32. Speed Prayer: A Statement

Sports is about competition.  And competition means winning.  And winning means celebration.

Depending on the sport, there are different ways to enhance the celebration.  In basketball, the winning team cuts down the net.  In some sports, the winning coach is carried off the field by the team.  In others, he is drenched with Gatorade or sprayed with champagne.

One of the more complex forms of celebrating is spiking the ball after a touchdown, in American football.  It is not technically illegal, but it is if you celebrate too flamboyantly or you spike it in the direction of the defender whom you beat.  In other words, you are allowed to make a half statement, but not an extravagant statement.


I love the fact that God does not have any cosmic killjoys monitoring the degree to which He can be extravagant in making a statement.

When Jesus fed the 5,000, He had them gather the scraps and inventory them so everyone could see that there were large quantities left over.  He was making a statement.

When He sent the 153 large fish into Peter’s net in John 21, He was just making a statement.  He already had enough fish broiling on the shore to serve breakfast to all the men.

Join me in today’s prayer as we explore the ways in which God went above and beyond when dealing with the Egyptians.  He didn’t just solve the problem, He made a statement.

32. Speed Prayer: A Statement

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Sonia says

    A statement…God makes statements. Immense. Soaking and celebrating this deeply with my spirit today. Immensely thankful for your capture of God’s statements. This one is going in the awe files, there are some stores that need to be filed there.


  2. Deborah Foster says

    THANK YOU, Arthur! This prayer makes a deep statement inside of me. My spirit is buzzing and humming! This prayer was so on time for me. These prayers have been manna and living water for me in a depleted place. Again, thank you!!!


  3. says

    Talking about God making a statement: the way He chose to set Pharoah up to think that the Israelites were wandering in the desert in confusion, for Pharaoh to chase after them and actually to overtake the Isrealites. To the Egyptians meeting confusion in the final watch of the night and eventually the Red Sea closing over them at daybreak.