8. Speed Prayer: Philistines

Israel sinned by using the Ark of the Covenant as a lucky rabbit’s foot.  They lost the battle, their high priest and the Ark in a single day.

Eli sinned by allowing the Ark to be taken.  He lost his two sons and his life, along with the Ark he was supposed to be stewarding.

Bad sins.  Bad consequences.

But God has many considerations in every situation, and in this one, His reputation mattered a lot.  When the Philistines put the Ark in the temple of their god Dagon, as a trophy of spiritual victory, God calmly arranged for Dagon to come down off his platform and fall on his face before the Ark in a highly appropriate posture.

The priests of Dagon stood him up the next day, but that night he was down again, this time with head and hands broken off.

The city elders decided they had had their fair share of triumphing over the God of the Hebrews, so they shipped the Ark to the next city.

They promptly had an epidemic and decided to share the victory with a third city.

The elders of the third city had a collective panic attack and arranged for the Ark to be sent back to Israel, rather quickly, since they wanted none of these triumphal celebrations.

Conflicting agendas.

God sent the Philistines to punish Israel because they had sinned.  But God turned right around and punished the Philistines, because they mocked His power.

The reality is that we are not all innocent victims of the presence of the Egyptian curse and demons.  Some people have rolled out the red carpet with gusto.  But, at the same time that God is allowing him to hurt us, it hurts God’s reputation.

Only God can sort out that one.  Our sinning with impunity hurts His reputation too.

Today we ask God graciously to attack the Egyptian demons in the same way He did the Philistine gods, for the sake of His honor.

8. Speed Prayer Philistines

Copyright July 2015 by Arthur Burk

Wearily, from home, at the end of my first day back in the office.


  1. Beth says

    As a mental health counselor and survivor, I cry out Yes, Amen, God speed! New protocols, new methods for quick healing so they can walk in their identity, destiny and give you praise rather than fear and doubt!
    I started a class action law suit in heavenly ct before I knew you did, crying out for increased healing, freedom and justice for my tribe. So I join you and add that God would forgive those who have distrusted and accused God because they judged he was like their Dad. Wash away those judgments and release your cleansing truth to them! Free them to feel your longing drawing them.


  2. Rejoicing says

    Arthur, I just wanted to say thank you for warring on behalf of us all. I had DID and on July 21, Jesus abruptly challenged me to allow Him to complete the integration process. That was truly Day One of the rest of my life and I am in awe of His mercy and power, since for the first time I am one person.


  3. says

    It is humbling to look at our own culpability in these different stories and how God responds. Celebrating what we have already seen and pushing for more! The concept of “God speed” still resonates deeply and I wonder what happens to time … does that mean it does only exactly what it was made to do without blockage or hindrance, or is this some kind of divinely supercharged time? It seems like something more than time alone, like time with substance. Anyway, we keep fighting on!


  4. says

    Even though yesterday was a tough day for me overall, we made progress in the war. Yesterday and already this morning, God has given us unexpected revelation about where the sticking point was for people who have been pushing hard on deliverance and inner healing, but been baffled about the cause of blockage. One person I have known for over ten years suddenly has clarity about an issue where we had a lot of data before, but now the pattern in the data makes sense.

    I am so excited about seeing the slow walking spirit be pushed back from the inner healing journey of our tribe. Let healing and freedom come quickly, with God speed.

    In my long term research on the concept of spiritual sweetness, God messed up my notes and made me restudy something I had already looked at, and I had a whole new insight about one particular word and its application to daily life.

    So we still do not have breakthrough. It is still in the trenches, hand to hand warfare. But we are taking ground a little at a time and each time we gain ground, we are also gaining authority for the big victories up ahead.

    It is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep pushing hard.

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    • Sonia says

      Yup this is hand to hand. Thank you for your honest post. I messed up badly in pain yesterday when we got ambushed. Still cleaning up today and going to war with this prayer.
      Praying for God speed and so thankful for those stored AWE files!


  5. Sage says

    This story precedes Saul being annointed King, from my understanding of the chronology of Samuel I. So though it is certainly the case that Saul messed up more times than one can count, this particular mess up was on Eli (I assume) as high priest and Samuel as well, since he was the prophet and then the Israelites at large for trying to control the presence and power of God. The point is valid and well taken but this one cannot be blamed on Saul. I can’t help but wonder if a little Egyptian heresy was at play here.


    • says

      Sage, you are absolutely right. I mushed two stories together and got the facts wrong. I will go back and tweak the blog. Thanks for catching it.


  6. Sage says

    I haven’t even listened to the prayer yet and I feel grieved to tears. This hit home in a different way than the others. I will need to spend some time here.


  7. Erica says

    I have had the great privilege to study with a Rabbi over the last couple of years and in our studies we discussed simply the word “Egypt” and what the Hebrew hears as it’s meaning. It really would have been heard as “narrow place.” Geographically narrow, but also of course spiritually narrow. (Which is the inside out upside down. They were well provided for in Egypt yet starved for everything God had made them for.) So we had a great discussion about what it means to leave the narrow place and to head out with God. My prayers have been around leaving the narrowness. My life has been so restricted in the last many months. One way I have left the narrow place or have been battling this week against this curse is to start walking again. I have walked somewhere different every day so far this week. Also I feel a victory this evening in that I did not end my day with several hours of inane television, but fully engaged in this battle.


    • Sonia says

      Erica I concur with the narrow place. Yes that is one of the facets I definitely identify Eqypt with. Thank you for posting. I had not shared that with anyone and am so thankful for your post.


  8. Beth says

    “brooding over your sons and daughters in the night”

    Was doing that very thing tonight. Fighting a physical manifestation of the Egyptian in all of the children (and in my husband and I). Still being hit. Looking for and expecting Godspeed! About to work on project.