13. Speed Prayer: Revelation

Do you know me?

Not really.

You only know the public persona.  Most of you have never seen me shopping, cooking, mowing the lawn, playing with my grandkids, paddling a canoe, wrestling with a Hebrew word, meditating in the mountains at sunrise, or warring for the government of God to be established somewhere.

Do you know God?

Not really.

You know a lot about God from what you have read in the Word and heard from others, but you only really know God in the areas you have experienced Him.

Take childbirth, for example.

A number of carefully done surveys in the ’80s all concluded that the window of time when a person is most open to the gospel is when a woman has just given birth to her first child.  If the process was not horribly traumatic, they experience something of God in the process of birthing that no man will actually ever know.

I know the God of land because He has walked with me on land and shared His heart.  I don’t know the God of music.

I know a little bit of the God of government because He has seen fit to meet me in a few places and allow me to know His heart about His government.  I don’t know the God of the high seas.  I am just a two bit day sailor, but those who have traversed the pathways of the seas know some facets of His nature we landlubbers never will.

I know the God of life and life giving and abundant life.  A hospice worker knows the nuances of the God of transition.

There are few greater privileges than for God to reveal to us things HE wants us to know about Him.  I ponder again and again what it must have been like for Moses to listen to God describe creation.  “Let there be light” lies flat and lifeless on the page.  What was it like to hear Gods tone of voice, to watch His face, to see where He gestured with His hands when He was describing each event?

Moses knew a facet of God none of the rest of us have ever experienced.

That is big, but the really big point is that when Moses and God got together, God got to talk about what He wanted.  Moses did not climb the mountain with a bucket list of questions.

This to me is one of the most astounding facets of the Blessing of Egypt.  God will reveal Himself to Egypt in an experiential way.  He knows what they need more than they do.  He will set the agenda.  He will not only offer them truth, He will allow them to experience the truth of His nature in ways precisely designed to unpack their gifts.

Ultimate fathering.

I have such a long list of things I would like to know about God or about the world He created.  But is what I want, what I need?

I doubt it.

Most of the greatest revelations I share with you came in the context of God forcing truth on me.  I can only do this series because a few years ago, God brought a number of very messy people to me and forced me to learn a bunch of stuff about a bunch of demons I really didn’t want to know about.  But I know the God Who Triumphs Over Egyptian Demons better than most of you.

I have experienced Him time and again.

The material on nurturing your spirit was literally forced on me by God.

The seven levels of fathering was snuck in the side door while I was desperately seeking to find the answer to something completely different.

I fought the revelation of the redemptive gifts of land and cities and nations for a year.  God was persistent in revealing His majesty to me in that key of music.

So where else does He want to reveal Himself to me that I am not looking for – or worse yet, resisting?

I don’t know, but I am sure going to be more intentional about warring against the enemy slow walking revelation and crying out for God to mug me in the most intense way necessary to reveal everything about Himself to me that He wants me to know.

This is another facet of the Blessing of Egypt.

13. Speed Prayer: Revelation

Copyright July 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Michael Zahn Martin says

    Your writings have been shared with me by a friend, several times over the past year. Somehow, though I still feel a faint disconnect due to your style and maybe some manner of your personal choice of vocabulary, I am deeply moved by this concept expressed here:
    “He will not only offer them truth, He will allow them to experience the truth of His nature in ways precisely designed to unpack their gifts.”

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  2. Gina says

    May I post a testimony here? I just learned about this series of Speed Prayers two days ago and I’m catching up on the previous prayers one by one. I’m not a member of your inner circle but I’m on your mailing list for 8+ years and following teachings and half-baked potatoes, applying bits and pieces of them to my life and translating parts of your material into my language (German) so I can discuss it with friends. I don’t know if you would have considered me to be part of the group of people you were including in your prayers but I’m sure you must have set things in motion in my life by it. When I came across Speed Prayer Number 4 (Ruth) I was thrilled because on the exact day you posted it a miracle happened with God-speed in my life. My marriage was as dead as dead can be for 15 years! No communication except for smalltalk, nothing. Very depressing situation that made me sick also. On the exact day you issued this prayer we suddenly and totally unexpectedly fell in love again and no bitterness is left, everything is just as if these barren years had never been an issue. We’re totally overwhelmed by this grace gift of God. Just wanted to let you know that things are happening, maybe far beyond the circle of people you expected to benefit directly from your prayers. We will stay tuned and run with it to be ready to multiply the harvest. Thank you!

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    • says

      Dear Gina,

      Yes, you may certainly consider yourself part of the SLG tribe and I am thrilled with your report. We began with a number of small victories over technology, but I have had on my heart for a while that we need to drill down on relationships. With this as our first fruits, I will go that direction. I am absolutely delighted with the completeness and the profound nature of your breakthrough.

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      • Cherie says

        Thank you SO much for praying these prayers. I am contending for my marriage (all marriages)too and the return of my husband. I REJOICE with Gina!!!

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        • says

          Oh, Cherie, I pray for you and the return of your husband.
          It has been a 7-year season since my husband left(and then divorced me). I often wonder if it’s too late or out of order to pray his return.
          Lord pour out the gift of faith for Cherie with God-Speed results!!


  3. Patricia Lawson. says

    Thank you for sharing all that Arthur – really witnesses with me. 24 years ago I had an amazing dream and I have been to many people and organisations over the years and had many interpretations – BUT – this morning, God gave me the true interpretation, revealing Himself to me in the “language of my own gift”. The interpretation is both simple and profound, and I ‘know’ this is going to change my life, because I now see Him in a different way. I’ve been blessed with new facets of Him and deeper worship. Glory to God (I really mean that) – glory to God!

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