9. Speed Prayer: David’s Boss

So you are a counselor and young David comes to you with his sad, sad story.  He has been unceremoniously yanked from home to serve a psychotic king.  He manages to play his harp in a way that calms one of the demons in his boss, but there is another demon who simply wants to kill David.

You do some checking, and in fact, this is not David’s paranoia.  There are corroborating accounts that the javelin has been thrown on multiple occasions.

So you settle in to build a strategy.

First of all, obviously, we have the mesmerizing spirit at play.  Saul ought to be grateful to David for his skilled work, and he is not.  You coach David on putting together a strike force that will press in for God to shine His light and make things clear to all involved.

You realize now, since you are a cutting edge person, that the mesmerizing spirit operates from the platform of the Egyptian Curse.  The way Saul sees him is upside down, for sure.  You coach David on attacking this spirit with intensity so the light prayers team had great freedom to work.

And David goes back to work feeling really good about your wise counsel.  He is armed and dangerous, ready to bring order to the palace and beyond.  After all, he is a warrior, right!  He can do this.

The only problem is, the more he presses in to God-speed for the solution, the worse things get.

Finally, in desperation, he fires you and flees for his life.  He feels really guilty about not having the faith and the fight to see this to the end, but things were pretty scary back at the palace.

He goes to Gath asking for political asylum and almost gets killed.  As he sneaks out the back door there, he has to be wondering if he messed up by not following your advice.  Maybe if he had stayed in that murderous place for one more week, the tide would have turned.  Anyway, he can’t go back there because he burned his bridges and is now labeled a traitor to the king.

He scores with the king of Moab, receives asylum for his extended family who he moves there.

THEN the prophet Gad travels all the way from Israel to Moab to give David a prophetic word that he needs to go back to the land of Judah. Shocking to move toward danger, when he has put so much effort into becoming safe.  He can’t go back to the palace, and he is ashamed to go back to you since he spurned your advice, so he heads to the forest of Hereth and settles in.

There God began to build an army for him.

This was a surprise to him.  He expected to chill in Moab until God was done with Saul and the throne was handed to him.  God expected him to start a major project and grow by leaps and bounds while he was waiting for the big time project.

By now David has figured out that the pesky SLG counselor he went to was all wrong and that God-speed didn’t mean fast answers to his prayers for safety with Saul.  Rather God-speed meant getting out of the place where he could not grow anymore and start doing the most scary thing imaginable.

He was looking at the present and the future and did not see the process in between.

This is the story of a very good friend of mine in the Sapphire tribe.  I shall call her Mrs. Life Giver since she had earned the title with thousands of hours of hands on engagement with friends and strangers.  She ministers to people’s spirit and soul seamlessly and has left a trail of life in the secular institution where she has been employed for many years.

Humanly speaking she should be honored for her excellence in the secular work and for the fragrance of Christ that she brings in the beauty of her spirit.

She is not. She is being ripped in many ways recently.

You see, one of the major expressions of the Egyptian Curse that has been unleashed in our nation in the last few years is the concept that need = right.  If a person is needy, they must be in the right in any discussion.  Or put another way, no employee who has hurts can be confronted over their wrong behavior since it would clearly be an attack on a hurting person.

Rather than being able to hold need and wrong behavior in tension, and address both, the Egyptian Curse says only the need can be addressed and the need by definition produces a mountain of rights, first of which is to be excused from all responsibilities.

That is the drama at Mrs. Life Giver’s workplace.  There are some wounded people on staff who she has to work with.  She is seeking to address wounds and responsibilities simultaneously, with grace and is being battered for that perspective.  The mindset of the leadership is that she is pain free therefore she ought to just do endless heavy lifting and cover for the ineptness of the other employee.

She started working on the mesmerizing spirit, and things went from bad to worse. She called an SLG friend who asked if she was up to speed on the Egyptian Curses stuff.  She said no, since she had been too busy with the crises at work to deal with Arthur’s relentless blogging.

She repented in sack cloth and ashes and went to get caught up on this Egyptian thingamajig that would help her at work.


