Leviathan’s Lair Follow Up

Gotta love our tribe.  There are some blazing fast implementers out there who don’t wait for the ink to dry on the page before converting the abstract into the concrete.  Rock on, Team SLG.

I have a very good friend who has been part of our tribe for years who took a whack to the head sometime back.  She had been in traditional therapy for a while when she got our blog on Leviathan occasionally being in the cerebral-spinal fluid and the sulci.

Here is an edited version of her report, used with permission.


Your blog post on Leviathan being in the CSF of the brain was so timely for me.  It came right on the day when I was just so fed up of recovery that I was ready to do something drastic, anything to try and speed up the process.  Both myself and my prayer partner felt it was something we could attack.  So we wasted no time in doing so.

It just so happened that the next time we were able to Skype was exactly nine months to the day and time that I received a head injury.  After a few minor technical issues courtesy of Leviathan, we got down to tackling the seven heads in the CSF of the brain and spinal cord.

It was a wonderfully messy time as we coached each other through the deliverance.  Coming from different backgrounds we both had different pieces to add.  We managed to get through all seven, getting stuck on a few where there were legal rights and sin issues to deal with.  But overall it was a success with each head being removed.

It’s only been a few days – early signs are encouraging, with a significant reduction in headaches, a greater tolerance for noise, and a more stable emotional base – the three main areas affected by my head injury.  It’s too early to say if there is “measurable, verifiable, sustained change” but so far so good.


It had never occurred to me that Leviathan in the CSF could be causing biological problems.  In the few people I worked with, we were focusing on spiritual issues and mental clarity, both of which produced results.

But this is spectacular.  It raises the question of what other biological problems could be affected.  My mind immediately races to migraines.

If we have any SLG guinea pigs with chronic migraines, I sure would recommend having some fairly unambiguous conversations with Leviathan in the brain to see what happens next.

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Where I should be burnishing my notes for “Tools for Freedom Part 3” on Wednesday, but I got quite captivated by this email.

39. Speed Prayer: Change of Focus

We have warred for almost six weeks now.  There have been a lot of individual reports of measurable, verifiable, sustained change.

The first measurables were a rash of technical issues in equipment that suddenly vanished.  That caught us quite by surprise.

Then we saw a handful of government and medical institution paperwork suddenly come under the influence of the God-speed blessing.

We have reports of a few physical healings.

Some people have gotten jobs, or secured business deals or in other contexts had God-speed visit their finances.

Some people reported just an overall improvement in quality of life without being able to point to a specific item.  It is as though the Egyptian Curse is just fading away slowly under the assault of our prayers.

But by and large, the greatest amount of change we have heard so far is with restored relationships within family.  Some astounding lurches without any prior warning have taken place.  This is quite a surprise to me since I had not associated the Egyptian curse with devouring family relationships, but it is without a doubt one of the most welcome surprises I have had in a while.

Bring it on, Lord!

I felt a couple of weeks ago that we were nearing the end of this season of the war.  I have put out a lot of material on what breakthrough could look like, as well as a reasonable amount of war against the demonic forces.  We do not have anything like corporate breakthrough yet.

I still think this is an attainable vision.

There are other tribes that have had broad changes in their corporate spiritual climate.  Some are healing ministries where a high percentage of people who walk with them find renewed health.  Others are prosperity ministries with measurable fruit.  Still others are deliverance and inner healing movements.  Some are worship ministries.

In none is there 100% change in the followers, but in ministries that specialize and develop a tight focus on the theology of their choice, there is a system wide raising of the water table of the power of the Spirit.

I dream of seeing that in our tribe in terms of breaking the Egyptian curse and releasing the Blessing of Egypt.  People regularly comment on how much I get done with the time I have.  This is in some measure the result of the Blessing of Egypt beginning to manifest in my life, but it is nowhere near what it could be, I am sure, and it is not massively flowing downstream to all of the people God has given me a responsibility to bless.

I suspect it could be a few months or years before we are at that level, but I am sure that it will require tight focus, good language and relentless pounding on this issue.

That said, I have been pondering where to go next.  We have to stay on task, pounding the Egyptian Curse, but not with more of the same old, same old.  So what is on task, but different?

As I pondered that, the answer came back strongly:  worship.

After God gave me the answer, I went back and tried to reverse engineer it, and it was quite fascinating.  Remember the Hebrews wanted pain relief, but God had a different agenda.

The LORD said, “I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering.  So I have come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land into a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey— the home of the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites.  And now the cry of the Israelites has reached me, and I have seen the way the Egyptians are oppressing them.  So now, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt.”

