5. Speed Prayer: Hannah

In Hanna’s story we have three different metrics.

Her husband’s metric was love.  He loved her, cared for her and he clearly told her that she should be grateful for his love and tenderness and should be fulfilled in life.

Her metric was one son.  She committed to giving the son away to God’s work, so it wasn’t that she needed to raise a son, but the experience of getting pregnant, carrying him to term and experiencing birth and nurturing of a baby was an absolute essential in her mind.  Anything less than that and she was not going to accept that life was good.  She fought and won.

But what I find compelling in the story is the fact that God’s metric was five more children – three sons and two daughters.  When she broke through the barrier to her bare minimum, it opened the door to abundance at the level God intended, not the level she insisted on.

Who knows what God’s heart is for us?  We know where our pain is, and we seek resources from the hand of God to ameliorate the pain or to resource the building project we have in mind.  But God has a bigger heart for our well-being and a bigger strategy for our Kingdom work.

So today, in our class action lawsuit for the whole SLG tribe, let’s war for the release of the whole purposes of God.

5. Speed Prayer Hannah

Copyright July 2015 by Arthur Burk

From the war zone


  1. Sonia says

    This one was a tough warfare day for me. I am keeping current in time with the prayers as you release them. I rested most of the day. My body did some cleansing and releasing of the effects of this curse on my body. Thank you Arthur for this prayer! I kept in warfare mode though my body needed rest for the day. Amazing what your spirit can do when soul and body are laying down! Still don’t have a speed up story but definitely warring!


  2. says

    I know I’m lagging a bit but this one fell DEEP in my spirit and I had a lot of fire to fight today. The drive to war interrupted most activities throughout my day. The whole idea of not walking in or even seeing the full purpose of God hit a nerve and sent my spirit up in arms. Awaiting verifiable change as my electronics seriously acted out today to make a simple start-up take more than an hour. Not. Funny. Bring it on.


  3. Tracey says

    This one resonated with me a lot. Thank you for doing this. Praying and believing with the rest of the tribe.
    Although I haven’t necessarily seen any speed-ups in recent days, I have felt a huge sense of peace—more than in recent months. I also feel more like my go-with-the-flow self. Not sure if that factors into the Egyptian heresy at all, but it’s a welcome change. I’ll take it! 🙂


  4. Nicolette says

    I am humbled by the ABSOLUTE thoroughness, faithfulness, thoughtfulness and accuracy with what God comes and ministers to all of our spirits and situations.. Praying, waring and CELEBRATING Him for what is and what is to come!! Thank you again and again Arthur for your diligence, commitment and support!!


  5. Sherry says

    Thank you for this powerful prayer. I am expecting great release for myself, my family, the SLG tribe, as well as for you and your family.


    • don hank says

      Thanks! Warring too. I got a V.A. callback in an hour that usually takes at least about 40 times longer. Never before! So waiting to see if it is verified sustained change.


      • says

        OK, Don, that rocks. The VA patented slow walking as their brand. Love seeing the Most High completely unimpressed by their brand. Keep leaning in!