But what if her SLG advice was wrong?

Mrs. Life Giver has explored from time to time starting her own business.  She loves what she does but thinks going into business would be almost as scary as David going back to Judah, to become the Most Wanted Man in all of Israel.

But what if that is God-speed?  What if God is letting the devil drive her out of her workplace so that God can give her the fastest start-up the SLG tribe has ever seen?

I don’t know and she doesn’t know.  And you don’t either!

But we can pray with passion that God-speed would rule, whether it is in sorting out the mess at work, or in birthing a new business without the startup agony most entrepreneurs face!

9. Speed Prayer David’s Boss

Copyright July 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Tracey says

    My husband and I have gotten several circumstantial confirmations that God wants us to relocate to the other side of the country within the next several months. But despite our efforts, there has been no forward movement on the logistics. We still aren’t sure whether the delay in this and other areas is from God himself (are we still in preparation mode?) or from some aspect of the Egyptian curse. So this prayer meant a lot to me. (Of course, before you began this series of blogs, we didn’t even have a concept about the Egyptian curse.) Thank you so much for showing us the tools to go after this and for illustrating how to use them. I join you in this prayer for Mrs. Life Giver and for all of us.


    • Tracey says

      And then there’s Speed Prayer 10. Double yes & amen to that one! Fits perfectly with where we are.


  2. Lisa says

    As I listened to this prayer, I cried some heavy tears. I am sure I am not the only one, but I am Ms. Lifegiver. This is my story, especially the last few years but the last month I have been in a battle at work, I work in an institution, for special needs kids, I was in a situation with a kid, that I was trying to protect, to keep safe, and I was pretty sure it was a demonic attack, I kept her safe but they were trying to fire me, I didnt understand why i was being attacked the way i was, nor could my fellow workers but now it makes since, I fought back,
    defended myself, I kept my job but was praying and contemplating finding another job, moving on to somethingelse but i dont have a clue to what that is, but I do love those kids. So to stay or to move on, that is the question, that is the prayer. Thank you, Arthur, these prayers have been so helpful and I have enjoyed each one,
    and to come together in prayer and unity has been awesome.
    Keep them coming!


    • says

      Lisa, I appreciate the work you do. Don’t forget to clean up the land as well as the institution and the kids, or you will get your lunch eaten.


      • viviennehines says

        I cried a bunch myself especially my being life given was seen as wrong and bad on all fronts.


        • Lisa says

          I understand, seems to be happening a lot to me, I have been attached on my body language, my expressie eyes, and the tone of my voice, they are not even looking at the heart,
          Thankfu,l that Arthur is teaching us!


  3. Jenny says

    Wow! This post summarizes the last 2 years in my husband’s work life. Even my kids could clearly identify ‘the palace’, ‘Gath’, ‘Moab’, ‘the prophet of Gad’, ‘the forest’, and the scary new place of ‘rulership’ that Dad is moving into now!

    However, there have been some HUGE delays in birthing Dad’s new thing (like battling to get full access to the office network for 7 weeks!)
    The glory story is that the day after I prayed speed prayer 1, the network issues were resolved! Now that the log-jam is out the way, there is a flood of progress at work:-)

    Yesterday, we happened to listen to Arthur’s YouTube clip on Brain Rot. That is what prompted me to share this story, and to create a family celebration last night! Thanks be to God! And blessings to the SLG Tribe as you all press in:-)


    • says

      Love it Jenny. We have gotten more reports of movement with technological issues than any other. Quite baffling to me. No idea why the Egyptian Curse lands there so much and no idea why we are able to evict it most easily.


        • viviennehines says

          Early this morning I was not able to sleep so I wanted to check my email and my internet connections was quite down. The directions i received said check connections with pictures of what connections i should correct. Well nothing worked so I read Psalm 4:8. I turned the computer off and went back to sleep. When I awoke later this morning and turned my system on all was corrected.


