expected between “24th and 28th” with no possibility of changing those dates, and it arrived on 23rd! I then found new curtains the following day (I’d been looking for months) and I got them 110″ x 110″ each, and fully lined for the sum of £11.99!
    These are minor things – not earth shattering and not really worth mentioning except to say they alerted me to the truth, so I’ve passed this round family and friends, for we all have the real battles that we are fighting, and this gives us the strategy needed.
    I’ve read through most of these and I recognise value in them all, but I’m especially thrilled with the Egyptian Blessing and I will be praying for the whole “Tribe”!
    Thanks so much, Arthur.

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  7. Monica says

    When I was around the age of 2, mom told me I would hold my breath until I turned blue. She took me to the doc and they tranquilized me to make me stop doing that. I have always struggled with finishing a project – always thought this to be part of being a prophet….lots of great ideas but need help implementing if I want to finish. I never correlated the teo before. Comments?


    • says

      Monica, go to our blog and do a search for “Procrastination.” A few years ago I did a number of articles on the different kinds and flavors. Some people cannot start. Some cannot finish. See if any of the profiles I shared there fit your dynamics.

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    • Monica says

      Wow, as I was praying the Lord brought to mind a 10 year issue between my hubby and I – the seeming inability to walk the same speed. He always needs to walk slower than I do and when I slow down to keep pace with him he slows more…one time we came to a dead stop right in the middle of a parking lot!

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    • Soo Fee says

      Someone once told me about this:
      “The diaphragm is strongly associated with birthright. Many times when there are spiritual dynamics with the “right” to steal birthright we will see asthma, or other breathing problems that do not respond to medical management. Also children and adults who routinely hold their breath often have a deep-seated belief that they do not have the right to exist.”

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  8. Rebecca in New Zealand says

    I wonder if this is relevant in my situation, I have had Parkinsons Disease for 4 years , and I am now literally moving in slow motion , unless I take drugs which give me a short respite.
    Had so much prayer but nothing has budged it yet.

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  9. karen in fairfax says

    My apologies for sending a lengthy email after reading about this. I seeni need to connect with the tribe here. I have literally been slow walking due to a botched surgery 8 years ago. I am still on crutches but surrounded by promises yet realized. This has given me hope. Also…I want God’s name to be vindicated as I have testified to the unsaved international students of His great kindness to provide healing for us. Thank you.

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  10. Debi says

    Arthur, I know of families where the first born son either dies at birth or at a relatively young age throughout the generations…I woke up wondering if this too could be part of an Egyptian curse.


  11. Rebekah says

    Yesterday afternoon I was playing with my kids at the pool. This rumble had begun, but I was unaware of it at the time. Unexpectedly I felt compelled to swim laps, which was odd because just last week I had tried to swim the length of the pool, and was so fatigued I could barley swim one. (Being in the mommy mode for a good many years has taken a toll on my body to say the least.) Surprisingly this time I felt strong and energetic. I swam a half dozen or more easily and felt no negative repercussions afterward. Interesting, I thought. Wonder what shifted?

    Latter that night I discovered your blog posts and immediately began to war. I awoke in the morning with a start to realize my two year old slept through the night……! Considering he’s done that less then 5% of the total nights of his life…. it was monumental. Who knew what years of sleep deprivation could do to a person.

    As the day progressed I found the tasks I’d planed to do between 9:00 – 4:00 were all completed by noon, and I was able to spend the afternoon on some much needed busy work.

    It seems that no mater how hard I try, I can never get closure on my desk. There’s always two or three loose ends that I can’t seem to tie up. This time I was able to scrape it all the way down to the bear wood, and I even disposed of a few relics that had been there so long they should have been submitted to the local paleontologists for scientific studies.

    I’m going to bed early with the satisfaction of closure to a productive day. It’s been a while since I’ve had that luxury.

    But first a celebration!!!!!!!!!!

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    • says

      Rebekah I love the fact that you benefited from the class action lawsuit before you knew about it. And I so know about those last three projects on a desk. Celebrating BIG TIME that effortless achievement. Waiting to see what happens next. And a child sleeping through the night is a super new application of the concept. Thanks for broadening our picture.

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      • Rebekah says

        Day two and the little guy is still asleep and it’s almost 7:00 a.m!

        Oh and I forgot to mention, when I was working through the piles on my desk, I discovered over $1,000 worth of unclaimed credit card pints many of which where set to expire at the end of July.

        Cash back thank you very much!

        I’ve been praying against the Mesmerizing spirit since your “Glass Ceiling” teaching, but I didn’t SEE those points until I got juiced by Holy Spirit. Hmmmm interesting connection.


  12. Irene B says

    I prayed this prayer yesterday and felt air come into my lungs. Some observations: three legal issues suddenly popped up yesterday. One got resolved today already. A legal change needed on my daughter’s birth certificate and it looked like it was getting more and more complicated. It suddenly reversed and the original office suddenly had it done in 15 minutes. It felt unreal to hear the same lady say yes we can do that from the no we can’t do that you have to go to the court office. Now it only needs state office approval which should be done by morning she said. Whoo!

