16. Speed Prayer: Justice

If the Securities and Exchange Commission had been operating in Israel in 892 B. C., both Elisha and the Shunammite woman would have been headed to prison.  If ever there was an “insider’s tip” it was Elisha telling her that God was getting ready to send seven years of famine on Israel, so she should liquidate her assets and move to another country for a while.  2 Kings 8:1ff

Being a canny business woman, she moved with alacrity and weathered the storm in the next nation to the west.

When the economic climate improved, she came back to her home town to see what could be done to repurchase all of the family land she had sold when she left.

Since it was not a year of jubilee, the current buyers did not HAVE to sell it back to her.  They could have forced her to buy some other land and hold it until the jubilee sorted it all out.  But, she liked the land God had assigned to her family, so she decided to go to the king to see if there was any chance of a deal.

She happened to be in line for an audience with the king when the king was entertaining himself with stories from Gehazi about Elisha’s doings.  Gehazi “happened” to spot her in the crowd right after telling about her son being raised from the dead and he excitedly pointed her out to the king.

Needless to say, in the drama of the moment, she got everything sorted out with God-speed.

Now, there is a biiiiiig backstory here.  Remember Gehazi running after Naaman to mooch some money?  Elisha was infuriated at the way Gehazi damaged Elisha’s brand as a Prophet Not For Sale.  “‘Naaman’s leprosy will cling to you and to your descendants forever.’ Then Gehazi went from Elisha’s presence and he was leprous, as white as snow.”  2 Kings 5:27 NIV

Now, lepers are not allowed in the palace.  So clearly, somewhere along the way, God and Gehazi got reconciled and he got healed.

Another variable in the equation was Jehoram the king.  One wonders if he was DID or had some other complication because his life was anything but linear.  He fought Baal worship but worshipped Jeroboam’s golden calves?  Really?

Elisha rescued him with the power of God repeatedly.  Some days he loved Elisha and some days he got so mad at Elisha he even tried to arrest him.  What’s up with that?!

So God had to line up three variables.  The wobbly king had to be Elisha’s buddy on this particular day, interested in some fun stories about the prophet.

The renegade servant had to be healed and had to be hanging around the palace somehow, so that he was available to do entertainment duty for the king.  And he was.

And the business woman had to be in the audience that particular day – not the day before or after.

God used a whimsical little situation of having the right people in the room at the right time in the right mood for her to get her assets back with God-speed.

He can do it again, with ease.

16. Speed Prayers: Justice

Copyright July 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Patricia Lawson. says

    2011 My daughter was very ill with cancer in SA, her husband had left her and I had to get her back to the UK for treatment. She had still not received the birth certificate for her 11 month old daughter and we had to apply for an Emergency Travel Document from the British Consulate, and my daughter had to appear in person. Lots of things had to line up for us.
    1. A friend had to be available to collect the elder daughter from school, and the only day she had was Tuesday.
    2. On Monday the Birth Certificate was “suddenly” available for collection.
    3. When we went to the British consulate they decided to give us a Passport for the baby instead of an ETD and it turned out it was the last day that the passports were being issued from SA.
    4. Audrey had to have chemo for 5 days and wait 2 weeks before she could fly – then she had to have more chemo within 2 weeks of arriving in Scotland. 2 Medical people advised that we would never get Audrey into the Cancer Hospital in Glasgow within 2 weeks – but we went to the local GP the day after arriving (Thursday) who made an appointment with a specialist at the local hospital for Monday, and by the following Thursday Audrey was in the Cancer Hospital in Glasgow.
    Everything was lined up with God-speed.
    Even more…Audrey managed to take over the rent of the flat her elder sister had just 2 blocks away from us, as her sister moved to England. Then when Audrey was told that she needed a stem cell transplant – the only compatible donor (having checked to world donor bank) was her elder sister in England (not the sister living in the States).
    I understand the awesomeness of God-speed! It is a wonderful feeling of someone else organising everything for you, but even more, the “someone” is the most dependable and capable being ever, who never makes mistakes or gets caught out by forgetting something. Three times they told me Audrey was not going to make it – she battled for 6 months in hospital when it should have been 4 weeks, but I never doubted God’s intention to bring her through. Today she is fit and healthy with 2 lovely daughters both doing well, and they stay with us every Friday night. Yep…I praise Him, all the time, and I still stand in awe of all that He did for us.


  2. jane62 says

    Loving your perspective. You have woven these ‘used to be boring’ stories into special perspective about how God is “God who orchestrates time and circumstances”. Thank you.


  3. Sonia says

    Arthur I love this picture for the prayer 🙂 This one lands big in my spirit! I will have this one on repeat. 🙂