10. Speed Prayer: Transition

Rich Marshall taught me that the hardest changes are from God’s order, to God’s new order.

Think of Christ.  Clearly the Mosaic Law was God’s order and had been for a very long time.  It was a challenge for them to lay down God’s order to embrace the Christ, who was God’s new order.

Equally clearly, it was God’s order for David to be in the Judean countryside for this season.  God’s hand was upon him, teaching him much, growing his team and protecting him on all sides.  It was a radically God-breathed time.

When that time was up, God caused the Philistine leaders to become suspicious of him, God allowed Saul and his sons to die in the devastating defeat and God allowed another enemy to destroy Ziklag, David’s city at the time.  All of this was done with God-speed, in about 36 hours.

The pain was astronomic.  David’s men could not handle it well, and they talked of killing him.  He was so devastated that he wept before God until there was no strength.  When they went after their families, some of the men were too exhausted to go the distance.

By any measure, it was a brutal transition.

But it was God’s agenda for David to be suddenly homeless, alienated from the Philistines and available for the leaders of Judah to crown him king of their tribe immediately.

When we have been in a place or community or season where the grace of God flowed strongly to us and through us, it is quite disconcerting to our souls when God switches off the grace abruptly.

It is not always so.  There are times where there is a gradual decrease of grace and an abundance of markers that a season is coming to an end.  Our souls have time to adjust to the coming transition.  It is a gentle, elegant shift.

But sometimes we have to make a U-turn at 100 mph, and the whiplash is severe.  When that happens, we often blame it on the devil, but sometimes it is God who transitions us with the force and finality that David experienced.

This too is God-speed even though we feel the pain is going to break us in two.

As we have cried out passionately for God to move quickly in the areas that our souls approve of, let us also submit to the righteous hand of God and invite Him to readjust our relationships, our work, our community and our land, even if it costs us pain.

After all, the pain of our deliberately slow walking God’s will, and thereby opening the door to the enemy, is worse than the pain of God-speed moving us toward our appointment with destiny.

10. Speed Prayer Transition

Copyright July 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Grace says

    Three cheers for the benefits of being part of the tribe! I got a few days behind on the prayers, and I’m catching up today. On Thursday when you all prayed into transition in God’s timing, I experienced an abrupt shift in my life that I had been unable to break through on my own – and it happened by God moving on someone who doesn’t even know Him. Almost immediately there was a major pushback from the enemy, but I know God is working, and I’ll continue to press forward.


  2. JuliaArkhipov says

    I’d like to share a glory story:
    My husband and our family go through a big transition every three years which includes usually moving to a new city and getting a new job. Usually it happens either in March or August. This time around we knew we are up for another assignment, but could not get any traction. We sent out resumes to different companies but have not hear anything back, this is unusual because my
    Husband is very good at what he does and is currently employed by one of the Big Four software companies. I started praying when the first post came up about the Egyptian issue and all of a sudden several companies that are at the top of Fortune 500 list want to interview him, not only that but they want to skip several rounds of phone interviews and bring him onsite right away which is very unusual. Right now we don’t know where we will end up, but this is very exciting!


  3. Jenna says

    I want to share some glory stories in areas where there have been breakthroughs with the Egyptian Curse regarding one family that we have been interceding for.
    On day ONE of the prayers, we received news that approval was given for a family member to come visit after having nothing but problems with red tape. This person received a very friendly letter from the embassy welcoming this person to visit and an offer to help resolve a visa mishandling!

    In addition, We have been praying for their family members who have been arrested recently for their faith in a country where Christianity is forbidden. One church leader was completely ‘disappeared’ and there was no word on whether this leader was dead or alive. We have just received word that all have been released except for the church leader but the church leader IS alive. We are continuing to use the prayers to bring about the leader’s release and for more miracles regarding the others who are out of prison but under house arrest and still in dire circumstances.

    There are many more God Speed miracles that are surrounding this story in the area of strategies, provision and healing that are too sensitive to post but we are excited to see God moving against the Egyptian Curse in powerful ways!!


  4. says

    well, I joined this a couple of days ago! So i did a whole batch of the speed prayers altogether. Ruth and one other really resonated, however, I felt that it was like wading through treacle, but persevered…. until the night before night when I tried to read through the remaining prayers in order to ‘catch up’ and wasn’t able to stick with it at all. I have been in some physical pain from my back (old injury) so decided to go for a long walk which actually ended up too long and so a very bad night and morning, unable to move very much due to severe pain and spasms. Did a lot of worshiping, then binding spirits as Holy Spirit led, then declaring that Jesus had already taken this pain and decreeing Holy Spirit resurrection life to flow. Feeling of warmth in my back, then when I turned over, very sharp painful click. When I got up (I’d been lying on my bed) a sense of total freedom so began to worship and even dance (bearing in mind I couldn’t move without pain before this). Amazing. So just completed the last 3 speed prayers. David’s Boss really resonated and brought a lot of soul pain release. Also a sense of ‘full stem ahead’ and then listened to the final prayer. Awesome. I feel so totally transformed, ready to leave the zone of transition for the new thing/ministry He has for me. Will continue to press in on behalf of the whole SLG tribe. Thank you Arthur, so much for this. it came into my inbox absolutely on Father God’s time for me. Blessings.


    • says

      Congratulations, Judith, on persevering. And I am delighted with the report of an abrupt breaking of the power of the enemy, not a slow healing. I like God-speed a lot!!!! This is how it should be.


  5. viviennehines says

    Yesterday was a very difficult day on my body with paralysis. I had a difficult time standing up straight and early this morning it became almost impossible to physically move. I began to feel the original trauma and paralysis of the accident of 2011 that paralyzed my left side completely for 3 weeks throughout the whole of my body in my bones where it had been settled since the time of the accident. BUT I am celebrating that I am walking again this morning still feeling some numbness in my left ankle and I am believing for all of the physical paralysis to leave my body and my life completely. Victory on the family front with movement towards family restoration. No movement with my sons as yet, BUT I am trusting in the God who gave me sons when doctors said my womb would be barren. Celebrating my KING, JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Christine says

    This issue of releasing all transitions into God’s hands and simultaneously warring against the enemy sticking his two cents worth into the timeline of the transitions struck a deep chord in me this morning. Praying this at a deep level for all of us today.


  7. Susanne Raabe says

    Dear Arthur,

    I´m sorry, I can´t open the downloads from your website, only the downloads from Sapphire Austria. iTunes doesn´t play them.

    Do you have a solution for this for me?

    Thank you very much for every answer, Blessings,

    Susanne Raabe