19. Speed Prayer: Rock Solid Time

One of the marks of the Egyptian Curse is the manipulation of time.  Here is how we first encountered it.

“Fred” would go through deliverance on June 1st for a problem that had been very pronounced for ten years.  The deliverance is effective and Fred lives a happy life, free from pressure of any kind in that area.  He is thrilled at the taste of freedom.

A few months later the problem comes back, softly at first, then violently.  He cannot believe that this is reoccurring since he has not sinned to allow it back and since he has been vigorously filling his life with the virtuous activities that are opposite of the old issue.

The answer is that the enemy has manipulated time and moved something about him back before June 1st when he did the deliverance.  He is then back under the demonic control because legally, he is back before the deliverance.

We developed some tools to bring people back into alignment with divine time and eventually found the root cause and were able to stop this from happening in individual cases.

It still happens widely in communities.  When we are a part of a ministry, a social community or a civil community (city, nation, etc.), we are vulnerable to some degree to the consequences of the corporate sin.

This blog is not a teaching on how to get out of the mess.  You can find that teaching in Majesty of His Artistry CD 8.

Today is Sunday, and going forward, my Sunday recording is going to be only a celebration of the immensity of our King in some form or another.  Today we celebrate His dominion over time.

19. Speed Prayer: Rock Solid Time

Copyright July 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Megan Caldecourt says

    The difference between the titles of God and His essence as the Ancient of Days resonates so deeply with me. It is something that I think I have felt intuitively, but never put into language quite that way about Him. Wow. What a point of worship. Thank you for making milestones of celebration of Who God is, lest we become too focused on the wrong side of the battle line!


    • Soo Fee says

      Felt the same way too. Even though I often relate Him as my Abba Father, I worship in reverence and awe of God as the Ancient of Days in Daniel 7.


  2. Louise says

    Thank you very much for this post. The praise that you have given and the praise that only belongs to God filled my heart with loving Him so much more. I cannot wait for next Sunday!


  3. Beckye Yarborough says

    This particular teaching and prayer not only landed deep within me, but effected a long-sought-for breakthrough for me. Thank you!


  4. Patricia Lawson. says

    I’m really struggling to understand this, and how far does it go i.e. how much authority does the enemy have over time? If he can manipulate it, does that mean he could take us back to before we accepted Christ? Are there scriptures to explain this and the depth it goes to? This has really got my grey cells working.


  5. says

    This was so timely today 🙂 Eventually got to connect with my prayer partner after missing each other for a few weeks. We were looking at my time in the womb and at the start nothing was sticking. Then we found a set of twin AHS that were shared with all my siblings and have been there for 35 years+. But amazingly the God of Time, was there and they had a beautiful reconciliation and return to the Father. The God of Time was in charge today and had this day set apart for their homecoming from before the foundation of the World. All praise and glory to the God of Time who had enormous victory in my whole family line today. Can’t wait to see who this will be played out with God-speed.


  6. viviennehines says

    This so resonates with me in issues of restoration with my sons and others. I have felt as if I have been in some type of kaleidoscope time warp tunnel. I don’t know why I did not know that the enemy could do that, but I did not know until now.


  7. Sue Taylor says

    Really enjoying the blogs as a new subscriber. As an Rtf minister – is there a summary of the curses of the Egyptian curses that we could explain briefly and use to break off people point by point. That would be so helpful.


    • says

      Sue, the original teaching is in the Spiritual Warfare album. And at the beginning of this series there was another summary. I will be writing more on the roots in the coming newsletters.

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