Mocking Demon

I had occasion to do a short little deliverance this morning.  I knew something of the back ground of the person in question, so I put a few known things under the blood and some things I guessed at just to be sure.

The demon manifested and conceded that I had disempowered him at those points but assured me he had one more card left and I would never find it or guess it and therefore he would be empowered to stay.

I smiled and invited him to come back to Golgotha with me.  I reminded him that he was there for the crucifixion and he heard that famous legal statement, “It is finished.”   I observed that there was no footnote, no asterisk and no exception clause attached to that phrase.

Therefore I did not need to know what kind of mumbo jumbo he had done to get access to my friend back in the day.  It was already under the blood, and the critter had absolutely no cards at all.  Not one.

And, he had no argument for that.  To assuage his wounded sense of dignity, he put on a short little show of rage, but he left.

This is not the first time a demon has played the “you can’t find it” scam on me.  I don’t bite.  There is a time and a place for asking God to reveal a hidden root, but I don’t let demons play the “one more card” line on me since often there is none.  But if he can keep you looking for the card that doesn’t exist, he burns a lot of our time.

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. says

    Amen! The cross reconciled man to God; that was finished. Yet the residual challenge we face every day is the ongoing need to reconcile man to the other consequences of trauma, sin, transgression and iniquity, affecting his spirit, soul, body and birthright, related to the various other covenant lines and the defilement on time, place, person, birthright and office.



  2. jewestaway says

    Like the ‘Paid in Full’ rubber stamp!
    That’s it! Period!
    I too had been lured into the battle over a speck…
    Thanks Arthur!


  3. says

    Hi, I want to run something by you. Some time back I was in the company of someone claiming to be an intercessor. Yet this person complained to me that she had a mocking demon following her. Apparently in the form of a babboon. Walking in relatively high descernment I didn’t notice the “babboon”.
    I never believed her as I noticed some other critters, however I would rather give her the benefit of the doubt than think of her being a lier.
    Did this mocking demon manifested in any visible form?