29. Speed Prayer: Deflation

King Jehoram had a series of wild experiences with Ben-Hadad, the king of Aram (Syria).  One time, Ben-Hadad laid siege to Jehoram’s capital city, and it was sustained for so long that people resorted to cannibalism.  In the midst of that extremity, God broadcast the sound of a phony army marching against the Arameans.  They panicked and fled the camp in the middle of the night, leaving all their supplies of food behind.

The next day, the residents of Samaria had an abundance of food.  The previous day a donkey’s head was sold for 80 pieces of silver.  The next day, the price of food had dropped so much that eight quarts of fine flour would sell for a shekel.  That is one of the most extreme cases of economic deflation on record!

The point is that the problems we have faced for years that are wearing us down to the level of extreme desperation are not necessarily going to end in the way the past few years seem to point to.  Even though you are completely out of resources and completely out of energy, God can turn the battle at the last second.

The simplicity with which God can shatter and scatter an army is simply amazing.  He manufactured and deployed phony sound.  How simple does it get?!

And no matter how obdurate your opponent is, no matter how much force of government or business is coming against you, they are just a flick of the wrist away from being scattered and shattered when God moves.

Today we will war against those seemingly impossible barriers.  I know God allows some to stay for reasons we may never understand.  Obviously He could have sent the Arameans packing years before.  This is not a time to debate the issue of why God allows pain.

I am simply saying that if the impossible pain is there because we have not prayed appropriately, let’s press in today, on behalf of the entire tribe worldwide, not just our own situation.  Every time an impossible situation shatters and releases God’s people, there is an increase in the collective spiritual authority of the tribe.

So again, I encourage those of you who are in the best place to war the most intensely over this blessing that you need the least.  This is a fulfillment of James 1:27  AV.  “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”

You may not know fatherless children or widows or other powerless, marginalized people in the culture, but I assure you there are many in the Sapphire tribe.  Cry out to God for them today.

In fact, I would like to invite you to go public in the comment section about adopting a powerless person today.  Ask God to assign you the person and the situation that He knows most matches your authority and your calling.  Even though you will not know the name or the story, or what the results are until you visit the archives in heaven, commit in our comments section to pray for that person God assigns you for a specific period of time.

Pure religion is outside the stained glass windows and padded pews.  It is where the pain is the highest.

29. Speed Prayer: Deflation

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

From South Africa


  1. sunandwater says

    Yes, yes, yes!!! Lord give me a person to shelter with my prayers so that Your spirit can restore them to walk according to your design.


  2. says

    I continually pray for some of my clients who are persevering “in the day of evil.” Would be very interested in knowing from others who have been blocked from experiencing God in any way, as Arthur describes, what God has done to break through the block. Know someone who seems blocked from experiencing on that heart level any sense of God’s presence. We have looked under every nook and cranny for possible sources of the block, doing everything we know (renouncing, getting rid of AHSs, inner healing, etc) and so far, the emotional, financial, physical desert remains. Any help would be appreciated.


  3. Audrey says

    I commit to praying for the sound that brings freedom to come crashing over the person in the hopeless situation that my resonance in Jesus can most help, that their situation, in the blink of an eye, transforms from hopeless to abundant, overwhelming victory, so much so, that it is a shock and a wake-up call to everyone around them and a cause for much rejoicing in Creator of Hosts, Elohim Ts’vaoth. Amen.


  4. Gail says

    Father has recently sent a couple to my husband and I who are struggling with some serious issues, some of which we have also dealt with and seen complete release.
    We are developing a trusting relationship with them through spending time together.
    When we listened to your prayer we knew that this couple falls into several categories you mentioned and that they are assigned to us by Father. We are committing here, publicly, to be present with them as Father leads.
    Thank you.


  5. peter ffrench says

    YES!this has already come to pass.my joy level went thru the roof in so many worship opportunities.And the latest was an interface of band and ballet.who would have guessed?exhorter-Ruler blessing of Egypt ?Praise Christ and thank you SLG.


  6. Roxanne says

    Praising Holy Gost ‘s direction and insight. I was just reminded of sons and daughters that reached out asking for help; perhaps I had aslow responses to their request. God’s speed in Jesus name.


  7. Cherie says

    I commit to pray and declare His words on behalf of each one who has aptidigal husband or wife.

