22. Speed Prayer: Starting the Team

When Saul was anointed king over Israel by God’s decree, there was no throne, no administrative structure and no army.  God put on the heart of a group of key men the desire to walk with Saul and help him build something where there was nothing before.  That was God-speed in building the core team.  God’s handpicked people came to him.  Pretty special.

When David was anointed king over Israel, there was a throne and a lot of people involved in supporting the sitting monarch.  David had fled, gotten political asylum, then had been sent back to Judea, the most dangerous place to be. There, hiding in the forest of Hereth, God sent him men.

These were not the men he was expecting.  He left the vibrant army company he led on so many exploits and was now surrounded by broken men.  Looking forward we can see that they had a huge capacity for loyalty, were able to live in high risk situations for protracted periods of time, were learners and eventually they received the incredible compliment from God Almighty that they were builders.

In I Chronicles 11:10 God says that it was these men who empowered David to extend his kingship over the whole land in a dramatic way.

So the losers became extraordinary nation builders.  The inner group is celebrated one by one, with name, skill and achievement memorialized through all of time by Almighty God.

Team building is a challenge.  Most people who want to join a team do so because of their own neediness.  They want a job, or an internship, or a position in government so that they can receive from the larger community.  It is hard to build with people who are primarily present for what they can receive.

And, indeed, this is exactly the kind of person who came to David – men who were broken, who had proven their inability to make their own way in the culture.  It looked like the worst possible scenario as those who were in need came to a man who had nothing to offer because he was in need too.

Now here is the twist in the story.  Most great builders are so sure of their inner design that in their younger years they overreached, take on much more than they can handle and fail.  Temporarily.   And when you look at failure from a surface perspective, it is hard to tell the difference between a builder with a big design who failed and a consumer who has a deep entitlement spirit who wants a free ride without investing of his own sweat equity.

But God does not look on the surface.  He can tell the difference between a broken person who He designed to be a loyal, nimble, warrior, nation builder and someone who wants to mooch off of a larger community where their mooching is not so visible.

And He sent David the right men to build his guerrilla army with God-speed and gave David the grace to be a healer of men with God-speed.

And He can do it for us.

22. Speed Prayer: Starting the Team

Copyright July 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Andrea says

    Not specifically related to this prayer, but WOW, did God-speed ever show up in my office this morning! A database issue that had appeared all-but unsolvable was suddenly, miraculously, resolved. As recently as last night, I’d said to someone, “I think we’re going to have to do all this manually, because the database doesn’t seem capable of that type of report.” This morning, the report was not only possible, but relatively simple! God showed one of the tech people which switch to flip to make it happen. Glory story! I shall keep pressing in for the fullness of God’s blessing in this area for all of our tribe!


  2. Anonymous says

    This is so timely, as I am needing to put together a good team of service providers to expand my business and praying for the right people.

    Also, that I could be the kind of person that can be a support where I may be needed on a team.


  3. viviennehines says

    I have completed my study of the Ten Plagues and I now have a deeper understanding of the invasive nature and strategies of the Egyptian Curses. I appreciate the prayer and perspectives on team building.


  4. Wouter du Preez says

    Thank you for taking the time to guide us over the last three week. This is a profound part of my journey and the Egyptian Curse content was a confirmation of God’s release for building His kingdom.