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    • says

      Wow! Go God! Tell you what! I had not even considered government but they sure do know how to slow walk everything and anything. I rejoice loudly with you over this new expression of God-speed! He can rev up government in a heart beat. Celebrating with you and thinking of other people with slow walking government glitches. Let the God-speed roll.

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  13. Sherry says

    Very interesting insight. I really needed the prayer that was attached to this today. We’ve had some plans put in place for my husband to leave his employment and remove his pension, etc. going smoothly, until last week. Now everything is on hold and awaiting one thing to come through, and it has not. Things were to go through today, but everything stopped.
    I receive your prayer and I will be inquiring of the Lord about he Egyptian curse.
    Thank you.


  14. Susan Brooks says

    Thinking of applications of this, I wondered if our justice system suffers from the Egyptian heresy. From what little exposure I have to the justice system – mostly that of employees and family court – it sure seems to creep along, maybe even limp along. Another example of slow movement that came to mind is how long it takes for capital punishment to process through all of the appeals and what not. So, how would you tackle a state or federally operated system in prayer? I am a taxpayer in both. 🙂


    • says

      Susan, I agree that the justice system is a mess. However, I think the foundation for that slow process is a violation of principles. Clearly the demonic would love to exacerbate a bad situation, but I don’t think this strategy would work there. In the first place, the justice system is not in covenant with our God, so we don’t have much legal leverage there.

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  15. Dr. Carl van Wyk says

    Hi Arthur, Thanks for the post, very interesting and will ponder on it! As you asked for medics to answer… here is my contribution.
    Oxygen makes sense if the poison is a local acting poison but poisons like the black mamba are deadly because the stop all the muscles from working including the breathing muscles. Putting someone in ICU on a ventilator often helps them through the ordeal as neurotoxins from snake bites are Proteins and the body is able over time to break them down.
    Oxygen in too high a dose can lead to oxygen radicals… in itself a neurotoxin. This is why babies when new born should not have 100% oxygen to breathe.
    Neurotoxins vary in their actions. Some stop the salt (sodium etc) channels that should fire to send the signal. Some block the receptor at the end of the nerve, like Botox.
    The most common neurotoxin is probable alcohol. Muscle relaxants are commonly used during general anaesthesia and act as a temporary “neurotoxin”. Kurare neurotoxins were used for centuries by the South American tribes on their arrows to paralyze the prey. Arsenic is also a neurotoxin.
    Will look a bit more into the Oxygen and Neurotoxin thing but clearly breathing is the obvious link.

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      • Dr. Carl van Wyk says

        Hi Arthur,
        I was wondering about the link between neurotoxins and Egypt as neurotoxins are too general a concept to be of much use. I started working on Tetanus (Lock Jaw) as you mentioned the connection with labour. Neonatal tetanus is a problem even today mostly due to unhygienic practices. Cow dung has been rubbed on the end of a cut umbilical cord in large areas of the world, including East Africa, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Nepal. The explanation given by the East African Tribes is that it is done to avoid evil spirits entering via the umbilicus. The cow dung contains a bug, Clostridium Tetani, that grows and produces a neurotoxin, Tetanospasmin. Prevention is with a vaccine, Tetanus Toxiod, that help the body make antibodies that will prevent tetanus. The treatment if someone is not immunized and still gets exposed, is with Anti-tetanus antibodies. This gets a bit more interesting as Adults tend to get Tetanus from puncture wounds from rusted nails or similar. The tetanus causing bug loves a low oxygen environment… hence deep puncture wounds are treated with a Tetanus shot just in case in Emergency Departments the world over. I have not been able to confirm the rubbing of cow dung onto an umbilical stump as a practice done in ancient Egypt.
        Another unrelated but interesting fact from a book Ancient Egyptian Medicine by John Nunn says that the Egyptian women had pelves (multiple for pelvis) that were considerable narrower than modern women. I would say this would definitely contribute to longer labour! We often quote the same fact as to why we do a disproportionate of C sections on our African patients as their pelvises are small.

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        • Joyful says

          Reading about the size of the pelvis being smaller causes me to think of the term “bottle neck” for when things are slowed down because there is not enough space or resources to speed up the movement from one place to another.


          • Bronwyn Eb says

            On reading about the Egyptian Curse I immediately thought of my daughter who had a long,slow, painful labour with her first baby in December, pushing to the point of blacking out on 3 occasions, and eventually having a C section. We discovered her pelvis was too small! But the good news is that baby Elizabeth remained calm with a steady heartbeat throughout and was born alert, wide eyed and ready to meet her family. We put this down to the fact that my daughter Rebecca and her husband Tom had prayed over her in the womb, following your CD set for prayer over babies in the womb. I will be praying about the Egyptian Curse, and thank you for alerting us to this.


