33. Speed Prayer: Extravagant Resources

Injustice is the norm in most of our worlds.  Seasons of fair play are hugely appreciated because we know it is only a matter of time before something slips somewhere.

On the one hand, we learn to fight the victim spirit by growing in the quality of godly dominion.  However, there are times when God allows us to experience unreasonable demands on time or money or other resource, and He calmly resources us so we can pay the demanded amount, without sacrifice.

We see this with David when he was in love with Michal.  Saul set a high price for his daughter’s hand in hopes that David would not be able to pay.  David went to work and came back with double the amount asked for, plus some ancillary benefit of a dramatic increase in his brand awareness in both Israel and Philistia.

The widow of Zarephath had exhausted her assets and was preparing to eat a last meal and then lie down to starve to death.  For Elijah to demand her last meal for himself was rather Draconian by natural standards, yet when she complied, she received sustenance for months, with no significant effort or sacrifice on her part.

When God sent David back to Judea, it was a hugely unreasonable thing.  He was a man with a bounty on his head, and anyone in the nation could turn him into the king for a reward.  Yet it was exactly there, in the place of outrageous demands on the part of God, that God provisioned him with a strong band of loyal protectors, through no effort of his own.

What is the demand in your life that is unreasonable?  For some, it is demands at work.  You are on salary and are working 69 hours a week for 40 hours of pay and are at risk of being demoted or fired.  Unfair.

For others, you are in an emotionally draining situation, caring for a predator, or hurting children or doing long term elder care.  Even though there is a huge drain on your physical and emotional reserves, you are expected to not have any personal emotional restoration and must be on call all the time.

For others, it is economics.  You are on a fixed income.  You scrimp savagely on your own lifestyle while someone else fritters away your money and condemns you for not having more.

This is what happened to the Hebrews in the brickyard.  They were already working hard when the workload increased savagely, only because they wanted to be free.

Join me in warring for the supernatural provisions to overcome the ungodly demands of the Egyptian spirit.

33. Speed Prayer:  Extravagant Resources

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Joan says

    Thank you Father, for giving Arthur this insight. This prayer so resonates with me, as I am going through extremely trying times in my marriage. My husband has been trying to recoup the years of financial losses, by pursuing a project for the past fifteen years, specifically being driven in the last ten years to do so.
    Daily his focus has been on hardly anything else but this project, for which he has several patents, but nothing has come to fruition. The product has not been commercialized, and all he has been doing is paying Paten Fees. This project has demanded our time, and well over a hundred thousands dollars as he doggedly pursued to the detriment of his health.
    Only recently, after my praying long and hard for years, that God would remove the scales from his eyes and unstop his ears, have his eyes started to be opened. Ironically enough, he has now ended up with hearing loss, lack of sleep and other health issues.
    From the gamut of emotions that are exploding now, anger, frustration, fear, as well as all the broken relationships along the way, because of wanting his own way, you can only guess who gets the back lash.
    I have been listening to these God Speed prayers, and several have been resonating with me, but this one in particular because it is so “fresh”. I would implore anyone in the SLG who has or is experiencing anything similar, to please join with me in pressing in through prayer and intercession for individuals who seem unable or unwilling to see or hear, despite all the evidence which points to their demise.
    Thank you.


  2. Kathlynn says

    Surge of brilliance in this season bringing laser light to His vastly unlimited ways on our behalf and joyful confidence that Father wields the upper hand for His children.

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  3. says

    I am rejoicing this morning over a HUGE breakthrough I my relationship with my daughter-in-law!!! We were very close for years until baby girl was born 2 years ago. Things got strained ( it felt like rejection) to a breaking point last week. Last night we talked and agreed to start afresh!!! I am believing that it is a first fruit of restoration and healing of relationships and hearts in our family and this tribe. I am spinning and twirling with joy at the very thought if this!!!!