But Moses said to God, “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”  And God said, “I will be with you. And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship God on this mountain.”  Exodus 3:7-12  NIV.

Notice three things.  Pain relief was prominent.  God clearly heard THEIR agenda and concurred that there was some validity to it.  God also had in mind a new place where they could experience the Blessing of Egypt.

BUT, notice that from the beginning, worship was on God’s agenda.  And when God introduced the subject to Pharaoh, He said nothing about the first two points on the agenda – it was all about worship.

And, although the land flowing with milk and honey became a prominent agenda for the Hebrews, God had a more pressing agenda which was for them to learn a lot about how to worship – since they clearly did not know much.

So I ponder what the story of the ten plagues and the Exodus would have been like if the Hebrews had the right agenda from the beginning.  What would it have been like if they had gathered around Moses on a weekly basis, begging for insight into how to worship this God they did not know, so that they were well prepared for the coming big event in the wilderness.

Bet that story line would have changed a bit.

So we are going to focus on lessons in worship for the next season of this warfare.  What are all the opportunities God gave the Hebrews to learn worship?  How many different kinds of worship are there?  Are we looking at an intrinsically Giver flavor of worship?  If so, can we extrapolate the other six kinds?  Is there a kind of worship that trashes the Egyptian Curse more savagely and more quickly than others (I sure hope so!!).

I know the answers to none of these questions.

This will be a classic Sapphire project.  No finely crafted potatoes au gratin here.  This will be half baked potatoes as I struggle to stay at least two days out in front of you with this learning curve.  Consider it manna so fresh it hasn’t even hit the ground yet!

In light of how long a reach it is for me, I am going to slow down the pace just a tad more.  We will be releasing new blogs on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for a while.  Look for the next one on Thursday of this week.

As with the past prayers, be extra alert for the ones that light up your spirit.  If there is a prayer that lands deeply, stay there for a week or a month or as long as there is fire in your spirit.  Don’t try to keep up with the new releases if there is grace to go deep in some spot.

That said, I am off to the races.  I leave tomorrow for Austria, Switzerland and South Africa.  Along the way I will be mining the book of Exodus, looking for insight into how to worship in ways we have never known before.

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38. Speed Prayer: Strategic Planning

As we celebrate our King again today, my focus is on His capacity to weave together strategy that is seen as incredibly profound in retrospect, but that is not understood at the moment.

Take the idea of the Hebrews marching into the cul-de-sac at the Red Sea.  At the time, it seemed like a deadly mistake on the part of Moses and God.  However, in retrospect we see God baiting a trap with the Hebrews, then springing the trap in such a way that the Egyptian government and military leadership were utterly crushed.  After that incident, the Israelites did not have to look over their shoulder anymore, worrying about a surprise attack.

In the moment – terrifying.  In retrospect – brilliant.

Join me in celebrating several other aspects of God’s strategy which are only seen in retrospect.

38. Speed Prayer: Strategic Planning

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37. Speed Prayer: Specialty Blessings

What do you give to the man who has everything?  You think you have it bad!  Think about the Queen of Sheba trying to impress King Solomon.

First she had to show her wealth in a blunt way.  She brought 120 talents of gold which computes to roughly $165 million at today’s gold prices.  She knew that Solomon did not need gold, but she had to show that she could play with the big boys.

But after the power play came the nuances.  In order to demonstrate that in some small way he might need her, she turned to exotic, specialty, expensive spices, seeking to give him something he did not already have, but might value.

This has been my experience with God again and again.  There is the power play where the enemy is crushed, but then God with infinite creativity gives an additional gift that touches my emotions very deeply.

Even though we are still in the Egyptian brickyard in many ways, let’s defiantly war out ahead for the gifts that the King will bring us above and beyond the essential freedom.

37. Speed Prayer: Specialty Blessings

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Leviathan’s Lair

We are all very aware of the many things we don’t know how to do.  None of us can build a nuclear submarine in our backyard, or cure the common cold or negotiate peace in the Middle East.

Big deficiencies.

The bigger deficiencies are the things we do not know that we do not know!  And since we don’t know they exist, we are not looking for them, and since we are not looking for them, we can only learn about them if God reveals them to us.

I would like to share the process of a recent revelation in addition to the punch line.

On August 13th I posted an article about a lady who got slimed.  She has been through a lot of deliverance and inner healing in her history, but went to a patch of land that is quite defiled and while she was there, a critter attached.

She contacted her prayer team and they detached the critter, but then she contacted me and asked why it could attach.  My answer was that I didn’t know but suggested that her spirit go look at the brain and see if she could find the spot where it attached to see if we could do anything about it.