        • Melissa says

          A relatively common reason for small pelves in women in Africa is due to chronic malnourishment throughout childhood, adolescence and womanhood. This is particularly seen in Ethiopia, which has one of the highest rates of chronic malnourishment worldwide (statistically, this is measured in children by the term “stunting”, because chronic malnourishment restricts growth across the board. I find it interesting in connection with the discussion above, because, in some ways, you could say that the chronic “slow walking” of not enough resources being given to women in the family causes the pelvic restrictions that cause complications in labor, including trauma to the woman that can either lead to her death or debilitating conditions like fecal or urinary fistulas due to the long and intense labor periods. It is one of the reasons why public health programs in Africa by various donors are focused on nutriiton programming for both children and mothers, because in many traditional societies, men get preference for caloric intake, which makes some sense on a practical level as they are often the members of the family who financially support everyone, but the lack of investment in women affects the family for generations.


    • Trish Smith says

      Thanks for the prayer recording Arthur and for your fervour in dealing with this issue. I am wondering if the warring will bring breakthrough for a movement disorder titled dystonia? With this neurological disorder the messages travelling along the synapses to the muscles misfire and cause twisting, pulling and shaking to occur. The neurotoxin, botox is one treatment that the medical system applies to block the receptors from receiving the scrambled messages. Only thing is the treatment wears off after 3 – 4 months and has to be repeated. Talk about devouring. Hoping, praying and looking forward to the miraculous. Joyfully celebrating with all the speedy recoveries occurring in the SLG tribe! Wonderful! from Vancouver Island.


        • Trish Smith says

          Hi Nina

          The only way to determine whether the dystonic movement has improved or completely been healed is once the botox has worn off. Botox is effective for 3 – 4 months and begins to wear off at around 2 and a half months at which point the condition begins to slowly reappear. I will report back here if there is sustained improvement in a couple of months time. Thank you kindly for checking in with me..


    • Frans Cronje says

      In response to the neurotoxin questions and requests for input from medical types. :-).

      There is, of course, an Egyptian Cobra which – interestingly – is called by different names in various African countries, but is the same snake. The venom is cyto- and neurotoxic – so it is painful and blisters the skin but also paralyzes muscles – initially peripherally (meaning the skeletal muscles) and eventually centrally (meaning the diaphragm & heart muscle).

      Excerpts from Wikipedia:
      The venom affects the nervous system, stopping the nerve signals from being transmitted to the muscles and at later stages stopping those transmitted to the heart and lungs as well, causing death due to complete respiratory failure. Envenomation causes local pain, severe swelling, bruising, blistering, necrosis and variable non-specific effects which may include headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dizziness, collapse or convulsions along with possible moderate to severe flaccid paralysis. Unlike some other African cobras (for example the Red spitting cobra), this species does not spit venom. In Ancient Egyptian culture and history: The Egyptian cobra was represented in Egyptian mythology by the cobra-headed goddess Meretseger. A stylised Egyptian Cobra — in the form of the uraeus representing the goddess Wadjet — was the symbol of sovereignty for the Pharaohs who incorporated it into their diadem. This iconography was continued through the Ptolemaic Kingdom (305 BC–30 BC). Most ancient sources say that Cleopatra and her two attendants committed suicide by being bitten by an aspis, which translates into English as “asp”. The snake was reportedly smuggled into her room in a basket of figs. Plutarch wrote that she performed experiments on condemned prisoners and found aspis venom to be the most painless of all fatal poisons.[15] This “aspis” was far more likely to be Naja haje (the Egyptian cobra) than any other type of snake. However, the accounts of her apparent suicide have been questioned, since death from this snake’s venom is relatively slow and it can cause damage to the tissue sometimes, and the snake is large, so it would be hard to conceal.

      Generally speaking, most neurotoxic venoms work on three primary areas – neuromuscular transmission (- like the cobra – including acetylcholine release; receptor binding; breakdown), sodium / potassium trans-membrane exchange or calcium channel interference.

      Hope this is helpful.


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  16. says

    This sheds new light on my current situation. About 5mths ago an adoption I’m pursuing suddenly slowed right down. Initially things were expected to move rapidly. Then suddenly, the social worker decided there was no reason to hurry. Will be agreeing in prayer for my situation and all the others.


  17. asvictor says

    I too have experienced browser slowness over at least the last four weeks or so. So I wonder if this slowdown is global rather than just affecting the SLG tribe.

    Also, I have been warring for some time against the corruption of processes which is in the domain of the Egyptian curse – so perhaps the symptoms of this thing may be broader than just a slowdown.

    Thank you for sending out these alerts ! Praying.

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  18. chaviva says

    This is an AWESOME insight. Can you tell me where in your teachings I can find the earlier teaching on the Egyptian Heresy?

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    • says

      Look in “Spiritual Warfare” for the teaching on the Edomite, Babylonian and Egyptian heresies which are a perversion of the three members of the Trinity.

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    • Anonymous says

      Thank you for this inspiring info .I’m visiting my daughter in Perth(WA) as she awaits the arrival of the couple’s third baby next week. My sister, Jessica Pienaar from Bloemfontein (SA) forwarded me this interesting, teaching according to the Holy scriptures.
      Regards with blessings prayed on your ministry.
      Elizabeth Jacobs

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