6. Speed Prayer: Saul

Jesus knew He was called to big things decades before He was released into ministry.  His soul had plenty of time to grow into the skill sets He needed.

Samuel also knew from childhood that he was destined to spiritual leadership, and he had lots of time and training for his soul.  Spirit and soul were nurtured together.

Saul was a different case.  He was a farm boy and he loved the land.  His father loved having him farm with him.  Saul left the farm for a couple of days, looking for some lost stock, and he came back crowned king.

He was not looking for a crown and a throne.  He loved the land and the farm.  There was no prophetic word in childhood that we know of alerting him to his coming destiny.  He was so casual in his religious observance he didn’t even know there was a seer in the nation.

It appears his soul was completely blindsided by the call to the throne.

Within 20 hours, he met the seer he had never even heard of.  The seer honored him in front of the towns people. The seer read his mail big time.  The seer anointed him with oil and informed him that he was king of the non-existent throne of Israel.  There were a series of three supernatural events designed to confirm to the farm boy that the seer was speaking with divine authority.  And the spirit of God came upon him with power and he prophesied publicly, with intensity.

Then he went home.

We have a stunning disconnect between spirit and soul.  God drove his spirit forward with massive speed without allowing time for his soul to catch up and become equipped, without allowing time for the culture to accept the idea of a farm boy king, without allowing time for his family to embrace the idea of their pretty ordinary farm boy son being the king of the non-existent throne of Israel.

At the end of the day, God has the right to grow Samuel from the womb, to grow Moses from age 80 and to shoot Saul’s spirit out of a cannon, leaving his soul and the culture struggling with whiplash.

God-speed is not uniform.  He can grow spirit and soul together.  He can grow the individual and the culture together.  He can prepare the culture before the individual knows they are called.  He can prepare the individual when the culture is so not ready for them.

God-speed is not one size fits all, but it is right.  Very right.  Perfectly right.

The culture generally holds to a social contract that it is not right for you to run ahead of their emotional processes.  And the soul absolutely adheres to that social contract.

And both are wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.  Wronger than wrong.

God has the right to set God-speed, and His speed is right.

Join me in fighting back against the Egyptian curse activated in the spiritual realm and the Egyptian curse manifest through the culture’s social contract.

Let God determine how fast He wants to catapult your spirit into your calling, regardless of the offense to the soul or the culture.

6. Speed Prayer Saul

Copyright July 2015 by Arthur Burk

Still in the war zone, but winding down – I think.


  1. Beth says

    Right on! I have pursued healing and growth for 20+ yrs and still everyone says “it takes time”. My soul doesn’t have to be all healed before my spirit can sky rocket up into my calling! Lord disconnect ungodly links between my soul, time, my spirit and the enemy’s schemes! Give me God Speed!!


  2. Nicolette says

    I simply cannot WAIT to wake up every morning and see what God revealed to you.. Am constantly engaging my Spirit on all we’re praying and WARING, waiting for a quickening on anything God wants to shed Light on.. SHOUTING GODSPEED IN GOD’S SIZE on everyone and ever situation that crosses my path. #joanofarc


  3. Sonia says

    Oh I warred hard with this prayer! Yes there was grief for many times social contracts and my own soul stopping what my spirit was ready to do. This one landed deep and wide. This one is huge for me, for me and for my family and our tribe. I look forward to seeing the fruit of this one for everyone! This is a massive lesson for reconciliation for spirit and soul. I am in awe of how you framed God speed with this prayer Arthur! Thanks so much!


  4. JuliaArkhipov says

    Out of all the prayers so far, this one lands the most! Thank you, Arthur for hammering in this issue and it is great to read all the reports!


  5. Ciska says

    Thank You Arthur. My Eldest son who is a Mercy child had a dream this week where a large man in military clothes appeared to him, interestingly the man had a sword in the right hand, not a gun. He told my son that it is time for him to go to military school. Since that night he started reading Bible passages for his little brother before they go to bed.


  6. says

    Progress report:

    From the beginning of May we’ve been subject to a government department process and decision that is unjust and would negatively affect us for the rest of our lives. There is a ton of reproach associated with that decision and we’ve been fighting it off emotionally on a daily basis even though there is no truth in it.

    We get to appeal the decision but the whole process has been proceeding as slowly as a bureucracy can and their process and decision making data has totally lacked transparency.

    On Friday we saw a lawyer who turns out to seem both competent and honest and actually heard our story. The appeal process finally began and the govt department might just be communicating.

    The reproach is not sticking any more and things feel like they are picking up speed.


  7. Trish Smith says

    Super Arthur..thank you very much!

    The following excerpt from the post is a breath of fresh air for me…

    “The culture generally holds to a social contract that it is not right for you to run ahead of their emotional processes”.

    Thank goodness Saul’s primary redemptive gift (RG) was servant. I cannot help wondering how an individual with a mercy RG would fair with such a sudden lurch in this the mercy season of the Church?


  8. Jena says

    Thank you for the clear explanation of God speed. As many years as I’ve walked with the Lord I’ve heard people say it and wondered exactly what they meant by it but have never heard a teaching on it until now. I’m always appreciative of a new understanding and a new tool.


  9. Nina says

    I think the evidence of Godspeed in operation is how quickly you’re able to turn around and generate these prayers and incredible insight. You are a machine.


  10. Jessica Pienaar says

    I want the tribe of SLG to celebrate the birth of Craig and Alet Gordon,s third child who was born within 20 minutes, after learning about the Egyptian curse, only last week. The parents embraced the teaching and they testified that they wished they had known about the curse sooner.
    I want to encourage every member of the tribe to share what God has taught and is teaching you.I also wish to thank our diligent teacher, Arthur, for sharing everything God teaches him.

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    • says

      Paula! Delighted to have you on board, warrior! The King’s ancient enemy has been slow walking your healing, your finances and your calling. Looking forward to your getting God-speed in all three areas and more.

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