1. Prayer Against the Egyptian Curse

My juices are flowing and so is my temper and so is my faith.

Here is a sample warfare prayer around the theme of Hezekiah’s God-speed intervention.


1. God-Speed Prayer Hezekiah

Copyright July 2015 by Arthur Burk

From my retreat


  1. Joyful says

    Circling back around and applying day one’s opening salvo with gusto. Expecting multiple God-Speed releases for the SLG tribe.

    Noting many gentle tokens of affection from the Father even as we press in.


  2. seedtrees says

    Dear Arthur and Tribe

    Mt businessman husband refuses to let me use his computer or other office electronics because we “joke” that it malfunctions just because I am in the room.
    As you can imagine, the frustration levels, especially regarding e-mails and Internet connection, were quite high.
    This is small potatoes compared to the financial implications of slowed Tax Clearance Certificates and delayed contracts etc.

    Thank Abba and you all for giving a name to this enemy AND a strategy for defeat. I am joyfully getting into the trenches with you.

    Natasja from South Africa


  3. Elmarie says

    Hi Arthur

    Thank you very much for this revelation. I was also wondering what was going on – the entire year so far projects took forever to complete and I had very little energy to complete tasks. Very frustrating.

    Just one question – the prayers that you’ve uploaded for us – can we only list to the prayers in agreement or do we need to pray them out loud as well?

    Thank you very much!


    • says

      Elmarie, I post the prayers as a jumping off point. I share what connected with my spirit. Listen to the prayers and then take the ideas and run with them in your own words, applied to your own world. My prayers are a beginning point, not then end of the subject.


  4. Nerina says

    Dear Arthur, I have not had time or opportunity to listen to the prayers. I only found out about this blog on Friday. I read the first two entries and have had a major jump forward in speed.

    I inherited my grandmother ‘s old sewing mashine. After having it serviced and been working on it for two years already, I came to the conclusion that the mashine is always going to sew in a speed related to a fast walk.

    About two weeks ago I visited with my parents for the firts time in about 18 months. ( Big step forward) and my father mentioned that my mashine has a switch for a fast mode and a slow mode. Last night I had a look (after mustering up much courage to finish a project that surely was going to be beautiful, but slow in the making), I SAW THE SWITCH!!

    Now I have a Racing mashine!! What a difference and a great joy. Not sure what else God wants to speed up, but I am planning to hold on for dear life!

    Plans for today…. To find out WHAT you have been warring for and join in with the tribe.

    Thank you for leading the charge.


    • says

      Nerina, this is fascinating. I never would have expected the primary expression of the slow walking Egyptian to be mechanical and electronic, but that has been the case. Don’t know where to put that. We have never walked this way before so I don’t know the sequence God will take us through. Thanks for the added data to validate God’s processes, but I am ferociously committed to the fact that there has to be a whole lot more than faster browsers, phones that work and sewing machines that can get up and dance.

      So celebrating your first fruits and still in it for the long haul, for the full measure of God-speed.


  5. Sonia says

    Yesterday’s warring was for time. I carried a lot of repentance and warring for time in many facets. Especially for when blame for slowdown in traction was displaced onto to time. I then warred for the effects of the Egyptian curse on time. Time seemed to be where God wanted me to war…so I did. I could see the reproach of Egypt over my life, my family’s life and business or education relating to time. Last night I had epic dreams throughout the timeline of my family. All of them were where the enemy had something else planned and his plans were disrupted by God and His people. This morning I am celebrating victory for each of us and our generational lines in time where the Egyptian curse and it’s reproach was foiled and removed. I celebrate time moving in the cadence of God for our family and our generational lines. I celebrate God being able to synchronize our timeline with His timeline and others timeline’s so that we can war in the right time, with the right people and in the right way. For me, I celebrate being able to war with the global SLG tribe. For me the warring is not done yet.


  6. says

    The Lord gave me that verse “this day I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt” about a year ago and I rejoiced, gave thanks and did some Strong’s research but didn’t quite grasp the meaning until this. I am leaping inside and out!! I can see now how this has been operating and now, with understanding, I come into agreement with His work and warring in my life. So excited. Thank you, Arthur.


  7. Lisa Tyler says

    Thank you, Arthur, for your insight’s on the Egyptian curse, as you were praying, my spirit was leaping for joy and excitement, as well. Wow!


  8. says

    Let’s celebrate the diversity of the SLG tribe. Just today, we have had people engage from:

    US, South Africa, Canada, Australia, UK, Austria, Singapore, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, India, Nigeria, Germany, Philippines, Uganda, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy, Namibia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Norway and Turkey.

    You guys rock! That is quite an awesome class action lawsuit. Each nation brings a little different authority to bear on the problem.

    I am honored to lead such a multifaceted group of Noble Subjects.

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  9. dianarees says

    Thank you Arthur for sharing this deeper revelation and understanding. I prayed with one of my clients yesterday and it was awesome breakthru…..Bless God. also prayed the prayer this morning – and will be sharing it with others
    bless you and the team – Di Rees Newcastle, Australia


  10. jeannetteelise says

    Thank you. I am curiously awaiting how this plays out with a “sensory and processing SPEED disorder” in one of my family members.


  11. says

    I am so excited about this prayer and this whole revelation. On July 26 we are doing a first fruits land redemption in Arlington, Waa, where w we are stepping in and taking back a city for God by going to a cafe that is owned by witches and bringing in a slew of believers to take the land by their presence. We have done the front work of healing now we are going in for the kill. The slowdown had been evident. Illness, death, disability, funds not flowing,… Everything you talked about. I was becoming apathetic and passive. Back in the game note and expecting miracles of financial and spiritual nature…. Thank you for waking me up to the enemy’s games. DIRIS. CHAPMAN

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    • says

      Cheering you on Doris. Be sure and let us know how it goes. Taking light to the enemy is a fantastic strategy.


  12. Sophia says

    Thank you for the insight on the Egyptian curse – may spirit was leaping with joy and excitement as I read your post this morning. 2 Chron 29-30 landed very deep… Warring with the tribe – thank you so much for the bonus of a recorded prayer!

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