31. Speed Prayer: Surprise Assets

Today we are going to make a change in the blog.  Most days I will add a section called “Journey.”  It is my experience that we tend to be much more vocal in asking God for stuff than in celebrating His provisions when He does meet our needs.  So the Journey section will be to highlight some facet of the Blessing of Egypt that has manifested in someone’s lives.

I invite you to worship the King for that story, but then to add thanks for anything from your life from the last week, before you go to intercession.  At the end of the day, a heart of worship turbocharges intercession.  People who pray from a place of desperation do get heard, but those who pray from a place of awe and gratitude walk in deep power.



“Wow! So excited. I’ve been following this blog since my friend shared it with me about a week after you started.

“This has coincided with a wonderful release of revelation and transformation in my family. Up ’til tonight I have only been able to listen to a few prayers as usually when I play the downloaded file it “cannot be opened” so I have been going over 2 &15.  (The night you released that one my kidneys started a massive detoxification so I started listening to the Fractal of Two blessings too. I figured if I had the physical symptoms I might as well have the benefit of the blessing!)

“Well I suddenly thought… I wonder if there is grace to download right now? And THERE WAS!!

“Now I have every single prayer (including the elusive number 3!) and I can really join in praying for all of you. Thank you all so much for the power of your prayers for us. Thank you Father for the most incredibly ‘father filtered’ journey and thank you SLG for that term along with so much more!!”

There are two sides to this that sparkle for me.  First is that Neridda acted like a builder, not a consumer.  A consumer can always find a reason to not do something, because the playing field is not fair and the ground is not level.  A builder can always find a way to go forward with half a set of resources, even though they cannot see their way to the end.  So well done, Neridda, for soaking in two out of 30 since that is all you had at the time.

On a second layer, it is exciting to see that God honors our heart above my recordings.  Since her heart was to break free, He accepted her investment in #2 and #15 and broke through the technical issues that were blocking her from receiving the rest.  God is just looking for an excuse to partner with us when we decide that slow walking, Egyptian brick making is not what the sons and daughters of God are called to.



The picture of Jacob going down to Egypt fascinates me.  He went out of desperation.  Jacob had been an economic powerhouse back in the day, but now he had a cash bleed and was consuming capital just to survive.  He went to Egypt as a dependent of his son.  It beat starvation, but was a humiliating experience for Jacob, the Giver.

God, however, is the God Who Gives Dignity.  He did not intend for Jacob to finish his life on welfare.  When they arrived, Joseph arranged for them to go to the land of Goshen where there was still some measure of grass for the cattle.  This way the family could begin to recapitalize.

In addition to that, Pharaoh immediately authorized hiring as many of the sons of Jacob as Joseph wanted, to care for Pharaoh’s own flocks and herds, even though that meant displacing the Egyptian employees who were currently doing the job.  That provided liquid assets in the short term, while they were waiting for their herds to recover.

This is the nature of God.  We hope for survival and He gives us an economic engine so we can thrive, not just survive.

This post is dedicated to all of you who have been fighting to get out of debt for so long that you don’t have any fight left.  You wonder if you will ever see zero, or if you will go to your grave with debts hanging over you.  There may be violations of principles that are keeping you in debt, but it may also be that you have done what is righteous and now it is just the Egyptian Curse that is keeping you in the brickyard when you should be building your own future.

For those of you who are in that place, I invite you to rekindle your faith by joining with us in this prayer.

For those of you who have been in the place but broke free, I beg you to bring your large spiritual authority to bear on your brothers and sisters who are still in the brickyard.

And for those of you who have such economic virtue in your family line that you have never known want, I invite you to thank God for that blessing, then put your shoulder to the burden and fight for those still under the Egyptian Curse.

31. Speed Prayer: Surprise Assets

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub on a gloriously quiet day, replete with hope and power.




  1. Ashley says

    In this past week, my Father gave me a car. This is significant in and of itself, but the the story of the circumstances surrounding it and leading up to it is littered with the powerfully redemptive fingerprints of God.

    My Father decided to use as His courier of this good and perfect gift, a person who had been an abuser to me in the past.

    I drive this car to and from the job my Father gave me in the last month, from the home He provided for my daughter and I.

    A few months ago, I feared for my life under my then current circumstances, had no home, vehicle, job, or support in my local area, and had only a promise from God as a bridge to walk out on. It was a promise that He would keep me safe, that I would not end up in a shelter, and that my daughter and I would not go hungry. Then He led me to a different town.

    Once I walked out on that bridge of promise, He assured me that the Egyptians I see today, I would never see again. And so I waited for that word to be fulfilled in the land He had led me to. Many things happened, but once Arthur started the Speed Prayers, God broke victory after victory loose in my life, in mighty ways. Life, favor, and blessing flowed much faster, and healing along with it. Thank you Father, and thank you Arthur, and the whole Tribe for your contribution to fight for me and my little family of two! I am deeply grateful.

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  2. Silvia says

    My spirit leaped for you joy when I read this blog, especially about to worship the King and add thanks to what He has done! I asked Him yesterday to help me being more builder and giver. I cannot explain, but I see and feel such a difference! I have a close person in my life and I did not know how to deal and to help. When I talked with her today, I called her spirit to align with God’s spirit. And that God’s peace will overflow her restless mind. Afterwards for a short time, she could listen and I could speak a blessing and pray for her! Oh my Abba Father, I love you and honor you soooo much!


  3. Lorraine says

    I joined this blog after a friend told me. This is very new. As we were not able to receive any emails for 9 days, I stared listening from 9 Aug to 2 recordings per day, if possible. My house is a home for 2 of my bothers. One brother without work. The intension was to listen, sothat the blessings should fill the house, even if they did not accepted the truth. My brother got a job offer 12 Aug and started work today. I am so grateful that our Father provided, prepared and gave the strength to follow through. Our Lord is worthy all the praise and worship a human is able to give and more. He is bigger as our thougts and dreams. His loving kindness stretshes behond our expectations. To be part of His kingdom a wonderful journey. Thanks

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    • says

      Lorraine, welcome to our wonderful wacky tribe. Delighted to hear about the first fruits blessing in your home. May more come with God-speed.


  4. Angie and Paul KROGMAN says

    I need to rejoice. Our son got accepted into Herrnhut, Germany YWAM. Have been praying the speed prayers with you regularly. Praise God.

    Have asked God about the prayers for Arthur not making it 100% and I am determined that I can not live with that. I have to be on the plus side. Don’t know what I need to do but not settling.

    Happy launch day

    Paul & Angie Krogman
    Est. 1989



  5. Joyful says

    Up to the 12th I had been tracking, praying, listening really engaged and then the fairly new computer did a fairly ordinary software update and broke itself completely. There was frustration in having my regular activities stalled on multiple fronts, but little by little the necessary tasks were accomplished and I recovered the data off the hard drive, and I used this “reset” to focus on decluttering. Results? I can see the top of my desk, the shredder got a work out and I’ll be working from a better system donated to me by someone I do volunteer work for. And I have shifted from listening on my computer to praying along from my mobile phone, so our prayers are getting out and about. 🙂

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