  4. Joyful says

    I was up on a ladder thinking about this sudden situation with a friend where it appears that a repeat of a predatory towing event (happened before at the same time last year) is going to devour her finances. But this time the towing company broke so many laws that she might come out with significant monetary compensation IF she has the will to stand and watch the Lord deliver her.

    As soon as I learned about it yesterday I began to bring the SLG class action lawsuit to bear on her case and immediately felt that the Lord was in this situation in a big way. Perhaps because He is walking her through what looks like a repeat of a horrible trauma, but carefully holding her hand as He demonstrates His power to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat?

    Which brought to mind a quote that my prayer partner and I came upon years ago when God showed us that a particular situation was going to be a Red Sea outcome where the Pharaoh is drawn into a trap by the Lord in order to destroy all the military power of Egypt….

    “So. We’re the bait.”

    This is puzzling to me because the current lawsuit is being brought AFTER the circumcision at Gilgal, making this application look out of timing. But it maybe it has the same feel to me because I’m familiar with this pattern? Or is this person simply on a different timeline custom tailored to their own healing process? (Doesn’t feel like they are off the timeline, but I might be missing something there.) Or is it something else?


    • says

      Joyful, the war in Canaan continued for quite some time after Gilgal. The reproach of Egypt was not broken off in the Red Sea, but in the land of Canaan.


      • Joyful says


        That’s why it is puzzling to see a situation that has the Red Sea feel to it.
        Out of season? Custom process? Off the timeline?


  5. jane62 says

    And as part of the lonely entrepreneur tribe, I’m praying for Mrs. Life Giver…for wisdom, courage and determination


  6. jane62 says

    I have pondered how to address woundedness that manifests in sin in others I walk with. Hurt people hurt people. Thank you for giving words to the ‘need’ to hold responsibilities and needs in tension. I realise it’s the fine line I’ve been trying to walk, without being shot off my tightrope with a cross bow!


  7. says

    I listened to you describe this part of David’s story while listening to “Das Geistliche Erbe unserer Nationen Deutschland/Österreich entdecken und feiern” a couple of weeks ago. While pondering the story later that evening it suddenly became the catalyst to motivating me into starting to fight back against what you just a few days later identified as the Egyptian Curse.

    The narrative of this story fits and the timing of the transition fits with a time of year that has marked significant transitions in the past.

    Interestingly for me and my family, there is in parallel a stay-and-fight component and a transition-into-the-new in two different arenas of life.

    Still in the fight, feeling the momentum build!


    • says

      Thanks for the report, Peter. It does seem as though this is a season when God’s grace is being released on this theme, as many people became focused on the topic before I brought it up. Tell a friend!


    • viviennehines says

      While I have been fighting back against this curse, I have been alone it would seem in the New York Long Island area as most people just write me off as wanting an easy life. There is a cultural disconnect between myself and several people that the religion of predatory theology is a curse and not a Godly construct. I am glad to be a part of this tribe.


  8. says

    In many ways I can identify with the situation of Mrs. Life Giver. I appreciate the prayer extended to all in the SLG Tribe that experience a situation like her’s. Thanks Arthur for yet again providing understanding to difficult-to-discern situations. Yes and Amen to “hear from Father whether to stay and fight or go and birth a new ministry”


  9. Lee-Ann says

    Dear Arthur today’s post was so apt for myself and a friend today. We could not wait for your next post this morning, we are so excited!! We identify with Mrs Life Giver so much. We are praying hard and fast with the you and “the Tribe”


  10. Sophia says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Arthur!! You have no idea what this has done for our family. I could not stop crying as I listened to the prayer. I cried with holy anger, relief, thankfulness and praise in my heart. This addressed two very current and eruptive situations in our family – one I am facing and one my sister and her husband are facing. God’s timing is so perfect! I trust that in (God-speed) time I will be able to share two amazing glory stories!!


  11. says

    Interesting to see the perversion in the Mercy season of need=right. Quite nasty when combined with wounds and victim spirit.. Hhmmmm…how to lean in for all the shifting God intends without being hammered by the upside down junk…