Her spirit found the spot, looked it up on the web and reported that it was called the sulcus centralis.  A sulcus is basically a valley between folds of the brain. There are about 30 of them that are significant enough that they are named and a bazillion small fry.

I wrote a blog about that asking the medical community to throw ideas my way.  A number of things surfaced (including a Wikipedia link on the subject.  Really guys, I am not that inept as a researcher that I need you to send me there as though I don’t know about it.  Really not).

I poked around in the various sources of information.  Everything seemed vaguely possible, but my spirit felt no draw at all to explore anything.  I decided to not follow up on any of those, nor did I call the lady back and do anything more with her spirit and that spot.

Then I got an email from a medical person who had a theory about Leviathan being in the sulci (plural of sulcus) of the brain.  I read her logic and it was awful.  It was one of those moments where her spirit absolutely knew something by direct revelation from the Holy Spirit, but her soul tried to justify and legitimize what her spirit had heard – and did a lousy job.

But my spirit jumped up and took notice that this idea sparkled.  My soul gratuitously tried to help out my spirit just like the other person’s soul did by pointing out that the sulci would be full of cerebral-spinal fluid and Leviathan functions in the water.

I patted my soul on the head in a patronizing manner and told it to go relax somewhere.

My spirit was adamant that the other lady had nailed it.  My soul came back from break and pointed out how devilishly clever it was to position Leviathan there.  The original lady had cleansed her frontal lobe some time after she got the teaching on Doing Deliverance on Your Brain and she had cleansed the parietal lobe, but we had never thought of cleansing the spaces between the lobes – the sulci!

So . . . I wrote the lady, told her I had a half baked potato and it was weird.

She scheduled a slot, and I tentatively took a swipe at the first head of Leviathan in the sulcus centralis.  The critter responded with a serious temper tantrum, and I shared some pretty pointed observations about who she belonged to and all those other relevant truths.

It only took a few minutes until he slowly detached himself and went on his way.

The lady was pretty shocked when it was over.  I was a little less shocked but certainly had mixed feelings.  Glad she was free.  Not excited about the fact that we now apparently have a whole new level of deliverance that needs to be done.

In time, we did each of the other seven heads with her, without bothering to identify which sulcus they called home.  Some were pretty tame – like the second head of Leviathan – and others were downright cantankerous.  All went.  In the end, it was just a battle of wills – a straight forward power encounter, not a truth encounter.

This lady came from a pretty gnarly background.  You would never know it today because the redemptive, restorative work of Christ has been exceptionally glorious.  But, at the end of the day, it did not surprise me to find critters in her brain.

The question on the table is whether the average guy in the church has any such junk calmly inhabiting his sulci, and secondly, to what degree is the presence of Leviathan affecting his brain if it is there?

For the lady, a lot changed.  She is in a white collar professional job with no apparent limitations.  But when her squatters left, her brain had a whole lot more bandwidth than ever before.  She is quite aggressively exploiting her new found RAM.

Since then I have worked with four other people, all of whom have a checkered background.  So far, we have found each head there when we called it out.  For some, the manifestation was pretty intense and for others not so much.

That is as far as we have gotten as of this time.  I still have not had the time to check any ordinary people to see if they have Leviathan in the cerebral-spinal fluid in the sulci.  I will probably leave that to you all.

I offer this to those of you practitioners who are more intrepid.  Take it and try it.  Give us some reports as to what you find, how uniform or uneven the results are.

I am pondering the possibility of doing an album on this subject later on this year when my spurt of trips is over.

Oh!  By the way, we all owe a debt of gratitude to the medical practitioner who heard about this in her spirit.  She is a courageous woman, doing some cutting edge stuff, blending traditional medical practice with the power of the Spirit partnering with the human spirit.

Would each of you stop and bless her with additional revelation and a double portion of the power of God in her hands?

Thanks.  She deserves it.

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

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36. Speed Prayer: Surprise Blessing

“Fred and Sally’s” Journey

Fred and Sally have been entangled in a real estate challenge for two years.  In my mind it very much resembled Israel in Egypt.  There were repeated instances of God intervening, but there was never resolution of the core issue.  

They have been avidly leaning into these prayers for us and for their own situation.  Suddenly there was a twist in the story as an option that had been deemed inadequate before suddenly came into perspective again. 

Then there was a snowball effect of a massive amount of negotiation and paper shuffling among sundry institutions in an “impossibly” short period of time and then it was done.  What had eluded them for a long time was legally done.  Finality.  They have their breakthrough and are now praying for us from a position of higher authority than before and immense faith as they saw God move paper through a system legendary for slow walking, with God-speed. 


