Sulcus Centralis

That Latin word describes something in the brain.  Here is the backstory.

“Sally” had a bumpy childhood then did a lot of repair work in her adult life.  She has been exceptionally diligent to work with her spirit and learn what each of the seven portions is about.

She has also had a wide variety of deliverance over the decades, ranging from old school yelling at the demons to more sophisticated techniques.

In her messy season she had chronic problems with her mind racing relentlessly, even though there was no particular urgency to be thinking like that.  Healing and deliverance resolved that some time back, except when she goes to a particular location associated with her past, then she endures it for as long as she is there.

However, this week, it re-occurred randomly while she was at home living an ordinary life.  She went to her deliverance team and they booted the demon fairly easily, then she wrote me and asked why it could attach to her.

I floated the theory that there was possibly an anomaly in her brain at that spot and asked if her spirit could go searching and find the exact spot where the critter attached.

To my immense delight, the Prophet and Mercy portions of her spirit went there and identified a spot that they feel very confident is THE place where the “revving up demon” attaches.

She went to the web to look at brain pictures and her spirit identified the spot as a place on the sulcus centralis.  As I understand this term, it is a fold in the brain marking the boundary between the frontal and the parietal lobes.  It seems to be a longish crease in the brain, and there is a precise spot, just to the right of the mid line where the demon has access.

Now we have our beloved question:  so what?

I queried her spirit about the spot.  Is it damaged?  Is there a device there?  Is something missing?

Unhesitatingly, the response was that something is missing.  I rephrased it.  The physical dynamic of the brain tissue is fine, but the spiritual fractal that it represents is deficient or gone, right?  The spirit responded with joyous affirmation that we were on track.

In one sense, this is a new concept to me, but in another not so much.  Take the issue of sight.  Your optic nerves go to the back of your head in the occipital lobe where the input signal is converted into what we consider a visual image.  There is a spiritual equivalent to that — a fractal of sight.  And some people can see perfectly well with their physical eyes but not so much with their spiritual eyes.

Thus I can vaguely imagine some spiritual fractal being missing from any portion of the brain.

That is our hunt at present.  I am not well versed in the anatomy of the brain.  If those of you with medical background could share your wisdom with us, I would be appreciative.

What we know now is that this is a crease in the brain between the frontal lobe and the parietal lobe.  It is a demarcation, but not a fence between the two.

One question that bubbles up is how many creases of this type are there?  I wonder if that would give us a clue.

I am looking for any sort of biological characteristics of that tissue and its functions.  We will start by doing due diligence and crowd sourcing the research.  If we don’t come up with anything that we can leverage into an understanding of the intended spiritual dynamic, then we will ask for revelation from Father.

Once we understand the physical reality, I suspect we can identify the original spiritual fractal.  Then I can query the spirit and find out which portion of the fractal is missing.  From there, we would query the whole spirit to find out which portion of the spirit has the anointing to repair a missing fractal.

Kind of out there, but worth exploring.  And if we are right about this whole theory, it would open the door for a world of other strategies for the brain.

But hold the champagne.  We are a long way from cracking the code on this one.

So medical people, can you inform us on the nature and function of the sulcus centralis?

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

From South Africa, with my suitcase already packed, itching to go home





  1. says

    I have found all the above comments very interesting to read. I am more and more in awe of the way that God created our brain.
    I recently watched the following recorded conference Healing Trauma & Shame, & Restoring Honour & Identity by by Sandra Sellmer-Kersten, not sure if younhave come across Sandra ? Dvd is available from

    I found Sandras insight into the Amygdala really helpful in regard to emotions. It’s not quite the part of the brain that you are currently researching but thought you might find this helpful in the mix too. There are 2 Amygdala, size of an almond, function is to process emotional memory and evaluate emotional stimuli.
    It is powerful enough to bypass language and cognition and over rides the pre frontal cortex.
    It over rides the part of the brain that gives us rational control over our emotions. It is mature at BIRTH.

    The prefrontal cortex which gives us control of our emotions is mature at twenty one.