    “This is what the Lord, the God of your father David, says: I have heard your prayer and seen your tears….this is The Lord’s sign to you that The Lord will do what He has promised.” Isaiah 38:5-7(parts)


  8. Rob Ruckert says

    I commit to praying for a woman who is SRA/DID who I counsel whose trauma level is off the charts, yet she continues to battle with great valor and courage for freedom.

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  9. username2345 says

    I am going to try to keep such a commitment…not, of course, out of false hope of ROI, but in gratefulness.

    I must report in, Arthur.

    In the weeks since these wrestlings of yours began, we’re experiencing a noticeable increase in the speed of our five-years-plus remodel. Five difficult problems with our home are finally being addressed in ways too lengthy to mention except to say ‘remarkable!’ ‘A shift in the atmosphere.’
    Other lives are being affected in numerous positive ways. Here’s one: a former meth addict asked Jesus to return his dignity and all of his personhood. I’d met the man only hours prior. He says he’ll be in church this Sunday. I believe him.

    In the last four weeks I’ve been handed a tough counseling case by a local pastor, even though he knows I’ve no recognized training. Then there is the homeless man whose spirit is right in front when I look him in the eyes to give him his twice-weekly blessing. He knows the words I speak (taught by you) give him life!

    Suffice to say everything I’ve been able to glean from your ministry is now coming together, even though I’m not as free as I want to be.

    Your intercession is like an ice-breaker. Debbie and I know we have an open heaven over us.

    Many thanks,

    Glenn L

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  10. Alecia says

    I commit to pray for those Father identifies & those I may not meet in the natural. Lord, I’m listening….#GodSpeed #Expectant


  11. Lisa McNair says

    I , too commit to pray and show mercy and grace to the destitute whom I see regularly scrounging in the empty bins near my home.

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  12. nita7932014 says

    My heart is with this too. While ironing the garments I found myself praying for the people who handled the fabric, stitched the garments and shipped them to the store from which I purchased them. The labels give me a peek into the lives of people who have graced my home with their handiwork. Thanks for reminding me to lift these precious lives to the Father.

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  13. SandyBassie says

    Praying for the SLG tribe and for whoever God specifically assigns to me. This is a wonderful prayer assignment! Father, thank you for placing this idea on Arthur’s heart and giving us the opportunity to lean hard into it. Let your joy roar over the walls that need to come down this day and send them shivering. May those whose foundations have felt shaken beyond bearing find their feet firmly planted while the barriers crumble. You truly are our amazing God.

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  14. jillmathur says

    I will pray. Lord, please give me an assignment, and the strength and faith to pray with endurance and diligence.


  15. Margo Houts says

    By his grace alone, and with gratitude for all that I receive through SLG and the Sapphire tribe, I commit to pray for the powerless individual whom the Lord wondrously matches and assigns to me, through Yom Kippur 2015, the first day of the 70th Jubilee year. (How exciting this is.)

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  16. says

    Just now returned from a long road trip and spent the last 200 miles praying fervently for a dear brother who feels hopeless and helpless. Lo and behold, I open my email and find this particular post!

    I pledge to pray for someone of the SLG tribe who needs prayers from the heart of the Father and that He’ll give me those words.

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  17. Mrs. Life-Giver says

    Mrs. Life-Giver here, the incredibly grateful and honored subject of Speed Prayer #9: David’s Boss from 7/22. I would like to extend my heartfelt and intense gratitude to all who prayed that prayer for me and others struggling with similar situations in the workplace. My situation there has suddenly, vastly improved, it’s hard to even remember the emotional turmoil now that it has changed so drastically and so quickly. It seems I am not being led out into entrepreneurship at this point in time, but am delighting in the ways Father God is using me where I am, free from the former suffocating weights. Yesterday I received an email from one of the supervisors that was a glowing appreciation of my work. There is much to be done, healing is in progress in several areas, but my burden has been lifted and carried by my Savior, Deliverer, Lover of my Soul and Gentle Father to those I am privileged to bless in my current place of employment. I have a rather unique job touching one of the most vulnerable sectors of humanity. God has rooted me there strategically for a while longer.
    I am all in and pray for someone to adopt through prayer in my areas of authority and calling. I also have great hope that my husband’s business paralysis, rooted in fatherlessness, will see quick traction. (I am aware this is not the venue for asking for prayer, so that last sentence may need to be deleted by the reviewer.)
    Many, many thanks to all of this lovely tribe!

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    • says

      Mrs. Life Giver, thanks so much for closing the loop. I know your situation was pretty complex so am delighted that there is this much hope for you while you are still in process of cleaning up the mess. God-speed.