18. Speed Prayer: Restitution

When Israel left Egypt, they left wealthy.  This is not because they did the flash mob thing and stole what was not theirs, but because God had decreed that they receive hundreds of years of back wages with penalties and interest. They had provided a service for Pharaoh under duress and had been paid less than the value they had generated, and God decided the time had come to reimburse this generation for the value they and their forefathers had been robbed of.

It is interesting that before doing that, God systematically humiliated the ten primary demonic overlords of Egypt with the ten plagues.  Once His mastery over the demons was established, the people involved moved with God-speed to release the value that was due to the Israelites.

It also intrigues me that it was a class action project.  This was not an issue of one person going to the one Egyptian who had defrauded him.  Rather the whole nation owed a payment to the whole nation of Israel.

And they paid.  With God-speed and the fear of the Lord was on them.  They were desperate to consummate the financial transaction and to part ways with the Hebrews whom they now feared after having disdained them for generations.

Today we will begin a focus for a few days on justice in terms of finances.  Now let me be very quick to say that I get a lot of emails of people claiming that they have been defrauded and from their own stories I feel strongly that their business plan was horrible or their ethical practices brought judgment on them from the Lord.

That said, in my own prayer for the tribe, I am not asking for a release of everything people think they are owed by whomever, but of what God believes they are owed.  And, I am making it generational since that is the picture here.  The generation that went through the Exodus received the deferred payments from the prior generations who were already dead.

Some people have had a history of devouring and the past can still be on the books in the eyes of God, if He so chooses.

18. Speed Prayers Restitution

Copyright July 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Joyful says

    Wow. A very deep issue is surfacing related to this. Anguish is washing over me. Tears and anguish. My early years were relatively “easy” because I created an “alternate reality” in place of some of the ugliness that was lived out in our extended family. When that illusion was (thankfully) shattered by the Lord in 2004-2005, the weight of processing a 44 year backlog of reality pretty much buried me. For almost 10 years I’ve been working through the physical, emotional, and spiritual processes required as best as I can. That’s been my heart all along, to do whatever I see needs to be done.

    When I think of the Lord’s purposes in all of this, I can see His graciousness in allowing me to defer what I did not have the resources to deal with in those early years. I can see His kindness and gently leading me where I could not go on my own. My prayer from the beginning of my walk with Christ Jesus, my Lord, has been to choose the truth, embrace the truth, love the truth, to do what is right even to my own hurt.

    The pain point is that I am now learning that my loss of connection with family was due to someone telling untrue stories about me that were accepted, believed, and used to justify shunning me. For 10 years I haven’t had one person in this group come to me to let me know why I was “unfriended” by them. I have loved and prayed for this “family” all these years. Did not one of them have a heart for restoration? Do they not have tools for dealing with failure and broken relationship. Why is it OK for them to forever dump a member of their own family based on any real or perceived failure–without any discussion or attempt to repair things?

    My life has probably been filled with more mistakes and awkwardness than most–but being misunderstood, losing connection–these land with so much pain. Here I am asking, what good does it do to be eager to do what is right if the door has been slammed and locked tight already. It feels like I’ve been robbed. But maybe it’s something else? What is in it for God to allow me to be slammed, disrespected, shunned or treated as if I’m not worthy of kindness or even personhood?

    If this is robbery, what would restitution for this look like?


    • Kathy says

      My story is similar and the timeline similar as well when in 2004 our mother passed away and things ‘shifted’ and the distance between myself and my three younger siblings and father were more pronounced to the point where a year ago in March our father died and I dont even know if there was a will. I dont have an answer but ask the same question as you do.


      • Joyful says

        Yes, thank you Kathy.

        The illusions of real family connection seem to be broken with the passing of an elder in a family. Part of this can be explained by the fact that one elder can work on the soul level to keep everyone else in line to “make nice” amongst the family members. I am also curious about whatever spiritual “stuff” that elder was managing before their passing.

        For me, what helps me the most with the pain of failed connections is to work with those I do have strong connections with. They can help me regain the reality of what I am in the “eyes of Heaven”, establishing my identity –as it is now– not some freeze-frame from the past.

        Placing my pain in God’s hands for His safekeeping. Taking all of the false views of me to the Lord. Applying Christ’s atonement. Taking back the ground given to the enemy through those lies and inviting God to invade in every area the enemy has been operating. Asking for God’s restitution, in whatever manner He chooses.


  2. nita7932014 says

    I am also ‘all the way into the end of this class action suit’. As of yesterday we have had a huge breakthrough, not specifically in the area of finances but in freedom. We wait patiently and move forward walking through the steps laid out for us to follow. I am beginning to see the significance of Worship. I also know that as I lift up the whole tribe we move in majestic power lead by the Lord God Himself. Thanks


  3. says

    This is amazing and very timely for us. As of yesterday, when this God-Speed came we had just started discussions with the insurance company about a settlement from BJ’s accident last October. however, as we listened and prayed the prayer (actually twice) we came to realize this was about MUCH more than a deal with the insurance company. This is about our entire lives, our children, our generations, and on and on. It is about the sons and daughters arising in the Kingdom. Thank you once again, Arthur, for kicking out the ends of the box. These prayers and insight show that the Egyptian curse is so much more than FreeMasonry. It is the war of the ages, the real clash of the Kingdoms.


  4. Linda Dale says

    I sense that this journey will yield much fruit and look forward to walking it with the tribe. There has been much put out in secular media regarding restitution in the last few years. In God’s timing, I believe He will walk it out for the whole body of Christ.


  5. Kathy says

    For me this feels like the next stage after this prayer we prayed in the window of time of March 9 2014

    Date: Sunday, March 9, 2014
    Subject: Arthur Burk…. Prayer for March 9th – 15th window of His timing

    “Father, I come to You as the Righteous Judge of the Universe and ask for a legal hearing in Your court.
    I bring accusation against Your ancient enemy and his minions claiming that there has been a deliberate attempt to call some of the good things we do, evil.
    I believe those spirits have also inflicted some of Your children with darkness when they were seeking the light of God from us.
    Finally, there have been very successful attempts to take that which is sweet from Your hand and my hand and make it bitter in the lives of Your people.

    “Righteous Judge, You have a much larger perspective than I do on these things and all the different players involved.
    You also know the right time for judgment. In all things we defer to Your superior wisdom and Your knowledge of justice.

    “However, if we are right that this week in March (March 9-15th) is a time of release from Egyptian curses and heresies,
    I stand in my covenant position and request that judgment be proclaimed AND executed by You against all unclean spirits that have in any way been hindering Your work in us or through us.

    “The Exodus occurred at a precise time in Your master plan for the Middle East.
    If we have heard right, there is a window that You have created this week that is for explosive freedom from long term bondage.
    We ask, proactively, that You would destroy any and all demonic forces that would attempt to pervert Your ancient purposes for this window.
    Let it be perfectly aligned with heaven’s time and design so that Your people the world over may walk in the freedom You desire.

    “We ask these things as a people in agreement with each other, seeking to come into agreement with heaven’s agenda in this window of time”

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  6. viviennehines says

    Arthur, I love this construct of restitution and I am in agreement that it is God who keeps the books who is well able to know areas where I have been defrauded and the value of my restitution. I am still all the way into the the end of this class action suit. Thanks

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