    I have written detailed notes on Sandra’s seminar from January 2015 in New Zealand, let me know if you would like me to send as an attachment via email to you Arthur.

    Thanks for all you continue to do as a trail blazing pioneer Arthur. Abundant Blessings on you.


  2. Kent says

    The main “sulcus” (groove or “crease” in the brain) is the groove which separate the two halves of the brain— i.e. separates the brain into a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere. Even though it functions like a sulcus, this groove is technically given the name of “central longitudinal fissure.”


    • says

      Wouldn’t you know it Dayle, nine is the fractal I know the least about. Guess I am going to be learning. If you were to put these in order the way God made them, where would ours be in the sequence of nine?


    • Kent says

      There are actually many more sulci than the nine sulci as mentioned above. The schematic diagram of the brain as shown at the link above shows the outside of the brain; on the inside of the brain, there are several more sulci to be found.


  3. bbthigpen says

    I’ve been doing research of this kind on the brain for years- tracking with your journey as well. Even though I don’t have a medical degree, neuroscience seems to be my thing. I will email all I know- bc the exact questions you are asking are the same ones I looked up last night, right after the post on FB!! Giddy with anticipation!!

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  4. nita7932014 says

    I will be following this very carefully. My granddaughter has been told that her frontal lobe is perhaps swollen to the point that her ability to make judgments is blocked. The swelling happened by a sever trauma to the brain when she was three, from a virus. She is now 19 years old. During certain stress times the demons take over. We work on that and the demons leave. However, the process of growth in making judgments has been delayed. This has been a journey of faith and research in how to push back the negative influences and focus on spiritual and physical growth with positive outcomes.
    Thank you.


  5. John Seaman says

    Very interesting. Good sleuthing by Sally’s spirit! Hopefully some neurologists, neuroanatomy or neuropathology folks will have some good insight. This is interesting from a pediatrician’s perspective in that the other name for the central sulcus is the Fissure of Rolando. This fissure is next to the Rolandic area and the originating area for a common type of epilepsy in childhood called Rolandic epilepsy. There are called benign seizures because they usually don’t have any long term sequelae and often don’t require any treatment. They resolve before adulthood. These seizures are motor seizures that most frequently affect the face and do not cause a loss of consciousness. Most of the time they occur while sleeping and can be difficult to recognize. Either the parents will hear some unusual sounds coming from the child’s bedroom and come in to find the seizure happening or the child may wake stiff and sore with no explanation. Some recent research has shown that kids with these seizures may also have some subtle deficits in language, memory and attention, i.e., a variation on ADD. Even more interesting is a study recently done in the Netherlands on children with Rolandic seizures using high definition MRI scans that showed these children are missing some of the connections in this region. A quote from the journal article: “: In RE (Rolandic Epilepsy), structural connectivity is reduced for several connections involving the rolandic regions, from which the epileptiform activity originates. Most of these aberrant tracts involve the left (typically language mediating) hemisphere, notably the pars opercularis of the inferior frontal gyrus (Broca’s area) and the supramarginal gyrus (Wernicke’s area). For the former, reduced language performance for lower tract FA was found in the patients. These findings provide a first microstructural white matter correlate for language impairment in RE.”

    Maybe it would be interesting to see if Sally’s spirit can detect any defect in the connectivity in that area and explore how her spirit may be able to work on repairing same?


    • says

      Fascinating, John. I jumped to the conclusion that the biology was intact and the spiritual dynamic was flawed, but we clearly need to check the neurological pathways more closely.


  6. Racheal says

    I am not a medical person, but I found this website explaining the nature and function in more detail. Very interesting.
    I studied neuropsychology and neuroscience. The other thing is that the more one performs a certain habit or behaviour the great or deeper the neural pathway that is formed, and the more ‘difficult’ it becomes to change that habit or thought. It is like a hiking trail, if you walk the path often enough it becomes a clear road.Usually to change the neural pathway, you need to start a different pathway or habit to remove a tendency to react or behave in a certain way. That’s the theory around it. Hope it helps.