26. Speed Prayer: Branding

I love the progression of the identity of God through Scripture.  If we pick up the story of God’s revelation to man with the encounter at the burning bush, Moses knew of God as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  However, that name did not carry enough weight for him to confront Pharaoh, so he asked for a better name.

God replied with “I am that I am.”

Pharaoh was swift to point out that this God didn’t have any brand recognition, therefore he felt no need to acknowledge Him, much less obey Him.

God was agreeable and proceeded with an unparalleled branding campaign.  When God scrambled communications with the Egyptian army in the Red Sea and then created drive train problems with their chariots, they knew EXACTLY who it was:  Jehovah!

Fast forward through the pages of history and God’s brand maintenance is a story all its own.

Brand location is a huge battleground for marketing.  Flying here to South Africa, I was amused that British Airways managed to even put their trademarked swoosh on the buttons of the flight attendants’ uniforms.

But the most desired territory is the space over the Seat of Dominion behind our foreheads.  Thus the prince and the King will duel valiantly for that display space.

When we arrive at the punch line, every one of His people will wear His name on their foreheads (Revelation 22:4).  Ultimate brand recognition.

Join me today for a celebration of God’s skill at branding.

Starting this week, there will be new prayers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I feel it is time to go deeper in some themes, and we are best served by your listening to the model prayer I present on the first day, then doing listening prayer the second day as the Holy Spirit coaches you on how to tailor that for your own world.

The Egyptian Curse is a perversion of the work of the Holy Spirit, so by allowing the Holy Spirit maximum freedom to direct us, we increase our authority as a tribe over this curse.

26. Speed Prayer: Branding

Copyright August 2015, by Arthur Burk

From South Africa, hours before the seminar on Deliverance and Discernment


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    I LOVE the comment that after the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, there were no more snide remarks about not knowing who this God was! No standing armies waiting to crush the helpless slaves when they came out the other side. The word spread and how!! My spirit said a big “YESSSSSS!” And I worshipped listening to Moses’ song in a way that I have not before. This one will stick with me for a long while. The idea of God’s brand resonates deeply.


  2. angiekrogman says

    I’m not exactly sure of what and why but this prayer really stirred things up in the kids this morning. So much so that I had to restart several times. I played again early afternoon with the same response. Had what we were hoping was a breakthrough and was later confirmed. A few other small but substantial verified evidence of a shift in the status quo. Played prayer again tonight and still some agitation in some. Interesting. I think I will play it again. So good


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    Arthur, these Speed Prayers have been so helpful to me! I have them on a playlist so I can listen to them a lot. Keep them coming! They are bang on.

    As I consider the dire predictions of possible worldwide economic and social collapse, as well as the consequences of blood moons & shemitahs, all culminating in September, I am comforted that God is always a step ahead of the enemy! God has the resources ready for just the right time when we need them. So I can rest in the goodness of God, even in times of imminent crisis and disaster. Thank you for giving me some spiritual tools to handle the dark cloud hanging over the fall of 2015.

    Also, so excited about the new SLG in Calgary!! Going to their first event in October.

    Blessings to Arthur for his faithfulness, and greetings to all the SLGers out there.

    Kathy in Calgary


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    I love this one. I have never seen the importance of branding like this. You surly tell bible stories in an amazing and different way.

    I am happy to join in the celebration of God’s skill at branding.

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  5. Joyful says

    Even so Lord, place your hand upon our face, our heart, our entire being.
    May your Yada supersede all other claims upon us as we seek you and you alone.