AHS and Death from Old Age

Most of us know some elderly people who know God and are baffled at why they are still here on the earth when they don’t like their body anymore and just want to go home because they don’t see much use for their life here.

It occurred to me one day that an AHS might possibly be keeping some people alive just to keep from having to find a new home for itself.  Fairly self-serving, but the whole AHS drive is about self-preservation.

We experimented with a couple of elderly people who were so, so ready to go home.  In each there was an AHS.  In one, the person continues to live after the AHS left.  In the other, the person slipped away gently and beautifully in a short time.

I received a story yesterday of a person who had been in an accident and was not recovering.  Indications were that he was slipping away.  A friend who knows this material was there at the bedside and realized that there was an AHS present.  She dealt with the AHS, and the second she did, blood pressure dropped to zero.

So one incident is a data point.  Two is a tiny pattern.  It would seem that it would be worth exploring the idea with people who you know are ready to go home, to be sure no selfish AHS is blocking a proper transition.

I still savor Jacob’s death.  He knew when his exact day was.  He assembled his sons.  His spirit was 100% alert and engaged as he brought the past and the future into perfect alignment in an intense series of prophetic words to his sons.  Then he laid back down and released his hold on life.

Doesn’t get much better than that.  I would be delighted dying like that with a handful of my spiritual sons and daughters around my bed.

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

From South Africa


  1. Roxanne says

    Great timing, mom has had several near -death experiences; she’s said that she wants to go home.
    I’ll be on my way to the long term care facility. Thanks Arthur


  2. Nicolette says

    My gran is a beautiful 90 year old Darling. The apple of my eye.. She’s been having tiny little strokes for a month now. We are moving to Wilderness in a weeks’ time and I know she desperately wants to go be with her First Love before we leave.. I’ve been dreaming of her dying and have started to prepare myself for the unspeakable loss, but somehow she is lingering. Going to visit her tomorrow and see if there are any aliens hovering. Will keep you posted.

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    • says

      I had an interesting ministry session recently where I was dealing with an AHS in someone & had a strong sense that the body of the AHS was still alive. That did not fit my understanding of AHS, so I asked it. The AHS replied that he had been in a coma for along time but his father would not allow his body to die. He said that when we released him to eternity that his body would be able to finally pass. No way of verifying this, but it would answer how there could be an AHS if the body was technically alive.