14. Speed Prayer: Worship


Occasionally the solo is compelling.  Mostly the magnificent of music comes from the weaving together of different components.

The melody and the bass cleft.  The ever changing cadence and the rise and fall of the pitch.  The voices and the instruments.  Change one instrument or one singer and there is a difference in the whole.  Think of the classic songs that are a “must” in the repertory of each great singer.

Now, in addition to the score, the instruments and the singers, factor in the spirit.

Think of Amazing Grace sung by a prodigious sinner with a magnificent voice, backed up by an exceptional orchestra of highly talented creative heathen.

Not compelling.

By contrast, there is Andre Crouch singing “My Tribute.”  He was a PK with the redemptive gift of Servant.  It is too funny watching his YouTube videos.  Only half of each clip is singing, because before he sings, he has to honor everyone from the third assistant usher to his ancestors.  He has lived and walked a lifestyle of giving honor.  He had some hardships as a child and God met him in a transformational way.

When you take his Servant gift and allow it to be unpacked in a lifestyle of building platforms under other people, he had a spirit majestically equipped to sing that song.  Yes, there were other musicians involved, and I am sure if I understood music theory, there would be some fascinating things about the score, but mostly, I soar to the spirit of the man who was fit to sing those words.

Now imagine building a worship team based on the redemptive gifts of the musicians and the ways they had unpacked their treasures.  It is an art form that is not widely considered these days, when musical skill is elevated above spiritual depth.

While we have not even begun to scratch the surface of this art, God knows every nuance.  So I ponder the expression of worship that He deems paramount for the rebuilding of the broken world:  Egypt and Assyria.  Ruler and Exhorter.

It is intriguing that the Giver tribe is left out.  They are identified with the altar of incense which represents worshipping intercession.  And you see this played out in the Giver nations of the world.

I smile as I read the vapid news stories about President Obama in Kenya.  You haven’t done church until you have been in a Kenyan church.  With their Giver gift, there is a passion and intensity to their worship and intercession that is rich, full bodied and unlike anything I have found elsewhere in the world.

When Dr. C. Peter Wagner assembled the vast gathering at Ephesus, he tapped the South Korean church to bring 100 of their worshipping intercessors to sing the Hallelujah Chorus in the place where the Ephesians had once rioted about Diana.  Once again, the Giver brought high authority.

All this God knows.  And He designed them for worshipping intercession.  And they do.  At the peak of the Antichrist’s power, God will tap 144,000 men from the Giver tribe to sing a song no one else can learn, in order to do a flavor of damage no one else can do to the Antichrist.

But for the rebuilding of the world, God will need a different flavor of worship, so He will weave together the Ruler and Exhorter gifts at an unprecedented level, to synergistically release their treasures in an extraordinary sound.

This too, is the Blessing of Egypt.

This touches a very tender spot in my inner man.  I have many close friends of just about every imaginable kind.  But I don’t have a single worship partner who is catalytic for me.  I long for someone who can hear my heart for God and identify with it and lean into my worship with me, taking me to a higher level.

I long for someone who I can do the same.  I need someone who has walked a different path than I have, so he brings something new to the mix, but someone who is close enough to my journey that we can find some common ground.  Somewhat the same.  Somewhat different.

Able to flow with each other in unscripted, dynamic worship of our Great King.

I don’t have that.


And I long for it.

So let’s turn those longings into warfare prayer.

14. Speed Prayer: Worship

Copyright July 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. says

    With a Redemptive Gift of Prophet, I don’t have the sensibilities of the Mercy Worshipper or the style of the Servant Worshipper. However, I have stepped into worship with these as my catalyst.

    Bob Jones, once told the story of his hunting dogs, and it stuck with me because we’ve always had hunting dogs for flushing quail or retrieving ducks.
    … “when you hunt with two dogs, let’s say a couple of Retrievers, they stay fairly close together as you wander through the woods or grasslands. An interesting thing occurs when one, only one, dog catches the sent of the prey. Dog [1] freezes in place, then Dog [2] follows and also freezes in place, even when he/she doesn’t see or smell anything. It’s called “Honoring the Point.”…

    Bob then encouraged us to “Honor the Point” in worship. Without judging, follow the lead of someone you see is in a worship place you desire.

