28. Speed Prayer: Generational Treasure

Sometimes God-speed involves long term planning ahead.  This was the case with Solomon who received generational blessings from his father.  He received a throne he had contributed nothing to.  He received a prodigious amount of blessings from his father’s covenant with God.  He received a substantial amount of highly trained leaders to run the nation.  And he received staggering wealth to build the Temple and jump start his ambitious renovation projects.

It came suddenly when he was unexpectedly crowned king in the middle of an ordinary week, but the preparations began long before.  The resources were accumulated over decades, but released abruptly.

By and large, we think little about our generational blessings and when they might be released to us, because we often don’t see our immediate ancestors as being spiritual giants.  However, generational blessings can be accrued for centuries in the trust fund in heaven and released in the time God intended.

So even though we don’t have access to the accounts, to know what is there, let’s ask God for the release of all the different flavors of generational blessings that may be available to us, and may have implications to the battle of the moment.

28. Speed Prayer: Generational Treasure

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

From South Africa — four days from heading home



  1. Jessica Pienaar says

    Thank you for the teaching and prayers which have been spot on for many situations we have been dealing with in our family in the past few weeks. I have introduced quite a few friends to SLG coaching and all of them are extremely grateful. We serve such a magnificant God and personally I am excited about the “new” name: God of Restarts!


  2. says

    God was speaking to me this morning about the blessings that my dad left for me and the annoiting that I inherited from my earthly father. Also I got the word that I will be a great dad for my son because I had a great example of fatherhood from my dad. This prayer was right on for me this morning and I look back to my family line and all the blessings that God is preparing to release for us as a family. I’m actually an Egyptian and all my family line is Christian Egyptian (Coptics) for generations back. I have been following and reading this blog since the beginning and everyday there is a new and opening eye word for me. Thank you so much for taking the time to hear from God and to war with us and on-behave of us. Shokran شكرًا is thank you in Arabic 🙂


  3. says

    Thank you. I have no words to express what this prayer did, released in me. Thank you, I never thought about the fact that I broke the commandment to respect my fathers and mothers in my lineage because I dealt and still dealing with some junk…. But God!!! Thank you again for the light your prayer brought, Arthur. I said before and I am saying now: my live, my marriage is much better place after SLG entered my life. Blessings to you and yours,