25. Speed Prayer: Crisis Resources

During the time I was a pastor, we had a case of infant death syndrome.  The young couple was in survival mode and simply did not have the funds for a funeral and interment.  Four of the men in the church footed the bill for them.  In each case, it was interesting to see how God had gone ahead and provided funds for those four men, so they had discretionary money the exact weekend it was needed.

We see the same planning ahead when Herod went murderous and Joseph got the word to leave town immediately for Egypt.  Our evidence is sketchy, but what we do have suggests Joseph was on the po’ side of poor.  They seem to have settled down in Bethlehem for the two years since Jesus’ birth, and that suggests they had accumulated a bit of furniture and other household belongings.

Suddenly they needed to move.  Real suddenly.  With God-speed.  And that meant leaving just about everything behind.  No chance to have a yard sale or rent a U-Haul.  They just walked away from what they had carefully accumulated in recent months.

And there was the problem of travel money.  And the problem of setting up shop in a new country where they didn’t have contacts, didn’t speak the language and didn’t know the culture.

With all that in mind, God delivered a bag of gold to them (literally) less than 18 hours before marching orders came.

This is the way it is supposed to work.  The devil throws you a curve ball.  God is out ahead of the devil.  God-speed has two facets here.  One is that the money was there on time.  But the second is that God had to start the process of getting the money there on time, two years prior.

With exquisite perfection, God planned the time it would take for the caravan to cross the desert, make a wrong turn in Jerusalem and arrive at the right house in Bethlehem.

Let’s just put it this way:  Neither God the Father nor Jesus Christ have any issues with the slow walking Egyptian curse.  The precision of this operation was simply elegant.  God-speed.  God-easy.

As of right now (as I sit in DFW a few days before you will read this) I have no crises in my face that requires a dramatic amount of extra money.  However, I have no doubt that there is a standing committee on the dark side assigned to watch me and make mischief if they can, or take advantage of any slips I make.

Sooner or later, I will get dinged.  Again.

I don’t know if I will suddenly need money, perspective, wisdom, power, a prayer partner, a warfare partner, a place to recoup from battle, a computer tech, a friend, a healer, a plane ticket when flights are cancelled, a specific bit of research data or something else.

Same with you.  Some of you are in the cross hairs right now.  Some are in a wide space, but the devil still has a file on you and it is not dusty and forgotten.

So today I will pray with passion for God to put things in place with perfect speed as befits the God Who Plans Ahead so that when the day of evil comes, you and I will be resourced with as much extravagance and precision as Joseph was in Bethlehem.

This is a prayer I can bring a lot of passion to.  I walk here with regularity and intensity.  I really don’t know what each day will hold.  I have a calendar and a watch and a plan, but they are mostly for the amusement of God and the devil because my primary job is to be incredibly nimble to synchronize with the God Who Is Always On the Move.

The questions I get are bizarre. The situations that come to me are things no book has been written about in many cases.  Yes I look so much smarter than I am because my God has no Egyptian Curse problems.  I dwell in the Blessing of Egypt as God delivers the resources of wisdom before I need them.

One of the most recent examples was the drive through Linz in Austria recently.  There is a backstory.  I love the idea of having a base in Vienna.  That city has such an incredible anointing for legacy.  I could sure enjoy mooching off that treasure in the land.  But, it is not time yet for a base there.

Serina and I went around and around over whether we should try to do a small group meeting there, which meant I would fly into Vienna instead of Munich and all that logistical complication.  There was no great clarity, but we decided to try it.  The group came together instantly.  Our hostess was marvelous.  The soiree was productive (so they say anyway).  And we thought that was the purpose of God.


He just wanted me to drive from Vienna to Salzburg so He could deliver some extraordinary revelation from the land around Linz, which I sorely needed this week. There were four ministry situations, none of which were approved by me to be on my schedule, which God caused.

They were wild.  Weird.  Shocking.  And successful – because God had delivered the truths I needed a few weeks ahead of time on a highway through Austria.

This is the story of my life.

Special delivery niche information from the hand of God.  I am rich with experience and redolent with faith for this one prayer.  Join me as I pray in an abundance of resources for the crisis moments in our lives.  Let the pipeline be bulging with God’s timing so that the final delivery shouts of God-speed and sends us on our way through the valley with faith and courage.

25. Speed Prayer: Crisis Resources

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

From the Admiral’s Club, Terminal D, DFW


  1. Carrie says

    I’m a little behind in reading the blog and praying the prayers, but once again am amazed at God’s timing. Today’s read was much needed and timely wisdom. This summer has brought us some unexpected challenges, but the most recent blow was when we were given three weeks to move out of the home we’re renting. Needing an incredible miracle in favor and finances, but more so in wisdom to know if this swift move is just out of this home or to a completely different area. OR are we supposed to stay and fight?

    The blog was amazing, but then I prayed the prayer with you. My mouth hung open as you spoke directly to what’s been a struggle for me for the past 6 years. I’ve felt like my tongue was being held and my body was paralyzed. It’s hard to describe what I’ve experienced but you’re right, it’s fear of so many things. Gonna have to pray this one daily until it’s broken completely gone!

    An interesting side note…. over the past few months two crows have been on my front yard and lurking around me..they even showed up when I was on vacation with my family 6 hours away from home. They’d caw and make their presence known when I’d open the windows in the morning and whenever I would be talking to a friend or family member about what God had been teaching me. It was getting irritating so I began praying and asking God if it was witchcraft or just two birds that happen to especially like the worms in my yard. I did a little research and found that the noise they were making every time I walked out the door was their way of saying, “This is my territory!” OOOO that made me so mad! But I felt so ill-equipped to fight back and claim this land for my God even though I’ve listened to your teachings and read all I can regarding land. Again, I was tongue tied with fear of doing it wrong or saying the wrong thing. BUT God is SO good! Just a few days after I began reading and praying along with SLG, the crows were gone. Now when I sit outside, I see cardinals and a sweet family of robins. Occasionally I hear them in the distance making their presence known and they flew by my window this morning while I was praying, but they’re leaving, Praise God.

    God-speed and God-ease!!!


    • valynda says

      Thank you so much for sharing this Carrie. I so appreciate your side note as it has brought revelation on a similar situation, I’m having. God-speed to you.


  2. Joyful says

    Oh yeah.
    I get this from a very deep/wide/rich experience basis.

    May these words free others called into this God-Speed flow that they may learn to swim in it,
    rather that trying to make it something it will never be: predictable.


  3. viviennehines says

    Arthur, I say amen, amen, amen and God-speed, God-easy to this one also. Rich blessings to our tribe.