    [1] On a Video (which reveals my age) I watched Christine Potter, a Servant Gift to her longtime famous husband worship leader, “swim” -yes, I said swim- in the worship river of God. I honored her “point” and the river in my personal worship space rose up to my knees and I was undone.

    [2] I spent a weekend with my friend, who is a Mercy/Intercessor with intimacy in worship that I can’t quite reach when I’m alone. Anyway, I was upstairs and heard worship music from below, I wandered down to find my friend prostrate in front of her stereo. Not wanting to invade the intimate moment, I just stood there. Nevertheless, Jen sensed my presence and said, “Come join me.” NOT feeling a thing but “Honoring the Point,” I crossed the threshold and raised my arms in worship. In less than 3 minutes, I joined her on the floor unable to stand in the Presence of the Holy of Holies, so to speak.

    For the SLG Tribe, and myself, I pray that God Himself will move with ‘alacrity’ to bring us a catalyst for worship, and we choose to “Honor the Point.”


  2. Heather :) says

    Wow. . . You must’ve been eavesdropping on my conversation with my mom that I had only hours ago before even seeing this post. . . You spoke my heart and prayed my spirit’s groaning. . . for my worship “team”. . . THANK YOU! I cannot agree more! I thought it was just my being a Mercy yearning -or unique to me. . . but w o w, if you- Arthur- a Prophet, feel the same- then God must be afoot!! It’s comforting just knowing I’m not alone in my yearning. Could this longing be a sign of the fresh worship that is coming in this Mercy Season of the Church as a new move of God that will bring the truest God speed and outpouring of the Spirit on all flesh?!! AMEN!! Lord Jesus, come!!

    I’d also love more understanding of the Giver’s worship/intercession. . . especially being married to a Giver . . . ???

    Longing for my worship kindred spirit(s). . . and believing for myself and all those who also know the yearning. . .


  3. Megan Caldecourt says

    This post and prayer has landed deeply. I have been thinking about it since it was posted. Many of my most worshipful moments have been alone or least felt alone because at that point I am beyond words. Sure has ignited my imagination to think about what could be experienced and transformed when it is more than one person in that place, spiraling upwards, even if no words are spoken. Neither them or the land could possibly stay the same! Will keep pushing forward.


  4. says

    I think I am experiencing some of this as a young woman who sings and plays guitar worships with me as we do a two hour prayer set at our local House of Prayer.

    Just after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. I felt a bit discouraged as an intercessor. We were doing the weekly prayer and worship time as usual. I usually ask that God will reveal to us what is on His heart as we begin to pray. After the first two songs I began to focus on the Lord, made proclamations, ‘From eternity to eternity You are God, Your Word stands firm in the heavens’ as I was doing that I suddenly felt my self seeing things from God’s perspective. I saw that no mater how people try to shut out God, try to change the truth. God will be the same yesterday, today and forever. He will never change. Suddenly I had hope and faith that no matter what man did, God is still in control of the universe.

    As we went on I saw a man say “I have a big house, nice car, beautiful garden. I am blessed. God loves me so much.” I realized that this man’s identity and feeling loved is in what he owns. (We need to be blessed to be able to be a blessing to others, so the issue is not the money). The Holy Spirit showed me a man in the persecuted church in prison, who had peace and joy. Then I thought of the orphans in Africa at Heidi Baker’s ministry and how much joy they have. So I prayed around that. That the church of Jesus Christ will have her roots and true identity and how loved she is by the Lord, not by what she possess, but in her relationship with the King.

    It was an amazing morning. I would pray it, my friend would sing it and we just flowed with the Holy Spirit. We had resistance the next week, and a bit of a lull for 2 weeks, but we press through and the Holy Spirit paints a picture most weeks. My friend might move and that will be sad for me. But God has different seasons for different assignments.

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  5. jewestaway says

    It hit me… just there! And here is my prayer (in part)…

    There is someone you have for me
    Someone to be
    Alongside with me
    One with you
    With me
    Heart to heart with me
    For you
    Hand in hand with me to be
    Spirits melted into one
    Melted in worshiping you
    Loneliness no more
    Aloneness no more
    Togetherness’ open door
    Your chosen sweet symphony
    Uninhibited harmony
    Heaven-scripted melody
    In tune with infinity
    Warring with ferocity
    Interceding jealously
    To set us free
    To be
    With you

    One part of His BIG picture… My Speed Prayer for me, my family, and my SLG Tribe!
    Blessings~ Joan

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    • jewestaway says

      Wordsmith sprang to life here! Couldn’t contain it! Yay! Speed writing!
      It falls in line with Yada (intimacy) time, multiplying two into one…
      And here is one of the songs being sung…
      I can hear it even now, as i’m waiting, warring, for that one He has chosen!

