34. Speed Prayer: Governmental Change

I read the reports of the first Republican presidential debate of this season.  My conclusion was unambiguous.

We are in deep trouble.

Changes of government in my lifetime have been varied.  I remember Lyndon Johnson being sworn in on Air Force One.  I was mesmerized by the Six Day War.  In my first election, I voted for President Nixon.  Chairman Mao died.  The Tiananmen Square Massacre took place followed a few months later by the Berlin Wall coming down.  Communism fell.  Apartheid ended.  Iraq was invaded.  The Arab Spring appeared out of nowhere.  The Scots missed independence.  Ukraine got mauled.  The EU survived Greek intransigence – barely.   El Chapo mocks the world.  Argentinians and Brazilians rage in the streets, demanding the impeachment of their respective presidents.  Meanwhile Putin plays Russia’s timeless game of brinkmanship wrapped in hubris.

The few decades of my life would occupy a small army of historians for twice my lifetime analyzing and pontificating on the causes of sundry changes.

The picture looks different when we zoom out and look at the hand of God in the governmental affairs of man.

This is a critical perspective for us as we are overtly asking God to destroy a government.  So far, the Egyptian Curse has been toying with us.  Just as Pharaoh negotiated with Moses trying to avoid a total loss, so we have seen a steady trickle of wonderful, measurable, verifiable sustained change.

While we worship God for those, we are not satisfied with anything less than the destruction of the structures and the government of the Egyptian Curse.  God was not content with setting the Hebrews free.  He destroyed Pharaoh’s government.

I can think of no historical precedence for this.  As much as I know of different movements in church history, I can’t identify a single one that took on this issue and won.  So, as usual for Sapphire, we are plowing some new ground with the usual costs to the trailblazing team.

Since this will probably be a long, arduous battle, it behooves us each Sunday to step back from the warfare and to refresh our perspective with a clear view of our Great King.  We must not let the battle obscure the Commander in Chief.

Today’s worship celebration has to do with God and the destruction of governments.  While we have not seen Him take down the Egyptian Curse over a whole tribe yet, it will enrich us to explore many other “take-downs” run with God-speed and God-finality.

34. Speed Prayer: Governmental Change

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Roxanne says

    God speed prayers are working, glory be to God… had breakthrough in a family situation where our communication was savaged for a long time, I finally got a response and an invitation to hang out with the family after multiple attempts to connect. The Egyptian thing is giving in. Thanks Arthur and slg.


  2. Sonia says

    Thank you Arthur 🙂 Thanks for being our fearless leader in battle. Thank you for the precise ammo for the days previous. We have some God speed stories! We are taking more ground and uncovering some blessings in several areas. Thank you, I do continue to fight, to worship, to proclaim His victory. I continue to proclaim freedom!
    Many blessings on you, on SLG and on our tribe!


  3. Patricia Lawson. says

    Arthur, may I refer you to a book entitled, The Shinar Directive by Dr. Michael Lake? There may be some stuff in there which you might find adds more light to this.


  4. says

    Another Praise report! After the breakthrough with one person in my family Thursday evening… There was another Breakthrough Friday afternoon with Someone else in my family who has been alienated from me for a year!!! We met unexpectedly and had a conversation.


  5. Rob Ruckert says

    This morning I celebrate the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, along with the SLG tribe that he can and will obliterate the Egyptian structure and government along with its curses over the SLG tribe. We worship the Lord this morning that we can do this in a single day!!!