21. Speed Prayer: Paying Injustice

We are all victimized from time to time.  The world is harsh and broken in many ways.  That does not mean we have to embrace and accept the victimization as right.  So how do we deal with the devouring when victimization has occurred?

Christ gave a fascinating picture of this with the issue of the Temple tax in Matthew 17.  He was quite clear in his discussion with Peter that He felt that He (and the apostles) should be exempt from the Temple tax.  He also knew that the religious tribe would not accept His logic at all.

He decided that the ruckus caused by standing up for His rights would be a distraction from the main agenda of the day, so He arranged for the supernatural provision of funds to pay the unrighteous fee, in order to stay focused on the primary issues.

This suggests a principle to me.

Many of our tribe are in situations that are overtly unjust.  For some it is court judgments that are finalized and cannot be appealed any more.  You are forced to pay.

For others it was partnerships that crumbled and you got stuck holding the bag.  It might be partnerships that are still ongoing but are abusive.  You don’t feel you can leave because you have so much invested in the deal.  For many, it is employment situations that are unjust.

One that I see very often has to do with the robbing of time.  There is an old curse we see often in our tribe:  “No good deed goes unpunished.”  Because we are hard working, non-whiners, with considerable skill sets, many of the mooching people in a family, a ministry or the culture will shirk their duties and shove them off on us.

For some, this has been happening for generations.

Long term, we need to work hard to exit these dysfunctional situations, but in the short run, they can be quite expensive.

There are many variations to the theme of injustice.  There are times that God has positioned us in a place of injustice to learn some things (think Joseph in Egypt) that we declined to learn elsewhere, when we could have.

There are times when God is moving us out of harm’s way even though it seems ugly (think Joseph, Mary and Jesus fleeing from Bethlehem to Egypt).

But sometimes it is just plain injustice and God may be waiting for our prayers to lift the burden of that injustice by supernaturally affecting the money, the time or the emotional burden of the situation.

Let’s let Him be the judge, but let’s file a petition in court for sure!

21. Speed Prayer: Paying Injustice

Copyright July 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Nancy says

    We have seen God’s justice over injustice when we trust Him to make it right. Our inheritance from one parent was completely stolen by a relative. We did not feel to take the matter to court but released the money to God and declared that HE is our source and not natural means. Two years later we received a sum of inheritance money that was greater than what had been stolen. It had unknowingly been grated to us through this parent’s friend many years prior with the condition that it go to his children should this parent die before the friend. God used a man we had never met to bring HIS justice.


  2. Deborah Foster says

    Arthur, thank you so very much for this investment in the SLG Tribe and most importantly in The Kingdom. The timing on this is straight from The Throne. I have shared this with several people and it has been ‘on time’ for them also. I pray for fruit, more fruit and much fruit for you, your family and The SLG.

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