      … We will build you an altar
      Build tou an altar of praise
      Build you an altar of praise and worship
      ane we will worship you, Yahweh
      We will worship you!

      ~ Joan Westaway Brisbane Q AU


  6. Angie Smith Krogman says

    I pray daily for God to send me true passionate worshippers. God bless you Arthur. Once again spot on. Everyday another marvellous facet, cry of tribe revealed, unveiled in my heart.


  7. Nina says

    The timing of this post could only be the handiwork of our great God! Tomorrow…..new books. He’s the guy that will give you the movie you are in search of I’m almost certain of it 😉.


  8. Nina says

    I am a bridge builder. It’s what I do. So basically I connect people. That is confirmed revelation. Thought I’d introduce you to a fellow wordsmith and kindred spirit!


  9. says

    Up until now, I’ve been able to lean into all the prayers with some significant gusto – but THIS one sends me over the edge!

    My skill is small, but I sometimes pair with a violinist friend, who I think might be Giver – and we can play for hours with no words, no agenda, no set music or any particular song. We just play and it ‘happens’ and other people seem to ‘happen’ with us.

    My mother is a giver and she and I fire off of one another and it propels not only us, but those that are participating (and sometimes not participating) with us to places in G-d that our souls can’t usually really comprehend.

    Both of them far exceed my skill, but when its spirit led, skill and talent take a lesser place as it seems deeper sounds develop without our soul’s understanding.

    Now, this is only on the level of music – what about other forms of worship? Connecting in various ways of worship with teams of different RGs, each taking their proper position – whatever that may be. What must THAT smell like to the Father?

    I’ll be messed up all day over this one! Thanks Arthur, love it!

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  10. Melissa says

    Will be praying that you and others in the SLG tribe would be able to experience the type of worship that you are longing for. I have been graced with being able to experience what you are describing several times during my life. It is an absolutely incredible experience. There is an extraordinary richness I have experienced when that spiritual flow is matched with peerless musicians, multiple redemptive gifts, and similar passions for God and his presence. It blends into an extraordinary experience, especially when I have experienced it flowing with warfare, prayer, ministry and the prophet. As a musician, I have been particularly inspired by musicians who have been able to blend various styles of music into a glorious whole. An example to me is John Michael Talbot’s song “One Faith” in the original recording which was recorded for orchestra and guitar. There was a tremendous blend between folk/pops/and classical that thrills my
    spirit. For me, it is a small inspiration on what the glorious sound in heaven might be when every tribe and tongue will join in worship to the lamb on the throne. I used to think perhaps there would be different style “days” to that music, but have mused on whether each style and culture of music is actually designed by God to flow into one masterful symphony of joyful sound. It can be difficult to blend different styles of music as well as redemptive gifts together, here in the natural as a musician, but what if the rock and roll is designed to compliment the African tribal rhythms, the sounds of the Far East as well as the classical European traditions? As I pondered your examples above, I wondered if there were particular styles of music that certain redemptive gifts gravitate towards or even whether there is an affinity for particular instruments that express the flavor of that gift better than others? What would be the depth of sound and worship and breakthrough that would occur with an entire orchestra of musicians with different redemptive gifts flowing in the spirit together to create harmonies that echo the worship already ocurring around the throne of God? How would you put something together like that? I’ve done/heard some incredible things with groups as large as 5-6 with an array of instruments, but what if it were larger? Could God direct an entire orchestra with nothing more than his spirit to conduct?

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  11. viviennehines says

    This issue of worship stirs me very deeply because I only have true worship when I am alone.


  12. Noeleen says

    I really want to agree with you for this – and I’m imagining God’s delight as you make contact with the person or group who are so much the right design and fit. God’s speed indeed. A big Amen from me. I know there’s a flow and not just separate prayers in isolation but this has touched me. If you pay any attention at all to the stars and votes at the top, the one star is from me but that was incompetence with technology not my heart response.

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