24. Speed Prayer: International Blessing

A fantastic picture of the Blessing of Egypt is found in the situation which ejected Joseph from prison and landed him in the Prime Minister’s office.

Seven years of hard famine were coming to Egypt.  God announced to Pharaoh that even though the hard times were coming, God had no intentions of letting them devour Egypt.  Instead of rebuilding Egypt after the hard times, God was going to load them up with assets before hand.

The seven years of abundance BEFORE the devouring is a magnificent picture of the Blessing of Egypt.  Not only was the largess enough to completely neutralize the hardship, it was also enough to feed a lot of the surrounding nations who were not prepared, thereby increasing Egypt’s hegemony in the community of nations.

There is a huge principle here about the Blessing of Egypt.  We often see any increase in income as a signal to raise the level of our lifestyle.  There certainly are times when that is valid.  But many times God is giving us the Blessing of Egypt in the form of a temporary spike in assets so that we are positioned to USE them, not protect them, in times of social need.

Think of an election cycle.  There is a window of opportunity for shaping people’s opinions in a season where it matters a whole lot (at least to the candidates).  They accrue massive funds but are very focused on spending that money to shape people’s opinions in the critical window.  If they succeed in doing that, there are more assets to be had down the road.  They are not hording cash for a security blanket.

In the same way, God will position us with assets of some sort – money, structures, spiritual power, social status – before there is a crisis of some sort in the broader community.  This is the Blessing of Egypt where God-speed means assets delivered ahead of time, to be spent with speed by His people for His Kingdom.

Then in times of crisis, He expects us to spend those assets freely, not to make our lives better but to impact the community’s view of God.

Today’s prayer will focus on becoming trustworthy with large resources so we don’t simply default to spending the Blessing of Egypt on consumerism, rather we steward it wisely as sons who are builders.

But having clearly articulated that caveat, we will cry out for God to unleash His resources just ahead of the crises in our families, or communities or our nations so that we can increase the hegemony of the Kingdom of God by being centers of resources when the world system fails to deliver.

24. Speed Prayer: International Blessing

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

From the British Airways Lounge, Terminal 5, London, between flights.


  1. Kathlynn says

    I rejoice and agree whole heartedly with this prayer. I rejoice that Jesus made a show of them openly always but especially when He gave of His Body and Blood at that supper….giving of Himself, the Ultimate Resource, ahead of time, defeating the enemy who thought he would finish the life of Jesus when in fact Jesus shared His Life imparting it into each of His followers BEFORE the enemy could touch Him – the PERFECT PLAN – to give of the Resource of HIS LIFE first into His disciples and from them into us down through the ages supplying us with what we would need and would celebrate in communion forever. If the enemy had a clue of this eternal supply, he never would of allowed them to crucify Him. Brilliant.