Prayer Strategy

When my kids were young, we had a family tradition of each child posting a wish list about six weeks before Christmas.  They rarely got anything on their list because what I wanted for them was better than what they wanted for themselves.

The same is true of God and us.  We have a wish list to assuage our pain.  God has a far bigger heart for us.  The way the Exodus was framed is that they were to go sacrifice to God.  This meant a cost to them of lost wages, major effort to take the entire family three days’ journey into the desert and of course the irretrievable loss of some of their cattle – their core capital.

God never told them that He was going to meet them there in person, with an incredible revelation of His power, an immense gift of His presence going with them visibly and the Mosaic Law which would bring order to their lives.

As we war for breakthrough for the Egyptian Curse, let us always remember that our wishes to be free are less than God’s plans for us as we become free.  It is not just a matter of the enemy slow walking our treasures or making us work in the brickyard of extreme hardship.  God is waiting on the other side of this breakthrough to bring revelation.

Join me in a celebration of other stories in Scripture where God vastly exceeded their wildest desires.

36. Speed Prayer: Surprise Blessing

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35. Speed Prayer: Absolute Finality

David and Goliath is a familiar story in one sense, but the biggest part of the story is often overlooked.

Remember the “five smooth stones?”  Why five?

Because Goliath had four brothers and David knew it.  He ended up dealing with them years later when he was king.  2 Samuel 21.

What is intriguing to me is that none of them backed up Goliath after he died.  David scored once and neither the other giants nor the rest of the Philistine army wanted to fight – in fact they ran hard and fast.  It wasn’t even a rout.  It was an army in shambles.

It is not always this way.  When God killed Korah, Dathan and Abiram in a stunning display of power, the people came back the very next day with utter arrogance, pushing their issues.  Another 14,700 died as a result of their not learning the lesson the first time.  Numbers 16.

Similarly, Ben-Hadad lost battle after battle with Israel because God was intervening through Elisha, but he kept on coming back.

Likewise, the Scribes and Pharisees lost a whole lot of encounters with Jesus before they decided they were damaging their brand too badly when Jesus’ brilliantly devastating zingers kept going viral on Twitter.

Often the devil does have a lot of staying power, but not always.

Join me in celebrating the one-and-done battles in Scripture that represent the God-speed destruction of the Egyptian Curse.

35. Speed Prayer: Absolute Finality

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34. Speed Prayer: Governmental Change

I read the reports of the first Republican presidential debate of this season.  My conclusion was unambiguous.

We are in deep trouble.

Changes of government in my lifetime have been varied.  I remember Lyndon Johnson being sworn in on Air Force One.  I was mesmerized by the Six Day War.  In my first election, I voted for President Nixon.  Chairman Mao died.  The Tiananmen Square Massacre took place followed a few months later by the Berlin Wall coming down.  Communism fell.  Apartheid ended.  Iraq was invaded.  The Arab Spring appeared out of nowhere.  The Scots missed independence.  Ukraine got mauled.  The EU survived Greek intransigence – barely.   El Chapo mocks the world.  Argentinians and Brazilians rage in the streets, demanding the impeachment of their respective presidents.  Meanwhile Putin plays Russia’s timeless game of brinkmanship wrapped in hubris.

The few decades of my life would occupy a small army of historians for twice my lifetime analyzing and pontificating on the causes of sundry changes.

The picture looks different when we zoom out and look at the hand of God in the governmental affairs of man.

This is a critical perspective for us as we are overtly asking God to destroy a government.  So far, the Egyptian Curse has been toying with us.  Just as Pharaoh negotiated with Moses trying to avoid a total loss, so we have seen a steady trickle of wonderful, measurable, verifiable sustained change.

While we worship God for those, we are not satisfied with anything less than the destruction of the structures and the government of the Egyptian Curse.  God was not content with setting the Hebrews free.  He destroyed Pharaoh’s government.

I can think of no historical precedence for this.  As much as I know of different movements in church history, I can’t identify a single one that took on this issue and won.  So, as usual for Sapphire, we are plowing some new ground with the usual costs to the trailblazing team.

Since this will probably be a long, arduous battle, it behooves us each Sunday to step back from the warfare and to refresh our perspective with a clear view of our Great King.  We must not let the battle obscure the Commander in Chief.

Today’s worship celebration has to do with God and the destruction of governments.  While we have not seen Him take down the Egyptian Curse over a whole tribe yet, it will enrich us to explore many other “take-downs” run with God-speed and God-finality.

34. Speed Prayer: Governmental Change

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